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This man has one of the last great natural physiques on earth! Is he the next big thing in Hollywood?

Richard Onyeji

Have you ever heard of Rikuzu Richard? Well let us introduce you!

Rikuzu Richard is one of the few great natural physiques left on planet earth! And since that is the case, must give props, when props are due! Let’s introduce you to the man behind the muscle, and start with one his quotes, that will give you an idea of what kind of a person Rikuzu Richard is…

“I can move the world if given a place to stand. I am an outgoing and confident person. I put 100% in whatever I do and I strive for perfection. I have dreams, goals and responsibilities. I work hard on my appearance and my body is my temple.  I am ambitious and have drive.”

I guess that explains why he is raising eyebrows in the fitness industry. Richard is as dedicated as they come, and it shows on his massive shredded body. Richard is also truly a nice great guy. Now lets get to the muscle…You can’t help but immediately be reminded of the legendary bodybuilder Serge Nubret, when you look at Richard. If you don’t know who Serge Nubret is, he is one of the all time great bodybuilders, take a look…

Now, one key thing you have to understand here, is that Serge Nubret is a roidhead! If you read, you know what a roidhead is. Don’t take it from us, look at the facts.

Reliable source is below (like it matters, Serge mass to body fat percentage screams steroids from mountain tops)

“Serge Nubret was on gear for most of his life. The fact that somebody would believe even for a second that this guy was natural and his muscles are due to only training and horse meat is simply amazing and should receive an award for naiveté.”
This is exactly the reason we want to give so much credit to Rikuzu Richard. Lets compare his physique to Serge..

Here is Richard just chilling like money ain’t a thang…

Richard Onyeji

Now lets look at Serge just chilling on the cover of a magazine…

richard onyeji

I don’t know about you, but I think Richard looks a hundred times better considering he is natural, and there is also no oil, lighting, and photo editing like Serge has in the magazine cover. This is really impressive, and we do predict that Richard will be a major fitness and entertainment star in the near future! Take a look at this mans great physique, it’s truly impressive…

The mass is there, the hard grown man mature muscle is there, and this guy can hit the stage in 3 days if he wanted to.

One of the main things that makes Richard so versatile, is his talent for acting and modeling as well. A lot of fitness stars today, are very limited to their potential because they lack talent. Richard should, and we believe will be the next big thing in Hollywood for several reasons. Number once, he has the look that Hollywood looks for, and that is a Danzel Washington charisma, combined with abs the size of most peoples biceps, IF THAT!

So hollar at your boy when you see him in the street!

But he can quickly flip it on you and be a pimp in the next Hollywood Blockbuster, slapping your girlfriend around!

The bottom line is, Richard has IT, and we wanted to give him a proper shoutout and give much respect to a hard working great guy, who happens to have an amazing physique, that was obtained by hard work, dedication, and a strong love for the sport. This natural physique is very rare, but so is the man as a talent. Much respect.

Richard is a family man, a mentor, and a very well respected person in general. You are a part of the family, and we ask our readers and fans to show love to Richard as well!

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