Six Pack Surgery Get’s You A 6 Pack In ONE DAY!

Six pack surgery actually exist! Yes you heard it right, you can go to a doctor and walk out with a six pack!

six pack surgery

A lot of people would love to have a six pack right? Im not talking about muscle implant freaks either!

  • People who are fitness, bodybuilding, or just love to eat like pigs and still wake up shredded, there is an answer for you!

In order to get a six pack in 1 day, it unfortunately takes surgery!

“Some people are too lazy to work out, and some people just can’t get a six pack no matter what they do because of their genetics.”

hip hop abs

And as I mentioned, there is a procedure today, that will move you away from the flabby stomach and give you rock hard abs in one day!

Am I A Good Candidate For A Six Pack Abdominal Surgery?

Just like before any surgery, you will have to see your doctor, and this case the person who will be performing your over night six pack surgery.

  • If you are at a pretty good weight, you should be ok. Someone that is obese would not be a good candidate for several reasons.

six pack surgery

One of those reasons would be the pure danger of it. This is not liposuction!

You can’t just rip out a mid-section of someone that is overweight, it can lead to death in some cases.

If you have a lot of excess weight, and hanging skin, you might be better off with a tummy tuck or liposuction.

  • If all that goes well, you can revisit this six pack surgery idea.

six pack abs

What Are The Contraindications To Getting A Six Pack Procedure?

If you happened to have a hernia or a lap band, you should stay away from getting this surgery.

  • Having ripped abs are not worth risking your health, or even your life!

As I mentioned above, if you have loose skin all over the place, you need to take care of that first. I would recommend a tummy tuck and not abdominal surgery!

Other things that have a good chance of happening if you choose to have this crazy ab surgery, so if you have health issues, stay away.

abdominal surgery

  • Conditions like previous heart attacks, and anything else severe, you should stay away.

How Do I Recover After Six-Pack Abdominal Surgery?

Prior to being on your way to looking shredded, your doctor will give you a bunch of medication that you will need to go get prior to your surgery.

  • This is because you need to have it right after, and sure as hell won’t want to be going to get it after getting cut open!

Some of these medications will involve the following:

  • Antibiotics: To get rid of potential bacteria and internal / external infections.
  • Pain Medication: Obviously you will take this when you are in pain, which will be immediately
  • Nausea Medication – you will be feeling nauseous¬† and sick, this will help.
  • Stool Softener –¬† drugs will dehydrate you, and you will become constipated. Since that will happen with your surgery, you need this to be able to poop.

What Are Alternatives to Six Pack Abs Surgery?

Obviously, the main alternative is for you to stop eating junk food and actually hit the weights right?

six pack surgery

  • If that is not something you want to do, the first option for you should be liposculpting which is also known as liposuction.

There is not much more to that. You need to decide if you want to take the risk of surgery or do it the natural way.

“Unless you have some major issues with your genetics etc, I would always recommend staying away from any un-natural body modifications.”

Check out this doctor…

I Only Have A 4 Pack, Is That Normal?

Many people in the world have 6 pack abs, but some also have a 4 pack. At the same time, some people have an 8 pack.

  • This all comes down to genetics and how your body is structured.

There is nothing wrong with only having 4 pack abs, it is not a deformity by any means. It just means that your genetics developed your muscle structure in that way.

What Does The Six-pack Abs Surgery Consist Of?

six pack surgery

For the most part, this surgery is performed under anesthesia.

  • There are several incisions that take place and are on your abdominal wall.

Once that is complete, Tumescent fluid is injected, which helps with pain control, followed by epinephrine which will minimize your blood loss during surgery.

Following that, your fat is melted by liposuction. Further liposuction is used to sculpt the ab muscles and also their transverse insertions.

How Long Does The Procedure Last?

six pack surgery

This surgery typically lasts about 3 hours, but it all depends on the amount of fat that needs to removed.

  • A person that has a lot more fat than the other person, will obviously have a longer procedure time.

What Are The Risks Associated With The Procedure? 

It is very rare that a person will have major complications.

  • The complication that is most frequent, is fluid collection in the abdomen.

Just like with any other surgery, bleeding and infection are also possibilities, but under proper treatment this is usually controlled.

How Long Before I Can Go Back To Work After Abdominal Surgery?

Every person is different, but on average, it takes about 3 weeks to be able to return to work.

  • Depending on your job, it could be a shorter period or a longer period if your job is physical.

It is highly recommended that you go back to your doctor for a thorough check up before returning to work.


If you really have to get this surgery, talk to your doctor. I would strongly recommend trying to diet and lose the weight naturally first!


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