Is Eating Red Meat Bad For You? Will I Get Cancer From It?

The research below about eating red meat suggest exactly what the title of this article says.

There is a super high chance you will get cancer!

eating red meat

A lot of people want to know if they will get cancer or any sort of other disease (including heart disease) by eating red meat!

On one hand, you have huge meat producing companies that want you to keep eating meat. Then the other side that is vegan, or animal loving that wants you to stop!

  • We have done some digging in regards to this. We will provide you with full answers about the health risks and just the over all picture.

If you are into fitness don’t get scared, you can still get jacked in you decide to stop eating red meat!

eating red meat cancer

What Does Scientific Research Say About Eating Red Meat?

Does eating red meat increase the risk of heart disease?

A lot of red meat is very high in saturated fat, including steak, ground beef, beef sausages, etc.

  • When you eat something with high saturated fat, you can increase your cholesterol, and that definitely increases your risk of hear disease!

Does eating red meat increase the risk of getting cancer?

processed meat

I am sure you have heard the answer to that is yes. Research suggests something that supports that answer!

  • There was a recent study done on about 500,000 people that were a bit older in age over about a decade.

The study concluded that these people who ate a lot of red meat, did die sooner!

There is a lot of information out there that suggest this is inaccurate. Please note, that these are usually blogs and sites paid for by the meat industry.

  • A big push back from the meat industry, is that these companies that do the research, do not track everything else these people are eating. Even worse, what they are smoking!

red meat health risk

That might be a pretty good argument.

If these studies do not track the whole diet, than a lot of people that die might be eating a whole birthday cake each and every day.

  • That said, it is also a HUGE coincidence that all people that get cancer and heart disease have one thing in common, and that is eating a lot of red meat!

Red Meat And Western Style Diet Research Study

There was another study done that confirms that red meat is not good for you.

  • About 80,000 people were tracked in the course of 18 years. These are people who ate a Western Style diet, which was high in red meat, sweets, and fast food as well.

red meat heart disease

After a physical check up of many, research found that they were all at high risk of cancer and heart disease!

“A nutritional scientist from Harvard, stated that colorectal cancer is very consistent with consumption of red meat!”

What In Red Meat Causes The Increased Risk In Getting Cancer?

Nobody really knows yet. I know that is a crappy answer but that is truth.

  • A couple things do arise on the other hand.

The saturated fat being linked to colon cancer and also breast cancer we already discussed.

eating red meat bad for you

Another thing to take into consideration, is that carcinogens are formed when meat is cooked.
  • That damages your cells, along with heme iron which leads to cancer as well!

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Red Meat?

There is a lot of benefits to eating red meat. That sounds very funny to say since I just listed studies that suggest you are going to die from eating it.

Here are some good ingredients inside of your favorite steak!

“Calorie for calorie, beef is one of the most nutrient-rich foods, one 3-ounce serving of lean beef contributes only 180 calories, but you get 10 essential nutrients.”

red meat creatine

Should Pork Be Considered Red Meat, Is It The Same?

The color of the meat is determined by the amount of myoglobin that is in it.

  • If you don’t know what that is, its a protein that contains oxygen in the muscle.

Because pork has more of this protein than fish and chicken, it is considered a red meat!

How Much Red Meat Is Too Much?

If you are wondering how much red meat you should eat, the appropriate answer is none.

  • That is my opinion, and I formed that opinion based on the research I am giving you here.

If you refuse to stop eating red meat, then try to limit it to 5 ounces per day. That is like a little McDonald’s hamburger patty.

red meat hamburger

Also know that red meat takes a LONG TIME to digest. Yes it’s true!

  • Red meat like steak can sit inside of your stomach sometimes for 3 days before it’s fully digested!

The national cancer society recommends you eat no more than 20 ounces of red meat per week.

“If you have the option, you should avoid as much of processed meats as you possibly can. Everything from sausage to bacon, to deli meats and hot dogs is absolutely horrible for you!”

processed meat

Is Grass-fed Beef A Lot Better To Eat?

Yes. It contains a lot less saturated fat, and also a lot more omega-3 fatty acids, which is very healthy for you!

  • It is a little more expensive if you get organic beef, but I do strongly recommend it if you can afford it!

Can The Way I Am Grilling My Meat Affect Cancer Causing Compounds?

If you cook your meat, in this case lets say steak or pork chops, the temperature makes a big difference.

  • When you decide to cook it on super high heat, it will char and those exact compounds are cancerous!

grilling steak

Grilling your steak on medium heat indirectly will ensure the healthiest preparation method with the least amount of risk of cancerous compounds.

There Will Probably Never Be Definitive Study Of Red Meat!

Because of this, I would definitely look into plant based diets that do not focus on meat!

  • This is not to say you should avoid meat, but cutting down on especially red meat can only be healthier for you!

You can make a case that meat is good for you and bad for you, but after all of these studies, why risk it?

Concentrating on eating healthy raw foods would be your best bet if you ask me!

raw foods

Conclusion About Red Meat!

At the end of the day, it’s hard to stop eating things you are used to eating your whole life.

  • Many people on earth that are not some sort of crazy animal lovers, and vegans, eat meat.

That said, it does not mean that they are wrong about the torture of animals or the health risks of eating red meat.

But my point is, why risk it?

If you have multiple studies that say red meat is directly connected to cancer and heart disease, why not leave it alone?


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