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Roseanne Barr Racist Recipes Rejected By Food Network!

roseanne barr racist

Roseanne Barr Is Not Only Racist, She Has A Racist Diet!

Roseanne Barr is racist, and everyone knows that by now, the same as they know she is fat. She is obviously known for her show “Roseanne”, but now she is known for much more than that. Every since she made a racist Tweet about Valerie Jarrett, she is public enemy number one! Since her show got cancelled, she has been trying to find work, and thought to give the Food Network a shot. Playing a homemaker housewife for most of her life, she thought it would be a natural fit, for her to become the new Martha Stuart (another lady that can’t lose weight). Unfortunately that did not work out for her after the food network found out that she plans on making racist recipes. Besides getting drunk constantly, she refused to make any dishes that contained chocolate. Her demands were vanilla only!

roseanne barr racist

The Food Network Pulls The Plug!

The Food Network stated that Roseanne Barr is off the rails, and her racist behaviors will not be tolerated on their network. “This is supposed to be a feel good program, and not wanting to use any ingredients that aren’t white, is unacceptable.” This was not a first offense for Barr on Twitter (or in real life). Over the years, her language and ideas have weaved through all kinds of dark and bizarre territory. It’s not exactly consistent, either; it swings across the political spectrum, unified only by its extremity. She promoted Pizzagate. She believes 9/11 was an inside job. She flags vaccine conspiracy theories. She called Israel a “Nazi state” in 2009 and promoted a Holocaust-denying musician in 2013. Then she turned around and became a massive supporter of Israel (and a rabid opponent of the Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions movement).

roseanne barr racist

Here Are Some Opinions From Around The Web…

“She stepped over a line of being a comedian and celebrity into being a political character. She really fucked up her last chance at reclaiming her fame. I am the type that is normally okay with comedians making jokes about politics, but what Roseanne did wasn’t joking, she was trolling and that’s different. She was stoking the flames of a racist white people who hate Jews and Obama.

She basically shit posted her way out of a celebrity comeback because she’s too stupid to tell the difference between comedy and political tribalism.”

roseanne bar racist

“Anyone who has had the misfortune to be around a bunch of racists when their human suits come off knows that they frequently compare black people to monkeys.

Hell… anyone who has seen old adverts and cartoons know that it’s a historically popular move to make the comparison.

I don’t know how someone as old as Roseanne wouldn’t know better, so she more than likely did know better. As someone earlier in this thread said… it’s like she replaced the dog whistle with a blow horn. It couldn’t be more clear what she was after.”

What You Didn’t Know About Roseanne Barr

Funny story! Before Roseanne went fully batshit one of the producers during season one actively tried to push Roseanne out of the show because she kept pursuing creative control (which to be fair she should have, everything was based on her writing and character). The producer asked Laurie and John if they would do the show without her, and they immediately said no and told Roseanne. They banded together and got the producer fired, which paved the way for Roseanne to gain creative control.

roseanne barr racist

Roseanne of today is far gone, but original Roseanne dealt with a lot of bullshit and pushback. This is one of the reasons her turn into a vehement piece of racist shit is especially disappointing: when you do research you see she did a lot for women in TV and gave a lot of writers their break. Now she burnt all that goodwill and respect; it sucks. Never meet your heroes.


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