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Rich Piana Back AS ZOMBIE After Death FOR REVENGE!

rich piana death

Rich Piana FINALLY SPEAKS In A Movie, DIES AND Comes Back As A ZOMBIE! 

Generation Iron 2 Rich Piana, finally gets a speaking role and everyone is excited!

(Please read on the Zombie part is coming!)

  • Big Rich has finally made some progress in his synthol infested, winstrol licking, diana bol gargling life!

He gets to live out his dream in Generation Iron 2, take the steps Arnold did, and hopefully one day, become our President! We can beat terrorism with synthol!

Generation Iron 2 Rich Piana

Generation Iron 2 originated from the first film back in 1977 that starred Arnold Shwartzenegger called “Pumping Iron.”

If you are reading this and you googled this, you already know about all these movies, so no need to talk about it.

What we need to talk about, is how the HELL IN THE WORLD and WHY did Rich Piana make it to this movie?

  • Generation Iron part 1 was good, and enjoyable.

Now we are introducing synthol fake muscle morons in Generation Iron 2, and I do not know what the purpose of that is?

generation iron 2 rich piana

This is the same idiot that was slapping a mentally challenged kid in public.

I guess the public wants to see what freaks like this are doing today.

  • With all the steroids, and other cosmetic things to make them look like absolute morons.

It looks like his story found a place in the movie!

Rich Piana In Generation Iron 2

I guess what people want to see is bigger muscles every year, even if they are fake!

People don’t want to by tickets to see someone that looks like them, they want to see freaks.

synthol idiot

“If you go to the Olympia, you don’t want to see a natural bodybuilder in half decent shape, you want to see a monster! So one of the popular monsters out there, is Rich Piana.”

He is someone that does everything and anything, to get in the spotlight.

Even if it means shooting up oil in his muscles, because he can’t do shit naturally. The same goes for Generation Iron 2, there need to be bigger and better freaks!

  • The best part is, that he now managed to tattoo his damn head too!

Generation Iron 2 Rich Piana

  • Just have to say, you are a weird dude man.

I guess that day when you lost your bodybuilding competition in front of you dad, really messed you up.

And this whole time we thought that strippers had daddy issues.


If you ever sold Rich some juice, you better run for the hills!

rich piana death

Rich Piana Is Back And He Is Not Fucking Around! Not at all!

rich piana death

Rich Piana’s Death was short lived.

“He was spotted lurking around random gyms in the country as a zombie, looking for previous dealers that sold him steroids, which eventually took his life.”

Doctors say, he had so much damn juice inside of him, the steroids actually brought him back to life.

steroids gif

Kind of like a chicken with no head, and instead of blood, steroids are pouring out.

Doctors say he only has a few days to live until the steroids run out…and he’s toast…again.

  • He first visited his favorite store to see if he can see an old dealer so he can blow his brains out…

rich piana death

Rich walks up to the counter and immediately, sees his first dealer that is responsible for selling him synthol…

rich piana death

The police found the dealers girlfriend on the floor when the arrived on the scene, after Rich got done taking care of business..

rich piana death

The next stop on his list is Mike O’Hearn’s house.

Mike is a big time dealer, and Rich wants to cut his nuts off for selling him race horse growth hormone that shrunk his dick to be even smaller than Phil Heath’s.


rich piana death

  • Rich Piana reportedly broke into Mike O’Hearn’s house and found him 69’ing Phil Heath in his bedroom.

He immediately jumped in the bed and bit both of their dicks off as revenge for making his dick tiny.

During this episode, Ben Pakulski came over on accident, and tried to save Phil and Mike, but it did not end well for him.

how steroids work

Rich Piana lit himself on fire, and straight up bit off Ben’s face.

  • Authorities said that there is more to the story, and they feel Rich did this to Ben because he was also another one of his dealers in the past.

They believe Ben is the one who sold Rich cocaine that he snorted through his butthole before he died.

rich piana death

After these mauling sessions, Rich started feeling a little weak and had to get his hands on some steroids to stay alive.

Thank god Ben Pakulski had some in his pocket, so Rich could immediately shoot one in his ass!

steroids in bodybuilding

The next one on the list was Kai Greene.

Rich knows that Kai is an emotional little bitch, so just by showing up looking like a freaky zombie on steroids, Kai will shit his pants and it will be an easy kill!

And he was right.

rich piana death

Kai had too many steroids inside of him so he wouldn’t die.

Rich proceeded to suck all of the roids out of Kai, bite his neck, and turn him into a skinny steroid-less zombie.

Kai was not happy, this is what he looked like when Rich Piana was done with him…

rich piana death

As Rich was on his way to Ronnie Colemans house. Just to drag him out of his wheelchair, and crush him like the little roid dealer that he is!

“He accidentally got lost and ended up inside of the Oprah show, and found out something crazy…”

rich piana death

You see, Rich didn’t know everyone was on steroids, he also didn’t know that doing them will get his ass killed!

He also didn’t know you shouldn’t snort blow while you are on fat burners and who the fuck knows what else.

  • So he decided to quit his killing spree…and just go back to bed.

rich piana steroids

Sleep tight my little roidheads.

And always remember, be careful who you sell your steroids to, they just might come back to get your ass from the dead…

rich piana death


If you want to know how to become a bodybuilder fast…

You should listen to someone who knows what they are talking about!

Rich Piana gives his best advice on how to become a bodybuilder fast.

“Rich has passed away as you may know. But he did leave us with a wealth of knowledge that we will have for years to come.”

phil heath steroids

He did not become a bodybuilder fast, since he has been training for years and years, but he does have great information on what mistakes to avoid, in order to become a bodybuilder fast.

  • Please note, that by us saying the word “fast”, it only means that you will avoid some key mistakes that most bodybuilders make.

Take a listen to Rich.

Not everyone who calls themselves a bodybuilder is a success story!

Of course you can come across a lot of people who have the “to die for” body.

  • But not all of them are ever really as successful at it as you might think.

It takes so much more than your hard work and determination to succeed in bodybuilding.

kai greene

Most importantly you have to be aware of and embrace the bodybuilding lifestyle.


bodybuilding meme

When you are preparing yourself for bodybuilding, you have to take one thing into consideration.

That is the fact that you will be growing the rest of your body, not just the muscles (including heart).

Even if you want to work out your muscles, the rest of your body has to be a part of this in one way or the other.

“The mind, the body and the soul all have to go hand in hand. If you are to gain any success and this is a very important thing.”

funny bodybuilder

You must be mentally prepared for all the hard work that you are going to be subject to!

gym meme

First you have to draw up a plan of action. Your plan should be guided by your objectives or the goals that you plan to achieve.

  • Everybody has goals. If by any chance have not figured them out yet, you are surely going about this the wrong way. Always keep your goals in sight and you will be better placed to succeed.

There are some decent workout tips that you can include into your schedule!

funny bodybuilder

You can work different parts of your body every other day until you achieve your results.

  • You cannot expect to come in the gym one day and work everything at the same time.
  • You will be so fatigued at the end of it all, and you might even strongly consider quitting altogether.

However, quitting is one of the few words that do not exist in the bodybuilding vocabulary, so you really have to stay focussed.

The first set of exercises that you should plan for is to work the chest, the abs and the triceps.

Well, that is a very common workout plan.

Even those who do not have a plan will always find themselves working this way. This does not mean however that it is okay not to have a plan.

Next you can work some squats, calves and your hamstrings.

leg day funny

Then finally work on your biceps, your abs again, the shoulders and your back.

Do not forget to work some cardio every week, at least dedicate some three hours to this.

God bless Rich for giving us this amazing advice!


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