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Discrimination Is Alive And Well. Powerlifter Gets Called The “M” Word In His Town!

planet fitness alarm

Planet Fitness Alarm Goes Off Every Time He Grunts!

Are you setting off the Planet Fitness alarm? Well this guy has many times. Can you imagine going to Planet Fitness, and be worried about setting off the Planet Fitness Alarm as soon as you walk in? It can be your clothing, it can be your size, or just the amount of weight you put on the bench. Many things will set off the Planet Fitness Alarm, will you be the next victim?

The “lunk” alarm at planet fitness is essentially a nuclear loud siren that goes off when a patron grunts or drops weights, or “judges.” For instance, if you dropped your weight after dead lifting 500 lbs, the deafening alarm would sound. Or if you squat and let out a grunt of exertion, it could be grounds for dismissal. If you saw someone about to injure their back with rounded unsafe form during an exercise, it’s best to keep any advice or concern to yourself not to judge.

I was reading up on planet fitness, and I guess they have free pizza night, and free bagels as well. I asked my friend and he said his buddy was told he couldn’t take his jug of water in with him because it could intimidate other members.

planet fitness alarm

Here is an example.

Tiffany Austin was feeling pretty good on Monday. It was her first day at the gym since recovering from a car accident, and the Bay Area native was amped to get back in shape. She wore a neon pink crop top and matching spandex capris, and she had just begun to power walk when a Planet Fitness employee approached her.

“Excuse me, but we’ve had some complaints,” the employee said. “You’re intimidating people with your toned body. Could you please put on a shirt?”

planet fitness alarm

Austin was being accused of “gymtimidation,” a cardinal sin at Planet Fitness, the national chain known for its hideous purple-and-yellow color scheme and equally jarring policies, such as “no grunting,” “no deadweights” and no “hardcore look-at-me-attitudes.” At Planet Fitness, such offenses trigger a gym-wide siren called “The Lunk Alarm”“lunk” being the company’s term for “meathead”—complete with flashing blue lights and an ear-splitting noise that sounds disconcertingly similar to a firetruck.

Don’t get too big guys, or Planet Fitness is not the gym for you!


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