Skipping Leg Day Is NEVER OK! Just Kidding!

Let me answer this question by asking you another question. Why did you even consider skipping leg day?

  • If your answer is because you are too tired, than sure, skip it.

You are not going to go to prison or bodybuilder’s hell for skipping few leg days here and there.

leg day

If you train when feeling tired and exhausted, not only are you not going to have very a productive workout, but it’s very likely that it’s even going be counterproductive!

“Simply because of the cortisol (stress hormone) production, which will basically brake down the protein (your muscles) and potentially make you even smaller!”

If your answer is because you don’t really want to have big legs then again, skip it.

skipping leg day

Unless you are a bodybuilding competitor who cares whether or not you have amazingly developed wheels.

It’s all about what you want your physique too look like!

  • And lastly, if your answer is because it is too hard and you don’t want to experience that kind of pain, in that case it is not okay.

Be a man! Go through it!

It may be hard while doing it but you will be happy that you did it when you get home!

Also when that hot girl in the night club slaps your butt and says “nice glutes!”

bodybuilder in club

Also, no workout can give you that exhaustion like leg day can!

Squeezing your biceps and getting a pump is awesome, but you know your grandma can do it too.

  • Can she squat her bodyweight on her back for 10 reps?

If she can film it and put on Instagram!

grandma squatting
Leg day is the hardest and the most rewarding workout that you can possibly do.

It is also one the most traumatizing things that a person can willingly put themselves into, but hey!

  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Can You Skip Leg Day If You Run?

If the reason you are training legs is for a cardiovascular purpose, than yes!

  • Running is probably even a better option.

running for legs

If you are running in proper shoes and on the proper terrain, your knees should be fine.

Your heart will have have to pump oxygen harder than it does in rested state.

By doing something like this, your heart becomes more efficient at pumping oxygen into your whole body, which means your brain too!

That’s why feel so good after a good run and why that famous “runner’s high” feels so good!

bodybuilders running

  • You will accomplish similar things by doing a leg workout, only your heart rate will not stay constant.

“For this reason your body will not lose the largest amount of fat that you would get from running or doing any form of cardiovascular activity.”

But on the other hand, if you are trying to make your legs grow and your butt to make your girlfriend jealous, there is nothing better an intense leg day at the gym.

heavy squatting

Packing iron plates on the bar, putting it on your back squatting down and standing up like your life depends on it is the ultimate leg builder!

  • Running will make your legs be very durable!

Take a look at marathon runners.

That’s how a durable body with great endurance looks like.

The less it weighs, the more you can move it and less tired you will get.

However, by lifting heavy weights your body will answer with a different adaptation response.

It will get bigger and therefore stronger, so it can be more efficient at performing this task!

squat fail

  • So if you wanna get huge wheels there is no replacement for good old heavy leg day!

Can You Work Out Your Legs Every Day?

If you want them to grow than absolutely no! The key word here is recovery!

How do your muscles even grow?

After putting them through stress that they are not used to, they need to adapt.

Let me make it simple for you so you can understand this clearly.

  • Imagine that you are your body and your sadistic brain is putting you through trauma that you have never experienced before.

You are scared. You are confused.

The brain thinks you are trying to survive by escaping some deadly predator or a natural disaster.

skipping legs

You don’t know what a gym is. You only know to adapt and survive.

So what did you do? You survived, you did not die.

But it was hard, it was not easy. What are you going to a do if something like this happens again?

  • You have never had to adapt to something like this because you never experienced something like it before.

Well, you need to prepare just in case something like that happens again.

How will you adapt? By making these muscles bigger and stronger sound like a good idea…

But this process takes time. It takes days.

squatting fail

  • Depending on the stress level, it may even take a week or even longer than that.

If your brain gives you enough energy(carbs) and building blocks(protein and fat) you will do it.

It is that simple. It’s all about stressing your body and letting it repair itself and adapt by getting bigger and stronger.

  • By training one muscle everyday, you are not only going to stagnate but you will make it smaller, by not letting it repair itself.

One good rule of thumb to make sure you are recovering is checking your strength!

heavy bench press

If you are getting stronger – way to go! If you are not, give your body some more time to rest…

Do Girls Like Guys With Skinny Legs?

Probably no more than Big Ramy’s type of tree trunk legs!

But don’t you worry, unless you are the Big Ramy himself, you will probably never be criticized by girls for having too big of legs.

But knowing how to wear a pair of jeans will never stop being sexy.

  • No matter what kind of girl we are talking about ,there is no way that they can be resistant to this amazing trait.

Just like guys, girls also like grabbing something when making out with you.

  • They would definitely prefer grabbing your hanging lats or thick glutes way more than counting your spinal disks!

skinny bodybuilder
And don’t forget to consider a performance aspect if you know what I mean.

No, I don’t mean impressing her by squatting four plates or by showing her feathers on your Vastus Medialis.

What Are Best Exercises To Get Big Legs?

Ever since the dawn of time, squatting was considered to be the king of all leg building exercises.

  • That is not necessarily the case.

Yes, it is among the best leg building exercises and in most cases, the best one!

Your structure will determine whether this exercise is ideal for you or not.

  • Some people have longer and some people have shorter legs.

short legs

Many people have smaller shin bones compared to their thigh bone.

“Some people’s hip mobility is not that great. Maybe you have back issues and squats are putting a lot of pressure on your spinal erectors and the very spine itself.”

Although squats might be the best mass builder, it comes with a cost and a big risk factor.

You may very easily get injured on this super demanding exercise, which will set you back for some time.

  • The key word here is perseverance. You need to stay consistent with your workouts if you really want to see some good results.

leg day

If squatting doesn’t feel right, STAY AWAY FROM IT! 

Just because the most buff dude in your gym said that you must do them, doesn’t make it true.

Here are some alternatives to squats:

  • Smith machine squat
    Front squat
    Leg press
    Vertical press
    Leg extensions
    Leg curls
    Romanian deadlifts

These are all very good exercises and you should include them into your routine.

  • Even if you are doing squats already.

Just don’t do them all! Pick 3 exercises to target your quads.

Try to have a variety of stances so you hit your quads from all angles.

  • Even more importantly make sure to have a variety of extremes of ranges of motion.

Going very deep on leg presses will target the outer part of your quads.

Flexing your quad on leg the extension machine will do the opposite.

  • This is because it is the other extreme range of motion; it will target the inner part (the teardrop).

Also choose 2 or 3 exercises for your hamstrings.

For the sake of targeting the complete muscle make sure to do a deadlift variation and curling variation.

  • Every exercise is good in it’s own way.

What matters the most is that you are able to produce intensity that will force the adaptation process to occur, and that you are able to do this safely.

hamstrings funny

If you can do this for a long time your body will have no choice but to grow!

How Do You Get Rid Of Soreness In Your Legs?

Unlike the soreness in your shoulders or back, this one can be very annoying.

  • You are using your legs pretty much all day long.

There is nothing worse than not being able to stand up from the toilet the day after you trained legs.

sore after leg day
Unless you are a masochist, you will try to find a way to get rid of this unpleasant feeling!

  • One of the easiest ways is simply to take some painkillers.

They will make you feel less pain, but they won’t make your soreness go away.

You body is aching because it’s broken down, and it needs some time to recover.

  • Just like when you cut or burn yourself.

The best thing that you can do for your body in this time, is to feed it with a lot of protein.

eating protein

  • Protein synthesis will start the repairing process, and after some time you are going to be a new and improved version of yourself!

Also taking a calcium, magnesium and zinc supplements will aid in this process.

But don’t expect to feel a difference in hours, it’s going to take a few days but it will be worth it in the end!

This is just advice, do whatever you want!


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