Who is Shawn Rhoden?

 Shawn Rhoden recently made huge waves in the professional bodybuilding scene!

Mainly because he won the Mr. Olympia 2018 in September! 

But recently and unfortunately, the waves have been because of his rape charge.

  • He was charged with rape of a fellow bodybuilder in 2018.

 shawn rhoden olympia

The world has turned into a funny place, where we are finding out something like this about people we like ad follow every single day.

Shawns Rape Charge, The Basics

  • Rhoden’s accuser claims she visited Rhoden in his hotel room in Oct. 2018. The unidentified woman told cops she viewed Rhoden as a mentor. 
  • But, during the visit, the woman claims Rhoden forced himself on her — and despite repeated pleas to stop, he refused. She claims he eventually stopped and let her leave the room.  
  • Officials say the woman went to police and they collected evidence from her body that tested positive for Rhoden’s DNA.  Rhoden has been hit with multiple criminal charges including felony rape, object rape and forcible sexual assault. 

Shawn Rhoden’s Life Accomplishments

A competitor who very few people expected to see in first place.

The 43-year-old professional bodybuilder Shawn Rhoden has proven a lot.

  • To his fans, as well as his critics, that you can break through any opposition! Even if that means overcoming alcoholism.

Also known by his alias ‘Flexatron’, Shawn Rhoden is an accomplished athlete who is well-regarded!

  • This is for both his performance in the IFBB Pro, as well as his indomitable spirit and positivity.

“From a youthful love for soccer, to the intense transition into passionate bodybuilding. Shawn Rhoden’s story is one of incredible progress and determination.”

shawn rhoden eating

He definitely didn’t have the smoothest ride throughout the years.

Shawn has proven that greatness is honed by challenges. Nothing like Phil Heaths problems!

In 1993, Shawn was hit with a debilitating back injury, and in 2002 his father passed away.

  • Just what it takes to maintain an admirable standard of work and performance. Especially in the face of such painful encounters can be learned through his story.

Shawn Rhoden Has Many IFBB Pro Competition Wins!

  • Shawn Rhoden continues to be a motivational standard for all manner of athletes.

shawn rhoden eating

One must take into consideration just how much was pitted against him. 

  • It’s the only way to truly appreciate the quality of his life successes.

Shawn Rhoden – Age and Physical Traits

 Shawn was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on the 2nd of April, 1975.

  • Considering Shawn Rhoden’s age of 43 years, we see a peak of performance beyond the typical age bracket of professional bodybuilders.

shawn rhoden

  • He is 5’10’’ tall, and weighs in at between 245-255lbs.

Shawn Rhoden Professional Bodybuilding Championships And Rankings

  • This includes a range of IFBB and NPC championships, as well as Mr. Olympia.

The young Kingston athlete was almost instantly obsessed with sports from a young age.

shawn rhoden legs

Cricket and soccer were his favorites! He was almost always seen playing these whenever he could.

Shawn Rhoden Realized His Mass And Size Was Different

Especially when compared to other boys of the same age.

  • It was in 1990 that his family decided to immigrate to the United States.

This was a particularly difficult time for the young Jamaican, who found himself friendless and lost in a new world.

It was here that bodybuilding became his drive and security.

shawn rhoden legs

  • In 1992, Shawn’s cousin brought bodybuilding to his attention.

He found the rigorous workouts to be incredibly punishing at first.

  • It was the steady progression of his athletic ability which fostered a newfound capacity for the required grind.

In the same year, Shawn decided to drop his soccer boots and pick up weights!

shawn rhoden

Shawn Decides To Become An IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

  • His focus shifted towards sweating in the gym in order to grow in power and mass.

Yohnnie Shambourger, an acclaimed Mr. Universe champion, befriended the young and aspiring professional.

  • He also developed a fostering relationship with him.

This muscle-bound partnership was where Shawn found his alias, that of Flexatron.

shawn rhoden

The next seven years progressed smoothly, and Shawn was closing in on a competition-worthy standard.

Shawn’s Path Seemed Clear To Becoming An IFBB Champion

  • But life has a funny way of adding speed bumps to the road ahead.

Unfortunately for the tireless bodybuilder, in 1996 he suffered a mishap in the gym. He tore 9 tendons in his right hand.

shawn rhoden

Despite a grim outlook, and a halting prognosis from doctors to discontinue working out, Shawn overcame this injury.

His indomitable work ethic kept him in the gym. 

The First Test – Shawn Begins Competing

By 1996, after nearly half a decade of unstoppable and highly focused training, Shawn stepped into the National Eastern Classic.

At just 21 years old.

young shawn rhoden

It was his tremendous training schedule, which was masterfully guided by Shambourger. He saw the premiering athlete win first place.

  • Following his awesome initial success, an almost crushing back injury took Shawn out of practice for a total of six months.

A year later, however, Shawn was back in the gym, doing what he does best.

  • In 1997 he entered the Mid-Atlantic National Bodybuilding Championship.

shawn rhoden

Here he was awarded the Posers Award for exhibiting such impressive muscular arrangements. He came in 2nd in the overall scoring.

Coping With A Tragic Loss

 Shawn continued to enjoy a sterling series of high placements within the NPC Team Universe Championships between 1999 and 2001.

In the following year, he would have to confront the loss of his father.  His long-fought progression with lung cancer finally came to a tragic end.

  • This loss would prove to be the most trying for the bodybuilder, as his world was turned upside down.

shawn rhoden phil heath

A painful period of alcoholism began for Shawn, and lasted for six years. It took him out of bodybuilding completely. 

Overcoming Addiction – The Champion Returns

  • Despite such a lengthy period of time spent with the bottle, Shawn finally decided that 2009 was the year he would fix himself.

shawn rhoden alcohol

It was through the convincing support of those close to him that he finally decided to try rehab .

In the same year, Rhoden fought and overcame his sadness and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

  • He rose back to claim the spotlight by winning the Delaware Open, returning to his certified pro status in the NPC.

At the age of 34, Shawn set his sights on the…

2009 IFBB-North-American-Championships

shawn rhoden young

As one can imagine, returning to a hardcore gym routine after years of heavy alcohol abuse was tough.

Coming first in the 2009 IFBB-North-American-Championships eliminated any doubt that he deserved to be called a pro.

  • A title which he was finally awarded. Ten years of testing setbacks swiftly disintegrated.

The Professional Life

 Shawn had now entered a new level of performance – one which would prove to be a steep climb.

“The 2010 IFBB Dallas Europa Super Show brought Shawn to a caliber of performance which he was not expecting.”

shawn rhoden eating

He disappointingly ranked in 16th overall.

“Such a placing was only a minor setback. In 2011 Shawn skyrocketed to 3rd place in the 2011 IFBB Dallas Europa Super Show.”

Most exciting of all, Rhoden had proven his worth as a qualifier for the world-renowned Mr. Olympia.

  • It was at this competition when the public began to see the true potential of this determined sportsman.       

A Modern Marvel – The Road to Mr. Olympia 2018

 shawn rhoden training

In 2011, Shawn also participated in the annual Mr. Olympia, coming in 11th in the rankings.

  • This was a respectable introduction to a five-year long series of admirable placings.

Shawns IFBB Placings

In competitions in the IFBB, EVL, and NPC, as well as Mr. Olympia,  he placed 3rd two years in a row, between 2014-2015.

  • At the 2016 Mr. Olympia, viewers, guests and the competitors themselves enjoyed one of the most dramatic bouts.

The 41-year-old Rhoden came in a close 2nd place. This was his proudest achievement yet.

shawn rhoden

  • Despite being the runner-up, aspersions were cast on Shawn’s 1st place potential for the 2018 Mr. Olympia.

Such naysayers only fueled the man’s determination. He was ironically inspired to break any previously-held limitations for Shawn Rhoden, 2018.

Winning Mr. Olympia 2018

 Taking on the seemingly undefeatable Phil Heath culminated in a heated face-to-face flexing duel.

Rhoden challenged an individual who had by that point, won Mr. Olympia seven years in a row.

Tensions ran high throughout the entire event!

“It came to a blood-pumping climax as the two rivals and the thrilled audience awaited the final results.”

shawn rhoden

Shawn Rhoden’s, Mr. Olympia 2018 Was Finally Being Announced!

To the crowd’s astonishment, Shawn joined a circle comprising of just 14 men who can claim to have come first in the Mr. Olympia competition.

  • Beyond the pride and glory of attaining such a historical achievement, Rhoden also pocketed a grand prize of $400,000.

And of course the…

Shawn’s Eugen Sandow Trophy!

shawn rhoden sandow

All of this was attained at the age of 43.

Tying in with Chris Dickerson as the most mature athlete to secure the Eugen Sandow Trophy.

Rhoden has never been known to speak much about himself, only stating that he would return confidently for next year’s Mr. Olympia.

  • He is indeed a highly successful professional bodybuilder.

Shawn Rhoden’s Net Worth Is Around $3M

shawn rhoden net worth

Shawn has a pretty big house, drives a BMW, and a Ferrari. That’s all you need to know about this bodybuilder who is just going to get richer as time goes on!

What it Takes to Win – An Olympian Workout

 Rhoden obviously follows a rigorous workout regime.

  • With every single part of his body being subjected to a precise and hectic attention to detail!

When it comes to pulldowns, Shawn believes that one should use their lateral muscles solely.

It lessons the momentum which many would usually go for.

shawn rhoden

  • Shawn instructs that one’s posture should be completely upright, with their chest held upwards and with the elbows pointing downwards.

Shawn’s Workout Advice

One should focus on working through slow repetitions, keeping the negative as well as the positive in mind.  

This champion is a big believer in old-school bodybuilding.

  • He’s often discouraging other gym-freaks from taking up new age workout fads.

He dislikes the single-minded obsession which many bodybuilders have about becoming bigger.

  • To him, bodybuilding is an art and how one’s body is improved upon must be carefully assessed.

shawn rhoden workout

He believes that there is much beauty in working out at an accelerated level.

“The aesthetic values of symmetry and definition must never lose out to mindless bulking.”

Shawn starts off his regime on the treadmill with a 10-minute jog.

  • Next, he hops onto the cable station and gets on with some press downs.

This is followed by working on biceps, EZ-bar drag curls being his method of choice.

  • He will then rotate back and forth between biceps and triceps exercises!

“He makes full use of the agonist/antagonist dynamic of biceps and triceps, bringing enough blood into his arms for a completely powered set. “

shawn rhoden biceps

The Diet of Champions

Rhoden maintains a disciplined level of nutrition while in the run for competitions.

  • This is essential for ensuring an excellent and wholesome form.

That is not to say that when he is off-season he doesn’t bulk up, taking estimates of his caloric consumption.

“Every day, his six meals are formed around a structured plan of complex carbs, lean proteins and healthy fats.”

shawn rhoden olympia

An example of the Shawn Rhoden diet is as follows:

  • Meal 1 – A cup and a half of oatmeal, 15 egg whites, and three whole eggs.
  • Meal 2 – Chicken, rice, vegetables
  • Meal 3 – Steak, potatoes, carrots
  • Meal 4 – Lean ground beef, rice, and vegetables
  • Meal 5 – Chicken and vegetables
  • Meal 6 – Protein shake with peanut butter, cinnamon, oatmeal and ice

Rhoden’s Wife And Family Life

You want to know what Shawn Rhoden’s wife’s name is?

Look no further than the blonde and beautiful Michelle.

shawn rhoden wife

This successful businesswoman heads her own business known as Sugar.

It emphasizes the safe and natural removal of hair.

  • You can find Michelle operating up in the Mesa of sunny Santa Monica, as well as in the greater Los Angeles area.

shawn rhoden family

It was in January 2017 that Shawn Rhoden’s wife opened up her first center in Santa Barbara.

Anyone can come to one of her illustrious shops for some professionally caring hair removal, no matter how old.

shawn rhoden family

  • Although the couple are quite private about their family life, you can follow Michelle Rhoden on Instagram @michelle_sugarsb.  You can see more of their lovely family life.

They have a daughter called Cora together.

shawn rhoden family


 While most athletes’ careers are mired with setbacks and challenges, Shawn Rhoden is just the opposite.

He has proven that even when your back is broken, you can stand up once more and step back into the field.

  • Rhoden has set a new standard in bodybuilding!

Not just in terms of his achievements on paper, but in terms of the dedication and attitude which one must exhibit if they wish to compete in the highest echelons.


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