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Simeon Panda Steroids Debate Ends With Scientific Facts! There Is No Denying This!

simeon panda steroids

Simeon Panda Steroids Debate Finally Ends!

Simeon Panda steroids debate was never really a debate in our eyes. It takes about 1.5 seconds to be able to tell that Simeon Panda is on steroids. Unfortunately in todays world, controversy gets more views on videos, and thats why the Simeon Panda steroids debate was started. The guy is obviously on steroids, and doing everything he can to get views on his Instagram and Youtube. Especially since he is also prostituting his girlfriend to dress like a skank in every video, so people watch. That’s another article, this is why Simeon Panda is on steroids.

Simeon Panda Steroids Usage…

I guess it all started when Simeon realized that he is not smart enough, and never will be smart enough to even work at Starbucks. Knowing that his IQ is equal to a drunk hamster, he quickly turned to steroids. Simeon Panda loves steroids, and shoots them in his ass every chance he gets. He’s butt cheeks look like he sat on a beehive from all the needle marks.

To be serious, the Simeon Panda steroids discussion should have never been started. Whoever makes money with their body (prostitution not included), is on the juice. Yes, you might be wrong 1 out of 100 times, but the fact is, you will be right almost always. It’s impossible to compete in the fitness industry without steroids, and you as a reader of most likely know that.

The Simeon Panda steroids question has been put to sleep. You can sleep like a baby now, knowing that another person that looks better than you is on steroids…it’s good for the ego I guess you could say.

We at personally think it’s cheesy and dumb as shit that Simeon Panda lies about his steroid usage over and over and over. What is the point? People like this will get famous, but they will only reach a certain level with a following that will get smaller and smaller as time goes on. There will just be too many steroid heads to choose from, and because he is not authentic, he will not stick out from the rest.




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