Bodybuilder Celebrity Roast, Ronnie Coleman yeah buddy!

Bodybuilder Celebrity Ronnie Coleman joins the roast! Mainly because he almost let bodybuilding kill him!

Ronnie is our 8 time Mr. Olympia, very well known for phrases like “Yeah Buddy,” “Nothing but a peanut,” and “Light Weight!”

ronnie coleman hospital

  • And saving the best for last, “Everybody want’s to be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody want to lift no heavy ass weight!” Oh Big Ron, you are such a beast! Yeah Buddy!

Ronnie joins our bodybuilder celebrity roast because he is a monster who can left anything you put on the bench or the squat rack!

Ask Ronnie how much he can bench, he will probably say, whatever I want! I mean, it’s not hard to see that he is a monster.


ronnie coleman squatting

You are watching a man squat 800 lbs for several reps! And it’s all light weight, it’s all just a peanut.

Big Ron made history with this video and with the squat above. But it turns out, this weight was not that light, and it was a little more than a peanut!

  • Yeah buddy, light weight is not really that light buddy!!! It’s little more than a peanut buddy!!! Oh shit buddy…my damn hips are breaking buddy!!!

This peanut is heavy as shit buddy, somebody take my ass to the hospital buddy! Give me spinal surgery buddy for my 29 herniated disks buddy!

ronnie coleman hospital

Now Ronnie Coleman barely able to walk. He almost squatted himself into a permanent squat! It took about 11 surgeries or more to keep this meathead from dying.

ronnie coleman cop

  • I mean, he definitely had a passion for weight lifting, or his wiener was so insanely small, that only squatting 800 lbs would make him feel manly.

That, we will never know. We only know, that the peanut was not really a peanut, it was a dam MAC truck that crushed every bone and ligament in his old chicken eating body.


ronnie coleman hospital

You got to give to to Big Ron for not having any regrets.

Ron is on Bodybuilder Celebrity Roast because today he looks like someone performed an exorcism on him that sucked out his soul and all the muscle along with it.

He looks like he ran a marathon on an empty stomach, then moved to Somalia with out any money for 6 months. He looks like Ronnie Coleman’s grandfather. Ok that’s enough for Big Ron. We still love you!



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