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Ronnie Coleman Workout Routine, THAT KILLED HIM!

The Ronnie Coleman Workout Routine Is Something You Should Not Try!

To really start the Ronnie Coleman workout routine, you have to take a couple things into consideration.

  • First, realize that he was a professional bodybuilder, and you are most likely not. Unless this is Phil Heath reading this post.

ronnie coleman hospital

Professional bodybuilders are the only ones who should even attempt the Ronnie Coleman workout routine. This is because they are much stronger, have more stamina, and also on insane amount of steroids.

So first ask yourself this question. 

Why would you even want to do the Ronnie Coleman workout routine?

ronnie coleman hospital

It is just plain stupid to even want to attempt that kind of volume, weight, and stress on your body.

You will gain absolutely nothing by working out like Ronnie. Ronnie Coleman himself could have looked exactly the way he did doing a totally different workout!

Does that make sense?

ronnie coleman surgery

He didn’t have to put his body through any of that in order to look like the Mr. Olympia that he was! Ronnie lifted way more than he should have, and simply went beyond a point of no return with his injuries from the gym.

Ronnie Coleman Workout Routine That Killed Him!

If you didn’t know, Ronnie damn near killed himself lifting crazy heavy weight. He squatted something like 800 pounds, and that could be one of the major reasons, you should stay clear of his workout routine.

On top of that, he was doing it at an older age, and also for multiple consecutive years!

ronnie coleman workout routine

Ronnie Coleman Age

Ronnie is 54 years old. His age has not stopped him from working out, nor have the surgeries. He always had a good attitude, and never wanted his age or his workout program to stop him achieve his goals. 

When it comes to Ronnie Coleman’s age, he is one of the oldest bodybuilders to ever win the olympia.

ronnie coleman age

Dexter Jackson holds that title I believe, but the age of both of these guys is something they were never concerned about. 

Why would Ronnie Coleman’s age have anything to do with his success when he is on massive steroids.

  • Isn’t that what steroids are supposed to do? If you didn’t know, steroids pretty much take age out of the equation when it comes to bodybuilding. 

Now let’s briefly talk about a funny thing that Ronnie is known for!

ronnie coleman hospital

Ronnie Coleman Suit

Even though Ronnie killed himself with his workout routine and program, he did get big as hell! Due to that, he is known for wearing some big ass suits.

Also, these would be suits that are not tailored! Why would someone with all that money not spend a couple bucks to tailor a suit?

ronnie coleman suit

That Ronnie Coleman suit does not look that bad at all, but that is not the suit he is known for!

Take a look at this big ass suit that he sported to several bodybuilding events!

ronnie coleman suit

The guy to the left is Phil Heath of course, who in Generation Iron 2 brags about how he get’s his suits fitted. Ronnie’s suits were from back in the day, but it’s not like suit tailoring didn’t exist back then.

Big Ronnie is a legend, but I would definitely NOT attempt his workout program nor wear one of his suits!




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