Muscle Roast

Strength Cartel PUSHING KILOS! Largest Mexican In The World!

strength cartel

Strength Cartel And Big Boi The Most Hated Goon Squad!

Streng Cartel CEO Big Boy is most likely an illegal alien who came across the border with a backpack full of growth hormone and synthol.

Just kidding, Big Boi came over with a bag full of winstrol and dianabol.

big boy strength cartel

“Just wanted to get that out of the way, you can make your own decision. Just writing that sentence puts me at risk to get a solid beat down at the next fitness expo, so I might pass on this years Arnold Classic.”

The amount of risk involved in saying the wrong thing here, are pretty big, if you know what I mean.

Yeah right! This is Muscle Roast Big BOY!

This big over weight testosterone eating, needle shooting Pillsbury Doughboy needs to chill on the steroids.

  • Nobody really cares how much you can lift, when you look fat as all hell, and the second you run out of your juice supply, you’re going to look like the skinny twerp that you were before you started.

Strength Cartel – If you are looking for cheap steroids then the Mexican steroids are excellent options for you.

This is because the Mexican Steroids are considered to be the best steroids for bodybuilders who look to purchase cheap anabolic steroids.

  • I’m pretty sure that Big Boy has a mad hookup on the steroids.

Like, a mad hookup.

strength cartel

Strength Cartel Big Boy!

Big boy is the CEO of the Strength Cartel, and he sure lives up to it.

  • I mean, the dude looks fat as fuck and swollen as hell hell from steroid water retention.

He sure is strong as all hell, I’ll give him that.

I have to give the guy props for making a positive choice in life.

Deciding to make money doing something other than pistol whipping grandmas in the street, which was his previous career job title.

  • And if you look at the physical look, I really don’t see much difference between them and these guys lol.

strength cartel

Once funny thing is how they decide to describe their brand.

I say it’s funny because it’s exactly how gangs work with letters and numbers, etc.

So in a way, this is like a gym gang, but I am pretty sure that there is more going on here.

What that is, I have no clue, but I would not be surprised if these fools were pushing mad weight. I ain’t talking about the bench press.

  • Below is really all they have to say about their company and brand, and nothing else. When it comes to Big Boy, all he really says is that he is a world record holder, nothing else.
  • Yeah, people that don’t talk a lot have something to hide lol.

strength cartel

This is very similar to the Gang MS13. I won’t get into it, but you can do your research.

I don’t really know anyone who has tried their supplements.

You can feel free to order some, but I’m pretty sure when you open up the protein jug, the scoop is going to be connected to a syringe 🙂


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