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You Won’t Believe Why Rich Piana Wears Contact Lenses! Crazy Funny!

Rich Piana has gone through a full body transformation in his attempt to become a cat, and get sponsored by SHEBA Premium Cat Food products.

Why does Rich Piana wear contact lenses?

If you have seen Rich Piana’s Youtube videos, you have probably noticed that he likes to wear cat like contact lenses. Besides being a farmer that was previously arrested for destroying his calves, consistently needing a plumber for having pipes that are too swollen, and always buying bandaids because he is really cut up, Rich has now fully transformed into half man half cat, in pursuit of a new sponsorship by SHEBA Premium Cat Food.

We all know that Rich is our favorite vegan natural bodybuilder, but somebody needs to tell him to stop wearing those stupid contact lenses, and it might as well be

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