Real natural bodybuilding superstars VS fake Youtube imbeciles!

Natural bodybuilding might not be as exciting to you as watching Kali Muscle or CT Fletcher walk around the gym screaming and yelling with a bunch of goons that have no jobs. It’s a great recipe for muscle injury!

ct fletcher arms

  • That is understandable, and also entertaining. But we are here today to give props where props are deserved.

Natural bodybuilding is the toughest sport there is. It is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is no break, there is no rest.

There is also no jet fuel (steroids) that you will shoot in your ass to gain muscle in 2 months that usually takes years to develop.

ct fletcher

So were are here today to give major props to our boy Corelle Draper.

“But also show why this should be your inspiration! This is who is better to use as motivation, and not ghetto flaming hot cheeto eating gay for pay doing imbeciles like Kali Muscle.”

Natural bodybuilding superstar, Corelle Draper!

Corelle was a beast football player his whole life. In order to play college ball, Corelle knew he had to gain some weight, so he hit the gym all day everyday.

Gaining weight with natural bodybuilding, is much tougher than taking a pill that will get you where you need to be in lightning speed.

Kind of like what Arnold did to get famous. Not hating, just saying.

Corelle ended up playing semi-pro football, and has ever since, developed one of the most impressive physiques out there.

This is without steroids of course!

While people are making money on Youtube giving the youth bad fitness advice, there are real stars out there that should be looked up to, like Corelle.

These dudes with millions of views online do nothing but poison younger people into believing that their whack ass workouts and supplements work!

Now if you want to get serious and stop listening to them, and get a physique from a person that works their ass off, you should reach out to Corelle on IG (@corellefitnesstrainer)!

A person that has the dedication to greatness in life, and is not about the fame, is a great source of inspiration. Take a look at the champ below!

Natural bodybuilding

Now lets compare that to a Youtube star and the dedication that person has put in.

  • There is too many to choose from in Natural Bodybuilding.

Let’s maybe start with the all natural 65 year old who can lift a fridge without breaking a sweat, the one and only CT Fletcher!

CT Fletcher has had about 18 heart surgeries from pumping roids all of his life, and eating McDonald’s 3 times a day, so he can maintain his wonderful monster physique.

What did this do to CT?

“It lead him to have millions of followers, that he has led to believe that screaming at your biceps, doing arms every day with max weight, will make you look like him in his prime!”

You make the call, of who you think you should listen to.

Maybe a better idea would be to listen to the all natural bodybuilder Kali Muscle!

  • Kali has also gained millions of followers by being a natural bodybuilder that came out of prison to take Youtbe by storm.

He does not take steroids and has perfect form when lifting weights, at the age of 42 curling 3 plates on each side.

Natural bodybuilding diet differences!

  • Lets take a look what CT Fletchers diet is for starters, and see how it compares to what Corelle Draper eats.

CT Fletcher is well known for his heart attacks, and lunatic Youtube videos.

Natural bodybuilding

  • This is not a random night of the week with friends eating junk, this dude has been lean his whole life, eating garbage and shooting juice.

Lets take a look at what Corelle typically eats on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that CT or these other guys never won a dam thing in physique competition.

Natural bodybuilding

Now you might want to ask yourself what does Kali Muscle eat?

  • What can that ghetto, beach cruiser bike riding warrant having, tiny leg goon possibly be eating to get that big?

You already know…a bunch a garbage mixed with his favorite cocktail of steroids, that he pays for with the money he got doing gay for pay.

Natural Bodybuilding


Now what you need to do is holler at your boy when you see him in the street!

Bottom line is, there are people out there who are working their ass off, who have full time jobs, and are a motivation and inspiration in the right way for the youth, and just people in general.

  • Natural bodybuilding is tough, but what we are really talking about here, is drive.

Corell Draper has demonstrated drive to achieve greatness, while maintaining a humble profile, and doing things the right way.

  • does not give props unless props are deserved, and Corelle deserves recognition for being an inspiration.

Natural bodybuilding

  • Holler at your boy when you see him in the street, follow on Instagram @corellefitnesstrainer and direct message him for training / life coaching!

Lets take fitness to where it’s supposed to be again, lets look to guys like this for inspiration and not at video views.

Keep on working brotha, Muscle Roast has your back!


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