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Sergi Constance Is Nothing But A Steroid Infested Insecure Loser! This Is Why?

sergi constance steroids

Sergi Constance is lying to all of his fans and selling garbage workouts…

Sergi Constance is a “natural” male fitness model and also a men’s physique competitor. Sergi is also an avid and regular steroid user. Sergi Constance makes Rich Piana look like an amateur with the amount of steroids he takes. He also likes to tell his fans that he is all natural, and then sell them some bullshit 90 day workout transformation program.  First of all, all workouts should be FREE. Most workouts, and all of the information you need on this earth to make gains is FREE. Selling a bullshit workout like Sergi is doing, is doing nothing but deceiving his fans that he has the “magic” answer and the “magic workout” that will get you results. What Sergi Constance will not mention in his 90 day workout, is that you have to stick your self in the ass with steroids every single day you wake up. Take a look at this guy who claims he is natural.

What Sergi Constance will not mention in his 90 day workout

If you have close to zero fat, and shoulders the size of bowling balls, you are on steroids my friend. That is a fact. I understand people have to make money, but stealing money from people is another thing. If you tell your entire fan base “hey guys” I am on the juice, that is a different story, and when people know that they can then make a decision weather or not to buy hour shit workout plan. Buying Sergi Constance’s workout plan is no different than buying Donald Trumps real estate courses, without knowing he has been in debt for 18 years, and inherited tens of millions from his father. Here is a quick video that will motivate you to look and be just like Sergi Constance.

Sergi Constance is selling what exactly? He should be selling steroids!

Think about it, what are these guys selling? What is Sergi Constance selling? It seems to me that they are selling a healthy life style, right? How the fuck can this guy be healthy? What Sergi Constance and other fitness models and bodybuilders are selling, is absolute bullshit and nothing else. People go to Youtube, and find their workout programs, they find their diet plans, and then go buy their bullshit “magic pill” programs. These are usually younger kids who I honestly feel sorry for. They have not been around long enough to know that people like Sergi Constance are an absolute fraud. They spend their parents money, go to the gym, do the stupid workout, and see absolutely no results. How could that be? It’s because there is a major piece missing in this workout… Sergi didn’t mention that you need to stick steroids into your ass. Real talk. 



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