Tony Robbins Workout Program, NOT SO GREAT!

Tony Robbins workout program is very extreme!

  • If you are familiar with the heavy duty training, you will understand Tony’s workout well.

Tony Robbins Workout

  • He has people jumping around in the gym to different machines, fighting for their life on each one of them!

There is not a single workout machine that Tony uses, but just a concept on putting the most strain on your muscle in the shortest amount of time.

All of course to tear those muscle fibers quickly and get hypertrophy!

  • I am not the biggest fan of that workout, but who am I? Tony is Tony Robbins for a reason right?

Tony Robbins Workout

(No that is not Tony Robbins’ workout machine, but it’s close!)

I am not sure if Tony created his workout machine program, or just used HITT training concepts and lowered the volume of workouts. 

  • It’s designed to work you muscles from many different angles in a short amount of time.

No matter what your genetics are, it’s supposed to work for muscle building!


It’s very simple. Tony wants you to to do 3 different things ONLY!

  • A PUSH movement
  • A PULL movement
  • And A Leg PUSH movement

The theory behind Tony’s workout program, is that science has disproven the fact that workouts have to be long in order to be effective.

  • Intensity can significantly shorten the duration of a workout. Here is a video that will give you an example.

Once again, the idea that a workout has to be long can easily be disproven by science.

How do I know? I know because I have tried the Tony Robins machine workout program. 

When you have a short 15 minute workout like this, it’s basically time to go home.

  • But didn’t you come to the gym to spend time there, to get a good workout and enjoy the atmosphere?

If you are someone that likes going to the gym, this workout is not for you!

You simply don’t increase your heart rate during Tony’s workout for more than a few minutes.

  • You do a couple hard exercises, and then you are done.

Tony Robbins Workout

Believe it or not, shorter high intensity workouts do not work better than longer workouts.

So why do a super hard short workout if you are someone who barely ever goes to the gym. 

Tony designed this workout program for people who are lazy and struggle with fitness.

  • That’s why I really don’t understand it.

How is someone who doesn’t like going to the gym in the first place, would want to wake up and do this workout.

Does The Tony Robbins Workout Plan Work?

That is up for debate. It definitely works in some ways, but it mostly depends on your genetics.

Big Chest Muscles

  • The downfall of this type of high intensity training is that now fast twitch muscle fibers are being activated and worked.

In order to grow muscle, slow twitch and fast twitch muscles should be worked to have maximum growth.

These are not explosive movements, so the exercises do not maximize the potential.

tony robbins workout

If you want to know how to get bigger biceps or similar, keep that in mind.

Frequency of the workouts, and the speed of movement has been proven by latest research by Dr. Jacob Wilson.

  • Faster movement generates far better results than slow movement, or better yet, holding the weights!

That said, you can give it a try and see what works better for you.

Pizza In Gym

For the most part, the Tony Robbins workout program is designed for people who want something quick.

  • People who just want to get as much as they can from their workout in the shortest amount of time possible.

I am sure Tony wouldn’t recommend this workout to a professional bodybuilder or fitness model, who is trying to develop a physique that will win them a trophy.

  • I would recommend this workout for someone who wants to be in and out of the gym.

Tony Robbins Workout

Tony Robbins Morning Routine

What is the point of a morning ritual? Well that is simple!

  • Having a good morning routine will set you up to have a good day. That is the goal at least.

You can do your Tony Robbins morning routine and then spill your coffee on your work shirt right?

All we can do is try!

You should pick some morning rituals that make you feel good and do them. You do not have to follow what Tony does in the morning!

Tony Robbins Morning Ritual

The goal is not to start poisoning your mind in the morning as soon as you wake up.

  • The goal is to feed your mind positive energy that will put you in the right state, so you can be your best self!

“Hopefully even better than you were yesterday!”

So What Does Tony Robbins Do For His Morning Ritual?

Here is what Tony says he does pretty much every morning of his life, as a morning routine.

Tony Robbins Morning Routine

  • The big guy wakes up around 7 am.
  • Goes to back yard to sit by water, or sit anywhere he pleases that day
  • Does weird inhale / exhale breathing exercises, you can google it.
  • Jumps into meditation for about 15 minutes
  • Visualizes what he is grateful for
  • Gets a clear vision on what he wants to complete that day
  • Does his super high intensity workout with personal trainer
  • Jumps into hot sauna, quick dip in cold pool after to keep heart rate up

That is the Mr. Robbins morning routine!

Tony Robbins Morning Routine

I want you to keep something in mind. It does not matter what kind of a routine you have if it’s a positive one!

You can simply go for a jog, and thats it. 

The point of a morning ritual is not to have some secret answer to dominating your day.

  • That is nowhere close to the purpose of what Tony does.

It’s what you DON’T do that is the magic secret here!

You are not jumping on your cell phone, slamming a huge coffee and lighting that cigarette while you watch the news!

Tony Robbins Morning Ritual

  • You are not reading negative posts on social media to start your day thinking the world is a horrible place.

Tony Robbins Diet

If this guy cares about everything in is life, you know the Tony Robbins Diet is on point too!

  • His post workout breakfast typically includes a big shake full of vitamins, minerals, and key nutrients to get him going.

After a little while, he would usually take down some eggs for breakfast, or something similar with a lot of protein.

Tony Robbins Diet

LUNCH – Tony loves to eat salads. Picture a really healthy salad with virgin olive oil, and healthy fats, and that is what Tony eats!

DINNER – Usually a high quality protein source, not sure what that is because Tony want’s you to stay away from meat!

What Does Tony Robbins Eat?

He wants everyone to stay away from meat and dairy, along with saturated fat.

  • On top of that he wants you to stay away from refined sugar. These are all understandable, and I 100% agree that you should not go near these foods.

I don’t agree with the “stay away from the meat” part, but Tony’s diet plan suggests it, so you should do it!

Robbins claims that this kind of diet is not easy to maintain, but the benefits are beyond amazing. 

I would agree with that, but will pass on trying it!

Tony Robbins Diet

  • There is no magic secret to looking like a million bucks.

Tony’s diet plan and eating habits just revolve around being healthy, that is it.

Tony Robbins Weight Loss Advice

If you want the main points of what Tony thinks about weight loss, I will break it down for you.

Here are some tings to ask yourself first.

  • What kind of person would I be if I was skinnier?
  • Whose life would be better if I lost weight?

After you get the answers to those questions, Tony’s weight loss advice also talks about something unconventional.

Tony Robbins Diet Plan

  • You don’t have an eating problem, you have a comfort and control problem.
  • You are certain and comfortable when you are eating, you need to replace that with something different.
  • You need to lose weight slowly, not fast. Dropping fast weight gives you a 90% chance of gaining it back.

Can You Believe This Quote From Tony?

“Emotion is changed by motion. Even maintaining a power pose – standing with shoulders back, hands on hips like Superman or Wonder Woman while breathing deeply can help.”


Tony Robbins Weight Loss

“A Harvard study found that after doing that for just two minutes, the subjects had a 20 per cent increase in testosterone, 15 per cent reduction in cortisol!”

I don’t know about you, but I am about to start standing like Superman every single day of my life!

Conclusion And The Point Of The Story

Like I said, there is one moral to this story. Tony Robbins wants you to get moving and take action on the things you want in life.

The difference between you and Tony Robbins, and many other people in the world, is not that he’s positive. 

It’s that he works a lot harder than you and most people.

  • Do you think you can get in amazing shape doing the total opposite workout of Tony Robbins?

Do you think you need to do the exact same morning routine?

Of course not! You don’t have to do anything that Tony does!

You need to do whatever it takes to progress, that is the point! The point is not to wake up and splash cold water in your face.

  • The idea is to get going with your day and get in motion.

We are creatures of habit. You don’t decide your future, you decide your habits, and your habits decide your future.



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