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“Do you think you’re tough?” This is hilarious!


This video is absolutely hilarious! When nobody is looking, and a crazy looking dude comes up to you asking you if you think you are tough, what would you honestly say? …

We at would definitely say YES! But only you know, deep down inside, what you would say if this happened to you!

The British public believe (of course the British!) it is more important for men to be considerate and selfless than physically strong and emotionally resilient, according to new research.

When both men and women were asked what words they most associate with being a ‘real man’, a resounding 66 per cent of respondents chose the word ‘caring’. This trait came out far ahead of other words, with the survey showing that the more traditionally masculine qualities such as ‘tough’, ‘successful’ or ‘alpha-male’ were not seen as so important.


Further dismantling the established stereotypes of masculinity, almost half of those surveyed stated that a ‘real man’ must show his emotions. Only 5 percent believed men should be silent and stoic. Those 5 percent probably lift!