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I SHOULDN’T EAT Late At Night MYTH! This Is WHY It’s A LIE!

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Does It Really Matter If You Eat Late At Night?

Eat late at night and you will get fat, right?

Well that is just a stupid theory. It depends on what your goals are. If you are looking to lose weight, then fine, skip dinner or the late night snack. (Pretty similar to intermittent fasting)

eating late at night

  • OR just don’t eat any carbs with dinner. You can also feel free to skip the ice cream or chips at 11 pm.
  • Only you know what kind of crap you eat late at night, so feel free to skip all of that crap as well. If you can’t stop eating carbs, thats a different story!

That will help you lose weight, but there is more to it!

eat late at night

Is it bad to eat late at night if you re hungry?

What do you think about eating like shit all day, and then not eating any snacks at night?

Do you think it will make a difference? Of course not! The articles that you read, and people that you listen to who tell you not to eat late at night are not telling you a key piece of information.

eating late at night

They forgot to tell you not to eat like a fat bastard throughout the day, for starters. Here are a couple things you need to know.

What should I eat after 8pm?

If you eat like a pig during the day, skip all the dinners that you want, it won’t make difference, you will get fat! What you should eat after 8 pm is LOW CALORIE FOOD!

Do you even have to ask! Something with LOW CALORIES! Just google low calorie foods!

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“In order to be at your desired weight, you have to eat pretty clean MOST of the time.”

You will become a certain type of person, based on what you do MOST of the time! If you lie most of the time, you will just become a liar.

eating late at night

If you eat cake MOST of the time, you will become a big fat piece of cake. You have to control your eating. It’s a simple mathematical equation.

  1. Day 1 – you ate some junk food
  2. Day 2 – you make up for Day 1 and eat clean
  3. Day 3 – you are starting from zero. Day 1 and Day 2 cancel out.
  4. Eating junk on Day 1, 2 , and 3 is where most people screw up and get fat.

eat late at night

Is It Bad To Eat Food Late At Night? How do I stop eating late at night?

The second most important thing to know is, that it’s WHAT YOU EAT late at night that matters.

Do you think I will get fat by eating 5 lbs of lettuce before bed each night? No, I would not. Unless I put 800 toppings on it with a ton of fat.

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It’s good to keep your metabolism going, and having several medium to small meals per day, but eating late at night alone, will not get you fat.

  • Yes your metabolism slows down at night, we all know that. It’s not news to anybody.

“But to think that eating a healthy snack, or even something not that healthy, in a small portion, will make a huge difference in you body, you are WRONG.”

eating late at night

You need to worry about what you eat MOST of the time, and if you are consuming a lot more calories than you are burning throughout the day.

  • It’s very simple. Do you really need to stuff your face with carbs and fat?

If your answer is yes, that is WRONG as well. Eating crap is only a temporary satisfaction that lasts as long as it takes for you to chew the food, and then swallow it.

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As soon as it’s in your belly, you start feeling guilty.

This is exactly why eating late at night is not so bad if you make THE RIGHT CHOICE!

  • Just don’t be a pig. Have a cookie, don’t have 10 cookies.

You get the point? This is stuff you already know, but most likely do not practice.

Hunger always wins, so if you have the junk you want 10% of the time, it’s better than not having anything you want for a long time, losing your mind, and then binge eating garbage.

eat late at night

This is just advice, do whatever the hell you want!


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