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You Don’t Stay Motivated To Work Out? Well This Is Why!

In order to stay motivated to work out, you have to take a couple of things into consideration!

The first being, that you are someone that has no motivation to work out, correct? You are also maybe not motivated to eat healthy as well. Many people hate skipping the carbs I know!

stay motivated to work out

The second reason is that you have worked out for a long time, or maybe a short time, and now lost motivation.

  • You have to ask yourself why that is? There is a ┬ásimple answer to this, and here are the top 3 reasons.

You Don’t Like Working Out!

I totally get it! Why in the world would you enjoy running, or lifting weights?

motivated to eat healthy

Working out is hard, and why do it if you don’t have to? It’s the same as moving furniture, who the hell wants to do that for fun every day right?

We all want to eat like shit, we don’t want to work out, and we want to look great! As you know, it doesn’t work that way.

  • No pain no gain is something you heard time over time I’m sure.

motivated to work out

Well that is not true. People that like working out, do not experience any pain at all!

They enjoy it, and don’t need reasons to stay motivated to work out!

Everybody loves to do something. Some people play the violin, some create ice sculptures, and some love to work out.

The fact that you don’t love to work out, is totally ok, not everyone is going to love working out.

motivated to work out

You WANT To Work Out, But It’s Not A MUST!

If someone told you that you will get cancer if you don’t work out, you will work out.

That is a fact right? This is because you MUST work out, and you don’t need a reason to stay motivated to work out!

  • You must work out, and you will get your ass up and go to the gym.

lazy to go to gym

You have to understand that people only do things and really change, when they HAVE TO CHANGE.

How can I get myself motivated to go to the gym?

When a relationship is bad, or a marriage is bad but not unbearable, you stay in it.

When these relationships get so nasty that you can’t stand another day, you get a divorce or break up right? The same thing goes for working out!

gym motivation

When people are overweight, but not REALLY fat, it’s the same as the bad relationship.

“It’s not that bad, so no need to fix it. It’s when people get so out of shape can’t get a date, or are just disgusted with themselves, is when they make a change.”

Because they MUST work out now, otherwise they will be alone, or get a medical complication.

stay motivated to work out

Turning your WANT into a MUST, like Anthony Robbins said, can fix this problem for you.

  • You have to change your standards and have higher goals for yourself in life, and physically.

You will then be motivated to work out. It’s not a want anymore, it’s a must. If you want to reach your goal, you simply must do it or you never will.

motivated to work out

You don’t know why you want to work out.

Let’s face the facts. The people that live the longest on planet earth, are from Okinawa Japan, and Sardinia Italy.

These people do not even work out! They have a couple things in common.

  • They have a lot of family and friends around them.
  • They have a plant based diet (they do eat meat, but vegetables and fruit are core)

eating protein

So if someone tells you that you need to work out to be healthy, you absolutely don’t.

We all know those old people that have smoked cigarettes for 50 years and live until they are 90 right?

  • Well that is mostly genetics, and genetics will be the largest deciding factor of how long you live as well, if you don’t screw it up!

motivated to work out

That said, screwing it up means, getting obese, becoming a drug addict, alcoholic, smoking…etc.

Things that harm your body. When is the last time you have seen a 90 year old obese person? Probably never, and that is for a reason.

Obese people are not healthy, and they die. Skinny people live the longest!

So if you think you need to work out to be healthy, and you want to be motivated to work out because of that, you are in it for the wrong reasons.

“Staying active, walking and eating healthy will be good enough for a healthy life. Working out is good for you, but as I said, people that live the longest on earth, don’t work out.”

motivated to work out

Once you decide why you want to work out, and what your goal is, you need to change your WANTS into MUSTS, and set higher standards for yourself.

No excuses about time, people that want to work out, and it’s their MUST, they will find time, even if it’s at 3 am.

If you don’t like to work out, but want an amazing body, too bad, sorry! You can live long and be healthy by eating good, walking, swimming…you don’t need the gym.


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