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Tour de France cyclist reveals shocking picture of legs!

tour de france cyclist

Did this cyclist just take it too far?

This is just straight up nasty! Pictured below is Pawel Poljanski, a cyclist currently competing in the Tour de France. They say do what you love, just don’t do it in excess, and I think its safe to say that Pawel has biked just a little too much. I mean those things look straight out of a horror show. Just to show how serious I am about how much this freaks me out, I want to break down each part of the leg.


Those are the feet of a White Walker. He looks like he is about to lose those bad boys. It looks like he was kicking rocks after he walked on fire. There is no way I can comprehend how this guy was able to go on for hours upon hours. Here is a quick pic of how his feet looked before the ride.


To be fair his calves look more shredded then fresh parmesan. Everyone tells you that spot toning isn’t possible, likely because of all the folks flopping up and down on the floor trying to whittle away their middle. But have you looked at a cyclist’s legs? Strong, chiseled quads and calves are the hallmark of the sport. Heck, the New York Times even did a feature on how competitive riders can’t find pants that fit because of their small waists and powerful thighs and glutes. The reality is this: Cyclists turn the pedals about 90 revolutions per minute—that’s 5,400 times an hour—using their quads and glutes to do the work. All that spinning also sheds fat—from all over. The end result is rock solid sculpted legs with the signature bulge over the knee.

To maximize cycling’s toning potential, head to the hills. Fighting gravity forces you to push down on the pedals with all your might, which triggers the same physiological adaptations and muscle building as resistance training. Full throttle sprints—hammering as hard as you can for 30 seconds and recovering for a minute (repeating 10 times) will also fry fat and build lean muscle for great legs.


That is a case of simply the worst tan lines these eyes have ever gazed upon. I mean I don’t care if its 150 degrees out you have to wear sweatpants year round right?


The quads look absolutely horrifying. Those are the quads of a 90 year old man on his deathbed. And do you see the pimples on them, someone better piss test him ASAP!

If you want to get an idea of what riding a bike with high intensity does to your lower body, just take a look at what Pawel’s legs looked like prior to the race!

by Michael Moglia


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