Who Is Sergi Constance?

If you are a fitness enthusiast there is no chance that you haven’t heard of Sergi Constance.

sergi constance

He has reshaped the meaning of the phrase “six pack abs”.

His abs are so thick and prominent, that they almost look fake.

  • If you watch any videos of him posing you will have hard time believing that it is not photoshop.

As the matter of fact, his six pack is not really a SIX pack, it is actually an EIGHT pack.

A big part of how many actual abdominal muscles you have, comes from genetics of course, but this guy has done a great job of showing them!

sergi constance abs

The thing that made Sergi Constance famous and popular, aside from being just another bodybuilder, is the fact that he actually did not strive to become a competitive bodybuilder!

He created his own path and became a hybrid of a fitness model and massive bodybuilder.

The size of his biceps is so impressive that it definitely makes you think that he is a fitness model, but also a professional competitor.

Both are somewhat true, let me elaborate.

Not only does he have an amazingly developed physique, but he also has a Hollywood face!

sergi constance

  • His professional photos can sell anything, and that is exactly why he gets paid!

Give him your auto mechanic father’s oldest clothes, and he will sell them!

Why Did He Develop Such A Specific Physique?

Sergi Constance has a very specific physique as you may have noticed.

  • As mentioned, he has a very well developed upper body, and a very slim waste.

Sergi does definitely work his legs, but keep in mind that these fitness models have to wear jeans every once in a while in photoshoots.

If their legs get too big, they will simply not get the job.

Sergi’s Height, Weight, And Nationality…

sergi constance chest

Sergi Constance is originally from Spain.

He is 6 feet 2 inches tall, and his weight usually lingers around 220 pounds.

If you take a look at that low body fat, and the muscle mass, one can’t help it but think steroids!

  • Sergi is not a bodybuilder, but he has competed in the Men’s Physique category since 2011.

That category is a mix between male modeling, and competitive bodybuilding. I say modeling because they don’t show their legs!

Prior to competing at the Olympia, Sergi competed in Spanish competitions until 2013, at which point he came to the States.

sergi constance olympia

He was a basically a local competitor for some time, but decided to focus on growing his brand.

Competing was just not bringing in the money.

Sergi Constance Instagram And Social Media

Since he has started growing his brand with those shredded abs, his following on social media has grown to over 4M followers.

In today’s world, your social media following is very important, and along with his body, he was invited to compete at the  Mr. Olympia contest last year.

He was able to finish in the Top 10, which is a very big accomplishment.

  • His social media following is definitely his main source of income hands down.

sergi constance workout

Sergi Constance Diet

Sergi is a big believer in organic food being the major staple in his diet.

If it’s possible, he would prefer to buy food at the local organic market.

It’s good for you for many different reasons, including the lack of preservatives.

  • Sergi loves using hot sauces with every single one of his meals, and that is no surprise with him being Latino!

Sergi has been fortunate enough to have a fast metabolism, and he also keeps it up by eating a lot of smaller meals throughout the day, like many weight lifters.

Most people would think that he is always on a very strict diet, but that is not the case.

sergi constance diet

  • His crazy fast metabolism allows him to eat pretty much anything he wants without getting fat. Yeah I know, I hate those people too!

As far se cheat meals go, Sergi loves to destroy pancake, and his favorite fast good restaurant is Denny’s.

In order to maintain his 220 lbs of pure muscle, he needs to eat an abnormal amount of protein.

Usually when someone has very low body fat, its very hard to maintain the muscle.

It’s a very strategic approach and it requires an abnormal amount of protein.

  • When your metabolism is that fast, it’s hard to put on muscle by eating only eating chicken and egg whites.

Beef has much higher calories and a much better quality of protein.

That is why beef is the number one choice for Sergi Constance.

Sergi Constance Workout Program?

As far as his training goes, Sergi trains smart, but is not afraid to get down and dirty with some basic heavy compound movements.

sergi constance workout routine

As most experienced lifters, he prefers to get nice and warmed up before he starts slamming the weights.

His warms up with a little mobility work, which is followed by first sets using very minimal weight.

  • The first exercise would commonly be a lighter isolation movement.

All of his workout sessions quickly lead in to heavy compound movements, which are of course designed to build muscle mass.

This would not be the case with chest muscles because there is no way to isolate chest muscle completely without involving your shoulders or even triceps.

sergi constance workout

His leg day would start with leg extensions and it would be finished with squats. 

This is because he likes to start with isolation movements to warm up the muscle, which is followed by the heavier movements.

Back day would start with lat pulldowns and it would end with a deadlifts.

  • As Sergi’s goal is not to get extremely big, because he already has all the size that he wants.

Here is an example of a workout that achieves him his desired look.

  • Lat Pulldowns Wide Grip: 4 sets × 10 reps
  • Low Row: 4 sets × 10 reps
  • one arm dumbbell row 3 sets x 8 -15 reps
  • Lat pulldown reverse grip 3 sets x 8 – 15 reps
  • Deadlifts 4 sets × 10 reps
  • Hammer curl: 3 sets x 20-8 reps
  • Preacher one arm dumbbell curl: 3 sets x 8 – 15 reps

Is Sergi Constance On Steroids?

sergi constance steroids

The question that everybody wants to know is whether or not Sergi is on steroids.

  • Unless he personally admits this to you, you can never be certain.

We can definitely say that it’s very unlikely that he is a natural bodybuilder.

The thing that gives it away, just like with all others, is the muscle mass and the low body fat percentage.

If you had to guess what he is taking, it would probably be a testosterone based cycle, and that is the most potent steroid of all.

  • There is also a good chance he is combining that with a DHT derivative, such as masterone or  winstrol.

(Looks like he got bigger and leaner in 7 years…hmm)

sergi constance supplements

Which would explain his dryness and  hardness.

Perhaps prior to competitions, he would take nandrolone or something similar.

For example, the point of taking other steroids like trenbolone or anadrol, is to add extra fullness to his physique and that’s about it.

He is not a 300 lbs monster that needs massive amounts of gear.

  • If he is using, which he probably is, it’s likely to be a medium dosage cycle.

Sergi Constance Net Worth?

sergi constance

As you may know fitness does pay! Especially if you are successful as Sergi.

Since 2018 his net wroth has been estimated to be about $500K! Not bad for just hitting the gym!

  • You can also never be sure with the information that is out there. Who really has access to his bank account? Nobody but him I assume!

Conclusion On Sergi

We can’t hate on the guy. He is just another very popular fitness influencer with an amazing body.

What he did to get that body is really his business, and he will have to suffer the consequences.

On the other hand, it takes a lot of ambition to live the fitness lifestyle, and maintain that physique not matter what you are taking!

  • Just think about it. There are millions and millions of people on Instagram and social media with amazing bodies.

He has managed to be one of the most well known faces in the industry.

That needs to be respected. 

If we are for or against steroids, we are still fans of a beautiful physique.

I know many people who are against taking steroids, but still love bodybuilding and respect it.

  • Sergi is definitely someone who was and is determined to make it in the fitness industry, and just in life in general.

I mean, what else would motivate you to eat 6 times a day, and most importantly food that doesn’t taste good?

More power to Sergi and we wish him the best of luck in his career. 



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