Red Wine Benefits Might Lead To Jacked Biceps!

Let’s face it, we all love to drink red wine, and better yet, love to know the benefits of red wine. Why? Because we drink so much of it!

red wine benefits

  • Wouldn’t it be great, if drinking red wine was actually really good for you, and on top of that good for muscle growth and your biceps? Of course it would!

Many people love to dink red wine with a nice dinner, or after a long day. Either way, wine finds it’s way to millions of peoples dinner tables each night!

“For many people, the real benefit of red wine, is that it makes them happy!”

It’s also good for your physical health, but only with moderate consumption.

What many people don’t know, is that red wine is also good for muscle growth!

We all know and we all heard that drinking red wine is good for your health, but how exactly does it work and why is the question!

red wine benefits

  • Many new studies show that red wine reduces risk of cancer, and some also show that it helps with muscle growth!

Let’s talk about some ways it helps with muscle growth!

Antioxidants In Red Wine Help With Muscle Growth!

Antioxidants are great for many reasons, but mainly because they fight free radicals in the body. Surprisingly enough, white wine has more antioxidants than red wine.


red wine healthy

Well look at it this way. If you have toxins in your body and organisms that will harm you, it is not good for any part of your physical health!

  • Your muscles grow the most when your body is hydrated, well fed with good nutrition and well rested.

“Muscles do not grow when your body is fighting toxic bacteria and other matter that is attacking your immune system.”

Drinking wine moderately will improve the growth of muscles just by making you more healthy overall.

Red Wine Increases Your Immune System!

One of the most important things you should do for your physical health, and muscle growth, is to take a multi vitamin each day.

red wine immune system

That said, drinking red wine will also significantly increase and boost your immune system.

  • When you have a strong immune system, it means that your body is functioning the way it should be.

When your immune system is low, your body is wasting energy on fighting bacterial dangers, and not growing your muscle!

“Muscle repair will be a priority for your muscles if your body is not occupied doing anything else, like fighting potential disease!”

Red Wine Will Increase Your Bone Density!

If you are a woman, you will lose close to 70% of your bone density by the time you reach 60 years of age. For men, it will be about 30%.

red wine antioxidants

As our bones get smaller and lose density, it is much harder to maintain muscle mass.

  • Why? Because resistance training becomes much harder with weaker bones!

This will also cause a significant weight loss in individuals unless it’s maintained.

Red wine will assist with maintaining your bone density and maintaining muscle mass.

Reduce Your Risk Of Hearth Disease!

In order to get good muscle growth, you need your heart pumping blood into your muscles. There is no way that will happen if you if your heart is not healthy and functioning properly.

red wine antioxidants

Cardiovascular disease leads to heart disease, and it’s a really issue.

Getting cardiovascular disease and issues is much higher for people who eat a lot of food, and consume a lot of cholesterol!

  • And of course, bodybuilders eat a ton of food! If you are trying to gain a lot of muscle, you are probably eating a lot!

When you are eating a lot, you are most likely consuming a lot of unnecessary cholesterol that is not good for you!

Drinking wine will help prevent cardiovascular disease and heart disease, which is essential for you getting bigger muscles!

Red Wine Will Reduce Your Chance Of Getting Type 2 Diabetes! 

Adding to the previous paragraph, gaining more muscle takes a lot of food.

When you eat a lot of food, you are most likely consuming a lot of carbohydrates!

red wine cholesterol

We all know that carbohydrates eventually get turned into sugar, and then into fat.

Diabetes are caused in most cases, if they are not genetic, by massive amounts of sugar in the blood!

Trying to get jacked by consuming a ton of carbs, can put you at significant risk for diabetes.

  • Drinking red wine will reduce your risk in getting high blood sugar and Type 2 Diabetes. This is another great benefit of drinking red wine!

It Improves Cognitive Function!

It can sound crazy, but drinking red wine is actually good for the brain!

  • If you know anything about working out, you know that the mind and muscle connection is vital.

Concentrating on the muscle group you are working out makes all the difference in the world.

red wine brain

How does red wine help the brain? Well for starters, it prevents the brains neurons from dying off.

This is important because it also reduces risk of getting diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Red Wine Contains Resveratrol!

If you are wondering what Resveratrol is, its a substance that activates a protein that acts as an anti aging agent!

  • A recent study confirmed that people who did not drink wine, lost more than 10% of their muscle mass in a 6 month period after stopping to work out.

On the other hand, people who drank red wine and had Resveratrol in their bodies, did not have any muscle loss at all during a 6 month period once stopping to work out!

Do Not Drink Wine Post Workout!

What time you chose to drink your wine makes a big difference in how it reacts to your muscles.

  • Drinking red win immediately after a workout, will slow down the repair process of your muscles.

red wine antioxidants

When you consume alcohol, your body prioritizes processing the alcohol over anything else that you might have in your body at the time.

  • This is the exact reason people that drink a lot at dinner get fat. The fat they consume with food does not get processed, because the body is processing the alcohol.

This is why most people think it’s the alcohol that is making them fat, but it’s actually the opposite.

It’s the calories from the food that are not getting burned and processed.



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