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Tank Sinatra, The MASTER MEME MAKER! Bio, Family And LIFE!

tank sinatra

Tank Sinatra Is Just Your Average Guy, Or Is He?

Tank Sinatra is the reason over 1 Million people smile every single day!

  • With currently over 1.3M followers on Instagram, George Resch (known as Tank Sinatra) has made it to ABC News and Fox.

But also into cell phones of many celebrities, including Mario Lopez.

Tank Sinatra

So what makes Tank Sinatra special?

Well first lets take a look at where he is, then talk about why and how he got there.

  • First, nothing happens over night, so if you are out there thinking you can become an over night star, think again.

It has taken Tank Sinatra years and years of dedication to get to where he is today.

So his over night success, was years and years in the making.

“If you are not a supermodel that takes half naked pics on Instagram…you will probably need to put in some work to get this kind of a following and success.”

Tank Sinatra

How Did Tank Become An Instagram Phenomenon? 

There are many articles out there that talk about Tank Sinatra, his story and his memes.

We wanted to praise Tank Sinatra for different reasons in this article.

  • We wanted to write this article for Tank’s fans, so they have a full understanding of why he is more than just another account to follow on Instagram and other social media channels.

In todays world, people are mainly concerned about what they can get from others.

Also how they can monetize (make money) off of their following.

  • There is nothing wrong with that, but people who succeed and actually deserve it, are people who are mainly concerned about providing value to their followers and fans.

Tank Sinatra has done just that.

Do you have any idea how time consuming is to create thousands of memes?

  • It takes a tremendous amount of time, and all that time was spent by Tank to do nothing other than provide value to people.

The fans of his page, should know that they are following a father of 2 kids.

He has a full time job, and has taken all of his spare time during his working days, thinking about how he can put a smile on peoples face.

Tank has given, given, and continues to give to people that are within his reach, and hopefully to the whole world one day.

What makes Tank Sinatra Different?

George Resch (Tank Sinatra) grew up in a home where humor was always around, even through tough life situations.

  • Humor has been a part of his DNA from an early age, so it’s second nature to want to share his laughs and positivity with other people.

But that is not the thing that makes him stand out form others.

At an early age, Georges mom told him…

“People that have everything they want, will never be as happy as people that want everything they have.”

  • This stuck with George, and made him truly grateful for all he has in life.

This is also what made him and triggered him to be such a giving and positive person.

tank sinatra

The meme’s that he makes hare funny, but there is a hidden message here.

Tank is spreading humor, but he is also spreading the message that all people, including you and me, take life to seriously sometimes.

  • We as people, all have one common goal, we all want to be happy.

Typically when we are laughing and smiling, we are happy.

It may not be noticed at first, but Tank is making the world a better place put putting a smile on peoples faces.

tank sinatra

Our days are determined typically by how we start our day in the morning for the most part.

  • If you wake up thinking everybody outside of your house is angry, rude, and just unpleasant, you will probably be right.

The negative energy we can have in ourselves, can and does rub off on others.

It also turns out, that positive energy works the same way.

People that wake up, and look at Tank’s meme’s while having their coffee in the morning.

They get an injection of positive energy before they start their day, and definitely without question, makes a positive impact on their day.

  • Tank Sinatra has a very unique story.

He has truly done something remarkable, and it is only the beginning of what is to come.

Tank also wanted to share his thoughts on the world, humor, and just overall happiness with his fans.

  • But also anyone else who is looking for a positive point of view and outlook on life.

He has written a book “Happy Is The New Rich,” that we strongly recommend. You can click on image to purchase.

Tank Sinatra Book

That said, this IS, and we also decided to do an article on Tank Sinatra for one other reason.


For those of you that stumbled upon this article by mistake, that means he lifts weights like there is no tomorrow!

  • He also most likely thinks about weights every 30 seconds of his life since the first day he saw a dumbbell.

So big props for that! We wish you the best, and we will leave you with a meme!

tank sinatra


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