Terron Beckham’s NFL Dreams Might Be Squashed!

Terron Beckham is one of the toughest guys out there, and also what I think is one of the best NFL prospects in the world. Terron Beckham’s NFL dreams have have not come true unfortunately, like they have for his cousin Odell Beckham Jr. Terron never really played football in college, but he sure does posses far superior athletic ability and strength than many other current NFL players and prospects as well.

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Terron played high school football, but never continued in college. Terron Beckham’s bio states that he only spent a little time at Stevenson University before leaving to become a personal trainer and model.

Terron Beckham NFL

The Terron Beckham NFL story starts in Las Vegas at the 2015 Mr. Olympia Fitness and Performance Expo. Beckham was cruising the convention floor when he came across a booth advertising a Vertical Jump contest. Interested in the chance to win some cash, he removed his shirt and promptly launched into a 44-inch Vertical.

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Kevin Dunn, the CEO and Owner of TEST Football Academy, saw Beckham’s explosiveness and immediately approached him. “Once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked him ‘What’s your story?'”

To make the long story short, Terron started training and did have an unforgettable performance at the combine, as you will see in the video below. Unfortunately, til this day, he has not been picked up by any teams.

“I think there’s opportunity for him. I think there’s definitely opportunity to hit a practice squad and develop over these next few years. He hasn’t had the college football experience, so he is going to still need some more developing time,” Dunn said. “But if that comes together, it could be the perfect storm for a team. It’s not every day I’m watching a guy put up 40-plus reps in the Bench test, jumping an 11-6 Broad [Jump], clocking a sub-4.50 laser-timed 40-Yard Dash.”

Height: 5-11
Weight: 223 pounds
Bench press: 36 reps
Broad jump: 11-0 feet
Vertical: 44.5 inches
40-time: 4.47 seconds
3-Cone: 6.89 seconds
Short shuttle: 4.28 seconds
60-yard shuttle: 11.34 seconds

Terron is obviously a freak athlete, but there is also a learning curve, and NFL teams do not seem that confident at the moment, to put Terron on their roster. This might change in the future, but time is ticking and he is getting older.

Here’s a look at how Terron’s numbers from his Pro Day at TEST Football Academy stack up against his cousin’s showing at the NFL Combine. It is clear that Terron is now standing on his own and not in his cousin’s shadows anymore:

Odell Beckham Jr. Terron Beckham
Height 5’11 5’11
Weight 198 pounds 223 pounds
Bench Press 7 36 reps
Broad 122″ 132″
Vertical 38.5″ 44.5″
40 4.43 4.47
Shuttle 3.94 4.28
3-Cone 6.69 6.89
NFL Combine Pro Day – TEST Football Academy



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