Rick Ross Has Been Losing Weight, But How He Is Doing It Is Crazy!

Rick Ross is best known for being a business mogul, a rapper, and also best known for just being fat as hell. His attempt to overcome his weight problem is do a workout called “Boss Fit”. This workout program revolves around one main thing, and that one thing is called liposuction. As you will see in the video below.

Rick Ross has tried to mask his weight loss but putting content out there with him in the gym working out, boxing, and training with other fat people like DJ Khaled (who works out and doesn’t lose weight). This has gotten him attention all over the world, and also caused a lot more social media engagement, since his fans were behind him and wanted him to lose weight.

rick ross workout program

Rick Ross Really Did Lose Weight In The Beginning

We do have to give Ross “The Boss” credit, and agree that his fat ass did really lose some weight in the beginning of his journey to look like someone who doesn’t get turned on by a cook book before he master-bates to barbecue sauce. He was consistent, got a trainer, and still to this day works out at the Reebok Fitness Club In Miami. He does admit he did starve himself for quite some time to get the initial pounds to shed. But what happened after, is another story. This is him at the peak of his weight loss and workout program. Please let’s not ignore that he is really trying to bounce his bitch tits in the beginning of this video.

Ricky Rose Gained All Of His Weight Back!

Once this amazing transformation was over and he lost a ton of weight, we did notice that the power of rocky road ice cream was too powerful for Rick to stay on course. As you see in the recent picture below, this guy is back to his unhealthy ways of eating crap and drinking like Charlie Sheen again. That would be the main reason Ricky Ross gained his weight back. Check him out in this video, and what he is doing today!

Rick Did Share His Previous Weight Loss Tips With The World

Let’s check out some diet and workout advice Rick Ross has shared with the world previously, before he obviously got fat again. I am all for this 100 lbs weight loss, but unfortunately he is still fat.

I used to eat big meals at 2 a.m. and base it on my schedule,” he said. “But I don’t do that no more.”

Ross said you should drink water throughout the day. He also said to treat yourself when you work hard.

“I just went to Prime 112 (in Miami) the other night, and I had some fried Oreos and fried velvet cake,” he said. “I treated myself. You wake up in the morning, you might regret it. But you got to get back to work.”

rick ross weight loss

Ross credits a CrossFit program introduced to him by Reebok last year — calling it “Ross Fit” — with helping him lose weight. It’s a highly active workout plan where Ross completes a series of exercises within a 20-minute span, including pushups, sit-ups, boxing, squat jumps and Olympic-style weightlifting.

“CrossFit overall is more of an intense workout,” he said. “So instead of doing 20 minutes on the treadmill, you’ll (do) a 20-minute CrossFit workout and you’ll be not only building your endurance, but also muscle simultaneously.”

Did Rick Ross Do Liposuction?

Well the answer to that would be yes. He was working out, but being that fat, he couldn’t pull off the weight loss, and did what everyone else of his status does. He took that sneaky trip to the lipo doctor, got his Miami cheesesteaks sucked out of his stomach, and was up and about the next day on Instagram recording workout videos.

You can make your own conclusion about Rick getting liposuction, keep in mind that the picture above was created by his ex-girlfriend. “That’s lipo my loves, Enjoy!” Tia left in the comment section. Now who knows if she’s telling the truth here based on their rough history & past feud, but she’s definitely spreading the rumor at the very least.


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