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pre workout side effects
Pre work out side effects can vary. It all depends on what type of crazy shit you drink. You can look at all of these pre workout drinks in one way, they are nothing but a shitload of caffeine.

What are pre workout side effects? 

Pre work out side effects can vary. It all depends on what kind of a pre-workout you drink. You can look at all of these pre workout drinks in one way, they are nothing but a ton of caffeine.

pre workout side effects

Once scoop of a pre workout is like drinking 3 coffee’s or more. You get all fired up to hit the weights, you come home, and eventually crash.

Pre Workout Side Effects Anxiety

Pre workout drinks can cause anxiety!

  • What pre workouts really do, is release endorphins from your system, which is basically serotonin from your adrenal gland. What does this mean? It means that your brain releases happy juices, and makes your crazy and awake.

pre workout side effects

This why pre workout drinks can also causes anxiety and can lead to depression.

Pre Workout Side Effects – DEPRESSION 

After you continue to use pre workout drinks, your system gets used to it and you need more for the same effect. Kind of like a person that drinks 10 coffee’s a day.

The body is used to the amount of caffeine from 1 cup, so you need more over time to get the same effect.

pre workout side effects

  • What this does, is mess up your natural production of serotonin, and you can damage it permanently with long term use. It’s very similar to taking steroids and screwing up your natural production of testosterone.

The same effects can happen with talking pre workouts long term and depression.

Pre Workout Supplement Dangers

Pre workouts are not really healthy for you and there are dangers, as I mentioned above. There can be a chemical imbalance in your system that can cause emotional instability.

pre workout side effects

  • It can also play a significant role on your heart. Depending on how you react to caffeine, it can have a pretty big impact on you. Some people have even ended up in the hospital due to caffeine overdose.

You will be in a good mood for 1 hour a day, and pissed and tired for the rest of the day. Not to mention how many times you’ll be going to the bathroom to take a leak from the crazy amount of caffeine your pre workout has.

pre workout side effects

Here are some basic side effects from pre workouts that can be, not so fun.

  • Vomiting – (if you take too much of the crap, you will get sick)
  • Tingling/numbness in the face, lips, or extremities
  • Jitters 
  • Cramps – (caffeine dehydrates you)
  • Headaches (caffeine withdrawal)
  • Flushed and red skin
  • Trouble sleeping – (crazy amount of caffeine)
  • Itching (there are ingredients that make your face itch)
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney damage
  • Chest pain

So now that you know what to expect, you still want to take it right! Yes, because you want to get jacked!

pre workout side effects

Pre workout side effects are not near those of steroids, and they are legal, so many people take them.

There is just the fact, that you will get used to it, and it’s not that healthy for you.

Look at it as taking a drug, or your first cup of coffee, or your first beer. Its fun, woo hoo! Then you need more beer, more caffeine, more drugs to get the same feeling.

pre workout side effects

To make the long story short, without getting into crazy details about what proprietary blend is, these drinks are just mostly garbage and a form of a drug.

The only way you can take these properly without experiencing pre workout side effects, is to take 1 serving to start.

  • Do not take the damn thing every single day, you will become a miserable angry asshole. Then you need to drink A LOT of water so you flush it out of your system throughout the day and after your workout.

pre workout side effects

You will have the same exact effect and the boost you are looking for, by drinking some coffee before the gym. If you drink one cup, or a shot or even a double shot of espresso, it will have the same effect.

This is possible because your system is not used to that much caffeine now after you stop taking the pre workout drinks.

I know you love it and you will take it, and continue taking it, so this is just to tell you what is really going on. You will have a great workout, you will have a shitty day probably, and go to the bathroom a million times.

pre workout side effects

Not to mention what happens after you take your protein shake.

This is just advice, do whatever you want!


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