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Roelly Winklaar OLYMPIA And Leaked TAPES Of FAT!

Roelly Winklaar Winning 2019 Mr. Olympia?

Roelly Winklaar took 3rd place at the 2018 Mr. Olympia, which means he was the 3rd best bodybuilder in the world.

roelly winklaar abs

Phil Heath announced unofficially, that he is not competing in 2019.

This made Roelly the second best active bodybuilder in the world, right after Shawn Rhoden.

  • The first big competition in 2019 was The Arnold Classic, Ohio. We saw a lot of high-level contenders, where 3 of them made the top 5 at Mr. Olympia.

Coming into this show, everybody expected Roelly win.

He competed in the Arnold Classic many times, and had the biggest advantage with experience.

He also placed 3rd at Mr. Olympia, and won the people’s champion award.

roelly winklaar peoples champ

Roelly Is Fat, Video Leaks Out!

In so many predictions that you could find on youtube and other social networks, you could see that everyone thought Roelly would take the trophy.

Everybody believed that, until a video of him guest posing leaked out.

He was at a suspiciously high body fat level, and had a serious amount of water retained under his skin.

  • Roelly was at 2 weeks out of Arnold Classic looking like he is 3 months deep into the offseason.

This changed everyone’s predictions and nobody believed that Roelly can actually win.

roelly winklaar fat

Roelly Improved His Conditioning!

When the show started, you could see Roelly in much better shape than he was 2 weeks ago.

  • He was in surprisingly good condition, but not even close to what it takes to win this show.

If it was a weak line-up like in 2017 for example, he would maybe get away with it, but not against these guys.

You had a very good William Bonac, as ready as he could be.

  • You also had the best version of Brandon Curry, who actually won the show making Bonac a runner-up.

Other 2019 Arnold Classic Competitors

There was also the hardest and certainly the best version of Luke Sandow taking 3rd place.

Cedric McMillan came in average and took 4th place.

cedric mcmillan posing

Cedric was not at his best, but his superior structure was good enough to beat the out-of-shape Roelly, who took 5th place.

  • Some people even believed that he should have placed even lower than that. And also that he wasn’t really better than Steve Cuclo or Rafael Brandao.

The main argument why he didn’t deserve to win against them, was because they were in better shape than him, which is definitely true.

Rafael was way sharper than Roelly, but his upper body mass was nowhere near that level.

What Is Important In Bodybuilding Shows?

When it comes to these big shows, having just conditioning is not enough, like it is at amateur shows.

  • Having a lot of muscle is certainly a quality that is an absolute necessity for winning these competitions.

Steve Cuclo on the other hand, was both hard and big.

steve cuclo posing

He was also not as hard as he could be, or as he was about a month later at The Indy pro, which he won.

  • The thing about Steve and why he lost to Roelly, is the fact that his muscles don’t have a lot of depth in them.

There is crazy vascularity all over his body, but no 3D effect that Roelly has, which makes his body much more impressive.

  • Placing 5th at this competition destroyed Roelly Winklaar’s reputation, and he is not the 3rd best bodybuilder in the world anymore.

As they say “You are only as good as your last show”.

Roelly Winklaar Arnold Classic Australia!

It took Roelly another 2 weeks to bring something much better to the Arnold Classic Australia stage.

roelly winklaar australia arnold

He brought far better conditioning than he did at Ohio Arnold Classci. 

In Australia, he did place higher and beat a very soft Luke Sandoe. Without Brand Curry, it was all fair game!

  • William Bonac was at this show as well, in the same or even a tiny bit worse shape than two weeks before, but still good enough to be victorious.

2nd place landed into the hands of Cedric McMillan, who came much sharper this time around, just like Roelly did.

“We all know that Cedric is one of those competitors who have all the necessary tools to dominate at every single show on this planet.”

cedric mcmillan posing

At this show, Cedric was sharper, but not as sharp was William Bonac so he took 2nd place.

  • Many thought that he should have won it.

Roelly was improved, but not at his best, so he didn’t beat Cedric or William which he has done many times before.

Roelly’s Abs And Vacuum Pose!

An interesting thing that Roelly did, which triggered many bodybuilding analysts, was his vacuum pose.

The vacuum pose, is a topic of conversation going around for the last few years. Especially after the Arnold Classic Ohio 2018, and that “incident” in classic physique division.

  • When George Peterson won his class, Arnold himself came to give him the award and speak a few words with him.

He asked George to do a vacuum pose (saying that he likes the Classic division because of tiny waists and ability to hit the vacuum pose).

George didn’t know how to do this pose.

(It’s easy, just grab a vacuum!)

vacuum pose

He tried to suck his stomach in as much as he could, and a few seconds later flexed his abs.

  • This “scandal” caused a lot of discussion on whether the vacuum pose should be necessary or not. By Roelly hitting it, it turned a lot of heads.

Roelly Winklaar The Mass Monster

He is known for being one of the best and the biggest bodybuilders of today, and of all time.

On his small frame and height of only 5 foot 5 inches, the amount of muscle he packs is insane.

  • Being considered a size freak and being able to hit a vacuum pose is absolutely extraordinary but not enough to win you a show.

The vacuum pose is not something that judges will give you extra points for. A controlled and aesthetically pleasing mid-section most certainly is.

oxygen gym kuwait

Not having a good midsection, is the reason Phil Heath lost his title in 2018 to Shawn Rhoden, who had an amazing set of abs.

  • He did not lose because of the lack of muscle or conditioning, the stomach was the only problem.

In order to come back and win the throne again, Phil should look up to Roelly.

Roelly’s On Going Big Stomach Problems!

Roelly is not known for having a good looking stomach.

On the contrary, he was actually known for having a horrible “bubble gut” problem!

  • Back in 2015, he was hated on by Luimarco, a youtube personality who specialized in bodybuilding.

He made videos in which he made fun of Roelly, and his distended stomach issue.

Roelly Winklaar posing

At the same time, you had Arnold Schwarzenegger complaining about the same thing, and even trolling bodybuilders who had this issue. 

Kai Greene Arnold Classic 2016

Kai Greene was the one who won the 2016 Arnold Classic, and left a very sharp, Cedric McMillan behind him.

  • Arnold didn’t like this, and claimed that Kai only won because of his posing routine that was very good.

When Arnold was supposed to congratulate Kai, he said that he really likes his vacuum pose and asked him to do it.

Kai did a front double biceps pose in which his stomach popped out like he is 5 months pregnant.

Arnold told the audience to admire that perfect vacuum pose, which was non-existent, and humiliated Kai quite a bit.

kai greene abs

  • Roelly didn’t want this nightmare to happen to him, so he worked on fixing this problem.

He said that he was wearing a waistband all day long and practiced a lot of vacuums.

Only a year later, he brought a completely different edition of Roelly Winklaar.

Roelly’s Transformation And Lean Stomach!

It was the first and only time that we saw a bodybuilder fix their stomach distention issue, and bring an absolutely admirable aesthetic looking physique.

  • Arnold commended on this and applauded as well, because Roelly proved that it is possible.

By hitting the vacuum at The Arnold Classic Australia, he gave no excuses to any other competitors.

The audience and fans are also not happy with bodybuilders who don’t bring a tight midsection.

bodybuilders big stomachs

Roelly was always known for being loved by everyone because of his kind and forever positive personality.

  • He did that doing things like pulling a vacuum and fixing his stomach problem, doing backflips on stage, and so on.

The fact that people love him was proven at the 2018 Mr. Olympia, when he won the “people’s champion award” which was the first ever.

Roelly Winklaar 2018 Olympia Results

In 2018, he was able to beat William Bonac, Brandon Curry, Big Ramy, Cedric McMillan and everyone except Phil Heath and Shawn Rhoden.

Bonac was a bit off, but it wasn’t horrible conditioning. There is no chance of Bonac beating Roelly unless his conditioning is perfect.

That is the only reason why Bonac places so high.

william bonac flexing


  • It’s because of his great conditioning combined with the fullness and density that his small frame is packs.

Roelly’s structure is far superior to Willaim Bonac’s narrow shoulders, and wide waist blocky looking physique.

If Roelly comes sharper than him, he should definitely beat him.

What about Brandon Curry?

Brandon has made a huge transformation from the 2018 Olympia top 6, to the 2019 Arnold Classic.

In such a short time span, he brought his legs up so much that it was enough to beat William Bonac, who was in really good shape.

  • Brandon is another competitor with great structure and an extraordinary developed, symmetrical, proportional and 3D looking upper body.

His weak legs are what is going to slow him down, no pun intended.


He improved them so much in such a short time period, he can possibly improve them once again until the 2019 Mr. Olympia.

  • Will that be enough to beat Roelly Winklaar if he is in good shape? Unless he brings them up a lot, it won’t be!

Kai Greene And Phil Heath Won’t Be There!

In case Kai Greene and Phil Heath don’t show up (which they won’t), the chances are high we might be watching Roelly Winklaar and Shawn Rhoden battle it out!

What does it take to beat Shawn Rhoden?

The reason why Shawn won the Sandow, is because he was far more conditioned than anyone else.

shawn rhoden sandow

  • Roelly was right behind him, but Roelly was in really good shape. The chances of Roelly coming in even sharper than that, are rather slim.

Roelly’s biggest problem is his back, or should I say, his whole back side.

His spinal erectors are pretty much non-existent, that it makes you wonder how he even walks, and what is holding his spine in place.

Roelly’s Back Continues To Be An Issue!

His lower lats are so undeveloped and shallow, that his whole lower back looks amateur like.

Especially in the back double biceps pose.

roelly winklaar back pose

  • The back lat spread is fine. He can hide the lacking muscles in that area and draw attention to the width of his shoulders.

He is a wide guy, and his upper lats along with his traps, look quite decent. The lower back, or to be more precise, lower lat thickness and spinal erectors are just a disaster.

If you go downstairs and take a look at his glutes, you can also notice that the size of them is nowhere near that of Shawn Rhoden.

Shawn is not known for the best back ever, but it doesn’t have any too obvious problems with it, as Roelly’s does.

Other Problems For Roelly

Roelly’s glutes are underwhelming, compared to almost all of the other top competitors.

His arms are some of the best guns this world has ever seen, alongside those of Phil Heath and Lee Priest.

The arms, and the beautifully shaped abs, are his biggest strengths today.

  • His chest is good, shoulders are great, quads are good when he is shredded, but the hamstrings are not the best.

In the end, it all comes down to conditioning. The guy who brings the best conditioning is going to win.

If they all bring it, will Roelly end up victorious? Probably not, due to his obvious weak points.


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