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Do You Know THE BEST Age To START Bodybuilding?

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Starting Bodybuilding At 20 Years Of Age, Might Be The Best Time To Start!

Start bodybuilding at the age of 20, is a great decision.

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  • It is not too early and it most certainly not too late. At this age, you are fully grown and fully developed.

Bodybuilding is not like other sports, we are talking about many different factors here.

There are genetics, there is bone growth and structure, and also stress on your body.

  • What are the chances of a person becoming a professional basketball player, if they never even tried to score a basket before they turned 25? 

The chances are very slim, if we are going to be honest.

Maybe even non-existent. Bodybuilding is a whole different ball game.

All other sports are about developing a skill, and bodybuilding is about developing muscle.

Consider Your Genetics When Starting Bodybuilding

If you are born with very good genetics for bodybuilding, you are going to be muscular.

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  • Most likely, also symmetrical and lean, even without any training, diet or drugs.

By doing these three, you are only going to maximize your potential.

This will sometimes be enough to become a bodybuilding champion.

  • Because it’s really not enough, without superior genetics.

Being 20 years old is a very good age to start to bodybuilding.

Simply because you haven’t fallen into the temptation of using anabolic steroids.

  • At this age, your own natural hormone production is probably perfectly healthy, and maximized.

After a few years of training naturally, you will be 22-23 or 24 years old when you are hit a plateau.

At this point, your progress as a natural bodybuilder will get exponentially slower.

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Breaking Through Plateau As A Young Bodybuilder

You will still be able to make progress but not at the same rate that you used to see before.

You will not be able to beat other enhanced bodybuilders on the stage.

If you are extremely genetically gifted like Ronnie Coleman or Kai Greene, you may even turn pro naturally.

  • Notice I said “turn pro” not win! You will never be able to win professional competitions as a natural bodybuilder!

Starting to use steroids is not ideal, but unfortunately necessary if you are looking to compete with the pro’s one day!

It is best to start taking steroids (if you have to) as late as possible in life.

“This is because you want to mess with your natural hormone production as least as possible.”

Once again, pro bodybuilding is a totally different game.

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  • Bodybuilder have started taking the juice as early as 16, which I definitely do not recommend by any means!

Your natural testosterone is it’s highest during your late teens and early 20’s.

Make sure to take maximum advantage of those years naturally.

What Is A Safe Age To Start Bodybuilding?

Some of the biggest bodybuilding champions started their competitive carrier at a very early age.

Lee Priest started training at the age of 12, and competed the very next year at an amazingly young age of only 13! 

Arnold Schwarzenegger also started competing in his mid-teens.

  • A similar thing happened with Rich Piana, Mike O’Hearn and many other top bodybuilders.

Is that the healthiest and smartest way to do things? Probably not.

The sooner you start doing it, the sooner you will hit a wall.

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Imagine competing naturally for 3 years and not being able to win a competition.

  • Let’s say you started at 13, like Lee Priest. In 3 years time, at the age of 16, you would probably consider steroids in order to win.

At this time, your own natural hormones have not achieved their maximum potential.

  • You are already shutting them off by taking drugs, and that is not good.

There is also another thing.

The Frequency Of Bodybuilding Competitions

As a bodybuilder, you would be competing at least once a year.

In order to get ready for a competition, you will have to diet and lose your body fat before each competition.

  • During this time, usually about 3 or 4 months, you will not be growing any new muscle tissue.

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By competing during your teen years, you are not letting your body develop naturally.

You are preventing it from reaching  its maximum natural muscularity.

  • If you are just training and eating you will be fine, you will be even better than you would be if you didn’t do anything.

There is a saying that goes..

“There is no such thing as a non competitive bodybuilder”.

This means that you are not a bodybuilder unless you are competing.

You may be a recreational lifter, but not a bodybuilder.

  • There are also people who disagree with this, and think a bodybuilder is just someone who builds muscle for sport.

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You can pick your actual definition.

I don’t think I would call someone who shoots a few hoops here and there, a basketball player!

If you feel passionate about this sport, there is no internet article that is going to prevent you from going after your goal!

  • Trust your instincts.

If you are sure that bodybuilding is what you want to do, do not wait any longer.

Go to the gym,  destroy your workout, eat like a maniac, sleep like you are dead and get on that stage!

When Is It Too Early To Start Bodybuilding?

It is never too early or too late to do anything.

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  • How you go about bodybuilding when starting is the key, depending on your age!

If you feel that bodybuilding is your calling then go for it right now!

It doesn’t matter even if you are 10 years old, start doing push-ups right now!

The question is, what do you consider bodybuilding?

  • If we are only talking about training and eating in order to grow, it’s ok!

You can do that from the moment you are born.

There is nothing wrong with doing physical exercises and eating nutritionally dense food at any age.

But there are other parts of bodybuilding that are not suitable for all ages.

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  • Yes, I am talking about the dark side of this sport, steroids.

They are a mandatory part of this sport, like it or not.

There is no bodybuilder that has achieved great success without them.

And yes, you can be too young for them!

  • Ideally, you shouldn’t consider doing them before the age of 25.

If that sounds too long to wait, too bad! You are making a horrible decision if you start taking them earlier.

Personally, I would never take them, but it’s a part of looking like a monster. If that is your goal, you need them!

Dieting In Bodybuilding

There is another side of bodybuilding that you should consider.

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Steroids hurt you in the long run. You won’t feel any side effects in the beginning, but you can’t avoid them.

The other thing to consider when starting bodybuilding, is the extreme dieting that needs to take place.

  • If not done right, it can hurt your hormones and you may end up having really bad side effects from it.

If you are new at this, you shouldn’t consider doing it without the help of a coach.

At least somebody who is well experienced and educated in dieting in nutrition.

If you are naturally very lean, you will struggle a lot less. That is also a part of good genetics for this sport.

  • If you are a bit chubby, do not do this alone! Severe weight loss is not safe and it should be done properly.

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Will Bodybuilding Stun My Growth?

If you are only training with heavy weights, you don’t have to worry about anything.

There is an old myth saying that lifting heavy weights will make your stay short.

This has absolutely nothing to do with real life.

  • It is probably said by some ignorant people who saw some short bodybuilders.

Then assumed that they are short because they started training at a young age.

Mike O’Hearn is 6’3 and he started training when he was about 10 years old.

  • If you are taking steroids at a very young age, now that, can stun your growth!

how steroids work

We have many hormones in our bodies, and they all have their roles.

Without the supervision of your doctor, you can not know exactly whats in steroids, and I would stay away!

What Is The Best Workout Program For A Beginner? 

If you are a beginner at doing this, you should, of course, master the basics.

What does this mean? This means to get stronger!

First, start with the most basic exercises such as push-ups.  If you cannot do a single push-up, try doing them on your knees.

  • Do them to failure, and in a little while, you will be able to do regular pushups I promise you!

push ups

Every time you do them, try7 to do a real push up.

It may sound uncertain but in 100% cases, people are able to do a real pushup in only a few weeks time!

After you learn how to do push-ups, try doing a lot of them.

  • Later you can try doing pull-up, dips, and eventually, you can start going to the gym.

Do not lift any weights unless you can do at least 20 push-ups in one set and 10 pull-ups!

When you get to the gym you will have to learn how to perform the bench press, squat, and deadlift.

Do these 3 exercises on Monday, and Friday for 3 months.

Try to improve your form and your strength in the basic lifts. This will grow a lot of muscle and strength gains!

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How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle Size?

Depending on your genetics, you may see the results after only a few days if you are genetically gifted.

Please keep in mind these are not pure muscle gains. 

This is swelling from training the muscles for the first time. You are not getting bigger in a week, sorry.

  • In the case you have horrible genetics, changes will be visible after a couple of months, and then over the years.

No matter how badly predisposed to building muscle you are, a few months will be enough for anybody to see some positive changes in the gym.

Conclusion On Starting Bodybuilding

If you are looking to start bodybuilding, I hope you are doing it for the right reasons.

  • Working out is healthy, but lets not lie to ourselves, professional bodybuilding is not healthy.

Taking steroids to increase your biceps, is not worth the health risks in the long run.

Why? Because steroids also increase the size of every muscle in your body, including your heart.

Having an enlarged heart, can cause death.

Keep that in mind when deciding to get into this sport. It is not for everyone, and you should approach in extreme caution.


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