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Is Tanning Bad For You? Surprising Scientific Answers From Experts!

So is tanning bad for you? Take a wild guess!

Hell NO bro, tanning is not bad for you! How can being jacked and tanned be bad for you? Don’t you think every girl in the world looks better with a nice tan? So how is tanning supposed to be bad for you? Tanning is the best thing that has ever happened to humanity. The more tanned you are, the hotter chicks you can get! That is a fact, just ask Pauly D!

Tanning is bad for you only if you don’t go often enough to get really tanned!

Can you name a person you think is really really hot, that does not at least have a nice tan going? So how can tanning be bad for you? I don’t remember anyone saying, holy shit, that pale girl over there is hot as hell! Nope, never happens. It’s always that nice tan that is always present. That is a fact of life. And if you pump weights, you sure as hell want to have a nice tan going so your muscles can show!

tanning bad for you

That’s what I’m talking about. This guy is JACKED and TANNED! Isn’t that everyones goal?! I sure as hell think so! Look at how much better his body looks than his I right or am I right? Don’t hate the player and don’t hate the tan…if you can’t beat them join them!

Is tanning bad for your health?

Hell no bro, those posters in tanning salons are bullshit. How the hell do people in exotic countries live without a problem? How do old ass people in Florida manage to get fried every day and have no issues. How come the person at the tanning salon is tanned as shit and doesn’t have cancer? Really who the hell knows, and who the hell cares. The only thing that matters in life, is that life is A LOT better when you have a nice tan going!

tanning bad for you

Whoever says tanning is bad for you is an idiot!

You should have a contest with all people that told you that tanning is bad for you. You should get a sick tan, and go out picking up chicks and see who will get more. The tanned or the pale ass people. You know who is going to win? I really wonder, I think I should take a survey with women…

That was obvious. Of course all people like someone with a nice tan, unless they are from a country where they warship pale skin…which is just fucking weird in general. Just like in India, you are seen as less of a person if you are darker than the average Indian. Those are just dumb morons in general that came up with that shit.

Anyways, the point here is, that tanning is the shit! You should try to be as tanned as possible, and look as hot as possible at all times! Your confidence will be better, your muscles will look better, and you will be happier in general.


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