Starvation Diets Make You Do Crazy Things!

Starvation diets, people eat people when they are hungry!

  • Yes, get stuck in a mountain with a friend, and when the hunger kicks in, and you need to survive, I would not be taking any naps!

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  • But the point here is that you love to eat and work out huh? Well join the club! Here is a news flash, you will never outrun a bad diet! If you go for a run and burn 200 calories, you already know, that is half of a brownie.

That said, you should still eat the brownie, BUT, don’t freaking eat another one 2 hours later that is followed by other junk food.

If you don’t get some carbs in your system, you will be hungry.

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Starvation Diets Get You Way Too Hungry!

Hunger always wins, that is why people struggle with dieting.

  • People always wait to get hungry, then they turn around, and there is nothing but carbs around them.

Look at it like this, people eat people when they get hungry, that is how serious it is!

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What Is Considered A Starvation Diet?

The key takeaway is this, don’t ever be hungry.

You will lose! When you are hungry, you don’t feel good, when you don’t feel good, you will do anything to feel better.

  • And what makes you feel better? Food! No matter what food it is.

Keeping your carbs low is ideal, but medium intake is also ok if you workout frequently.

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  • Studies have shown that people that eat carbs actually weigh less then those who avoid them.

These studies can go back and forth, but the truth is, people who feel good can make better decisions.

People that feel tired, emotionally drained, starving…etc, are more likely to go pig out on pizza.

  • A person that feels good, will have a slice once in a while. So don’t starve, it does not work.

Why Is Starving Yourself Bad For Losing Weight?

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  • That is like asking, why is it unhealthy to stop drinking water to lose weight?

Your body needs nutrients and it needs water. It is horrible for you not to eat!

Fasting is a different story, and I won’t get into that, but starving yourself can significantly damage you long term, and it’s not worth the weight loss. 

Does Not Eating Make You Lose Weight?

Can you lose weight if you don t eat? Yes of course!

  • You will lose a ton of weight if you don’t eat. You will also lose weight very fast if you don’t eat.

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Unfortunately you will also gain that weight back as soon as you lost it. If you don’t care, that is fine.

  • I just want you to know what to expect. It’s such a huge shock put on your body, that there is no other option but to bounce back in a totally opposite way.

This happens as soon as you start eating again, as I mentioned above.

The best way to lose some quality weigh, is to reduce your cardio, and to bust your ass in the gym with cardio. There is no easy way.


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