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Tim Grover Relentless System, Maybe Best Of All Time!

tim grover relentless

Tim Grover Created A Program That Is Starting To Change Lives!

Tim Grover, the creator of Tim Grovers Relentless System is one of the worlds top physical trainers, but he is also one of the worlds most intelligent people when it comes to self awareness and just getting shit done in general. If you read the previous article we wrote about him, or just watch the video below, you will see that he is truly a special individual that really cares and wants to help people. After all, he got the job of training Michael Jordan for 15 years straight.

tim grover jordan

“Tim Grover’s Relentless System” Is Going To Change People

Tim has a lot of knowledge that is very different from anything I have heard in the past, and that is why there is such a high interest for me to listen to his system and make the purchase. There are many other smart people out there who want to make your life better, but his approach is totally unique. It is centered about action, preparation, and mental attitude. Take a look at this interview, it should give you a great idea about this guy and his approach to being “relentless”.

In our world today, we are told to do certain things in order to make our lives better. Unfortunately we are not told how to do those things. That is why most people have not succeeded in achieving their goals, and that is exactly what Tim Grover’s Relentless System will do for you. It will teach you how to do things that will enable you to reinvent yourself, and start creating a new life full of fulfillment and success no matter what your goals are.

Tim Grovers Relentless Review

No matter what type of content you put out there in the world, there will be people who like it, and there will be people who don’t like it. That is a fact. Tim Grover also has a book that is called “Relentless” and you can read a quick intro of the book here. Some of the most interesting quotes from Tim:

• Never stop until you get what you want. Then keep going until you get what’s next. Then you go for more. Relentless.

• If you don’t make a choice, the choice will be made for you.

• Success is not the same as talent.

• When you fear losing, you can’t focus on what you need to do to win.

• Everything is impossible, until someone does it.

• Whatever’s in your glass now, empty it. We’re starting fresh.

• In order to have what you really want, you must first be who you really are.

• If you want to be great, deliver the unexpected. If you want to be the best, deliver a miracle.

tim grover relentless

• Don’t just perform the job. Reinvent it.

• Don’t tell me what you’re doing or what you’re planning. Tell me after the job is complete.

• The janitor works quietly alone, late at night. No Attention. No one sees him work. No one knows what he does, but the job always gets done. It has to, so everyone else can do their jobs efficiently. He’s got the key to every room in the building.

• Don’t see problems, only situations to resolve.

• You must be willing to die trying.

• Know what you’re worth and remind people when they make the mistake of forgetting.

• If you want to be the best, it’s the details that make all the difference.

• Make the competition study you. Don’t care who you’re facing, you can handle anyone.

• Cleaners don’t need a kick in the ass. Everyone else does.

• Show up. Work Hard. Listen.

• We have to this my way. You already have the talent. It’s my job to show you what to do with it.

• You already have plenty of friends. What you and I do is professional. If we become friends, that’s great. But I care more about your career and future.

• Total collaboration. But you agree to let me do what I do.

• With options, people usually choose the easier route. So I’m not giving you options. Let me do the thinking for the both of us.Show up. Work hard. Listen. Your job is to do the work.

• Everyday challenge yourself to do something you don’t want to do. Otherwise the next day you’ll end up with two or three things you don’t want to do, then three, four and five. Pretty soon you won’t even get back to the first thing. Then you’ll beat yourself over the mess you’ve created and not you’ve built a mental barrier.

• Always think about your destination.

• Crave the result so intensely that the work becomes irrelevant.

• The challenge for me is taking someone great and making them even better.

• If you do what you always do, over and over, you’ll get the same results.

• The goal: make the practice so hard that everything outside seems easy.

1) Where are you now.
2) Where do you want to be.
3) Make a plan to get there.
4) Act on it.

• Your mental focus and concentration, your ability to control your environment and the heartbeat of others, determines whether you succeed or fail.

• I help find the fuel to light the fire. I don’t want to be the one who pushes the buttons. I want you to push the button yourself. As soon as you allow others to push your buttons, they’ve won.

• If you want to go somewhere new, you have to throw out the tired, old map and stop traveling the same road to the same dead end.

• When nothing is handed to you, you have to prove yourself everyday over and over.

• Stress keeps you sharp. It challenges you in ways you never imagined and forces you to solve issues and manage situations that send weaker people running for cover.

• In an individual sport if you quit, you quit on yourself. With a team sport, you have a lot of other people relying on you.

• Never feel external pressure. Believe what’s inside of you. Know what you are doing right and doing wrong. Don’t care what others think.

• I’m 100% certain that if you bring me into any situation, I’m going to have a positive impact on you.

• If you’re willing to listen to what I’m asking, tell me what I need to know, and follow what I say, you’re going to have some improvement.

• No fear of failure. It’s about the hard work and preparation that go into knowing everything there is to know. Letting go of your fears and insecurities and trusting your ability to handle any situation.

• You have to be willing to fail in order to take risks.

• When you screw up, admit you’re wrong and shoulder the blame.
“I fucked up.” Now fix it.

• Confidence is not caring what others thing because even if you make a mistake, you know you’ll get it right.

• If you did it, own it. If you said it, stand by it. That’s your reputation. Make it count. If you want your opinions to have value, you have to be willing to put them out there and mean what you say.

• Maturity, experience, practice. The more educated you become the more you heighten your ability to adapt to situations because experience gives you a better understanding of nuance, those tiny details no one els would think of or recognize. Don’t accept a single set of rules. Take what one person thinks and make it your own. Put together your own composite of learning; take what you know and believe, adding what others have taught you, and create your own set of beliefs.

• You don’t have to like it. But you’re going to like the results.

• Pressure. Accountability. Demand excellence.

• A great leader knows the best way to get people to raise their performance is to put them where the can truly excel.

• Don’t focus on what you can’t do. Find out what you can do and put yourself in a system where you can succeed.

• Follow your passion? How about work at it. Excel at it. Demand to be the best at it.

• Situation. Response. Outcome.

• Good things come to those who work.

• Figure out what you can do. Then do it. And do it better than anyone else.

• Making it to the top is not the same as making it at the top.

• Our relationship has to be based on trust or we can’t get anywhere. You come to me with complete trust. You follow the rules, or you’re wasting your time and mine.

• Success is not about how much money you make. Success is about doing things no one else can do.

• You get a small window to become a legend, you have the rest of your life to act like a kid. Push it as far as you can. You will have decades ahead to enjoy what you built for yourself.

• Nothing is impossible. Everyday I crave the challenge of proving that.

• You give me a situation, I’ll make it work. That’s what drives me.

• Every dream you imagine, everything you see and hear and feel in your sleep, that’s not a fantasy, that’s your deep instinct telling you it can be real. Follow those visions and dreams and desires, and believe what you know. Only you can turn those dreams into reality. Never stop until you do.

• The greatest battles you will ever fight are with yourself. You must always be your toughest opponent. Always demand more of yourself than others demand of you. Be honest with yourself and you’ll be able to meet every challenge with confidence and the belief that you are prepared for anything.

• Life is complicated. The truth is not.

• The truth is simple. It requires no explanation, analysis, rationale, or excuse; it’s just a simple statement that leaves no double You can look at it from every angle, flip it over, slice it up, smash it with an ax…it’s still the truth.


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