How did Tim Grover even become Michael Jordans trainer?

Michael Jordan’s Trainer Tim Grover (the creator of Relentless System) was only in his early 20’s when he got injured playing basketball at UIC (University of Illinois Chicago).

  • For most people, that is a devastating career ending injury, but to Tim, it was actually the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Tim knew that he would never make it as a pro pretty early on in his college basketball career.

One day in practice, he got a visit from a young kid who was only a junior in high school, and Tim was a sophomore in college.

  • With the 3 year difference, Tim thought he would be able to beat him 1 on 1 no problem.

It turns out, that this kid was Tim Hardaway, a future legend and hall of fame player of the NBA.

As you can imagine, Tim had his way with Tim Grover, and absolutely destroyed him on the court.

Not long after that, Tim Grover realized he is simply not good enough to play pro.

tim grover

Once Tim Grover got injured, it was a blessing, and not a horrible thing that happened to an athlete, as it would be for any other player.

Tim says this because it forced him to start learning about the human body, and how to heal himself.

  • Not much longer after that, Tim sent out a letter to every single Chicago Bulls player with the intention of trying to train them.

He sent a letter to everyone, except one player.

That player was Michael Jordan. Tim though that Jordan simply doesn’t need any help, which is understandable.

Tim got one phone call back from the entire Bulls organization, and that call came from Michael Jordan.

  • The only player that Tim didn’t reach out to, is the one that gave him the call. Now you can get the idea of what kind of a player Michael was.

The best, was trying to get even better. Jordan gave him a 30 day trial, and that 30 days turned into 15 years of being Michael Jordans trainer.

Pretty impressive.

michael jordans trainer tim grover

Tim Grover said no too long ago, that players like Lebron James, are not feared like Kobe and Michael Jordan were.

He is a good player, but when he steps on the court, he is not feared.

  • Tim says that athletic ability is the WORST way to judge how well a player will perform in the pro’s, under the bright lights, thousands of people and pressure situations.

It is the mentality of the player, that will separate him from all others that are even more athletic.

He gives the example of a “time out” situation, in the 90’s when the Bulls were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With the game on the line, Doug Collins (Bulls head coach at the time) started to draw up a play for the final seconds of the game.

  • At that point, Michael Jordan stood up, and said “why don’t you just give me the ball and get the fuck out of the way.”

Tim Grover mentions, that this shot was not made during the game, the shot was made a long time ago during the long nights and early mornings of shooting.

  • Shooting that shot over and over and over, until it was just another reflex, and required no thought. Take a look at Tim Grover, and why he calls himself “The Trainer,” not just “A Trainer.

We all have a gift, it’s our obligation and responsibility to discover what that gift is.



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