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Rachel Brathen Has 2.1 Million Followers On Instagram, This Is Why!

rachel brethan

Rachel Brathen Is A Yoga Guru That For Some Reason Has 2.1M Followers On Instagram…

Rachel Brathen is a Swedish yoga teacher and also the author of the book Yoga Girl. Rahel’s yoga book became a New York Times best seller, and til this day, nobody knows why. She also founded an online video yoga service and has a non profit foundation. That is a big surprise, since yoga teachers are usually conservative as all hell! She was born in Sweden, moved to Costa Rica, and now lives in Aruba. Aruba seems to be the place for tree hugging yoga teachers just in general. I think the science behind that is, yoga is cheap and boring, and if you have money to take yoga classes in Aruba, that is the only way it’s worth while for teachers to make a living by only stretching.

rachel brathen

Why Does She Have 2.1M Followers On Instagram?

Nobody knows why Rachel Brathen has 2.1M followers on Instagram, that is continuing to be a myth. She is a pretty cute lady, but does not have a fake ass, fake boobs, or is considered “supper hot” by todays Instagram standards. She looks like a plain boring housewife that just tells people how to be in touch with their inner peace and how to put their foot in their mouth. As you see below, she is trying to just that!

rachel brathen

Yoga Teachers Are Weird Hypocrites…

If you ever met a yoga teacher and had a conversation with them, you will notice that it seems like they have life all figured out. On the other hand, their life could not be any more screwed up. They will preach inner peace, then go home and get in a nasty fist fight with their significant other. If you really think about it, people that do yoga are just too lazy to go do cardio or lift weights. You could disagree with that statement and say that yoga is hard, but you can’t disagree with facts. People that want to get better at stretching is another thing, but why would someone want to be a better “stretcher” unless they need flexibility and they are professional athlete. How many times have you walked into a yoga studio and seen a bunch of NFL players? Probably never!

rachel brathen

Are Yoga Teachers All Peaceful Angels?

Absolutely not! There are numerous cases of Yoga teachers stealing money, sexually harassing students and doing many other things that are agains the law! One thing you might not know, is that yoga teachers hate other yoga teachers. If you don’t think that is true, it is. Just go talk to an instructor and ask them about this topic. There is a lot of judgement in the yoga world, so that on it’s own should tell you a lot about who these people really are and the bullshit they sell. Check out this guy, who is actually one of the most popular yoga teachers in the world!

He’s probably on 23 hour lockdown somewhere in one of the country’s maximum security prisons. If he is not (too lazy to check status), he should  be. Not saying that this has anything to do with Rachel Brathen, but it does reflect the industry that she is in, and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. I guess her 2.1M Instagram followers are just people who like yoga and tree hugging, and that is ok. That also does not detour from the fact that this chick really made it on her own without getting a fake ass and actually brings value to other people, so props for that. On the other hand, I still don’t understand how the hell she got 2.1M followers lol, but I guess making people feel good, and being semi cute can do the trick if you invest a lot of time and money.


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