Roelly Winklaar scared Dallas Mccarver at the Olympia! Dallas explains the reason…

roelly winklaar

How would you feel if Roelly Winklaar took his clothes off in front of you?

Hailing from the Dutch island of Caracao, Roelly Winklaar has built an impressive physique, being known for his incredible symmetry, size and definition.

However, he didn’t decide on pursuing a career as a bodybuilder until after surviving a near-fatal car accident. Afterwards, he found his coach and friend, Sibil and began his journey in the fitness industry.

Roelly earned his Pro Card in 2010, and has appeared in the most prestigious show (Mr. Olympia) every year.

Here are his stats.

  • Height:5ft 6in
    Weight:286 lbs
    Competition Weight:230 Lbs.
    Off-Season Weight:270 Lbs.
    Birth Place: Curacao
    Birth Date:Jun 22, 1977
    Marital Status:Single
    Home:Rotterdam, Netherlands, Other
    Occupation:IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Like many of us, the first photo Roelly ever saw that made him want to be a bodybuilder was of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a side shot with both arms thrust in front of him to show off both the triceps (of the arm closer to us) and his astounding biceps. Roelly wanted arms like that one day, and luckily for him, his genetic makeup allowed him to get them. “Once I started training, it was my shoulders and arms that grew the quickest,” he told me. “Some guys at the gym would even get mad because they had been training so much longer and my arms were already bigger than theirs! So I have to give a lot of credit to my genetics for my arms.”

His triceps have been compared in arguments about whose were the best of all time to MD’s own Kevin Levrone, and they grew so easily that Roelly has had phases where he trained them just once every three weeks. His background in gymnastics as a youth (he can still do a backflip) certainly gave those tri’s a hell of a head start too, along with his melon delts. He really only trains them more often leading up to a contest, as he finds his triceps look more dense and detailed with more frequent workouts. His biceps aren’t quite as responsive, so it’s been a challenge for them to keep pace and match his giant tri’s. Basically hes big as hell all around lol.




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