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Trae Young $300M DEAL To Be A HAIR MODEL!

trae young hair

Trae Young Hair Landed Him Big Bucks!

Trae Young has weird hair, and one can’t help it but think, that this dude is just plain and simple going bald.

There is nothing wrong with that, it’s landing him some big bucks with a sponsor!

  • More in the $300 Million range. With all of that money coming in, he’s already chilling with celebrities!

trae young hair

Watching him walk around in his Lamelo Ball Shoes, it’s definitely a shame that he is going bald at such a young age.

  • But also, it’s kind of stupid for him to have that weird ass haircut and trying to cover it up. Just cut it off right?

People On Twitter Are talking About Trae Young’s Hair!

Take a look at this Tweet that got A LOT of attention.

trae young hair

Poor Trae is getting all sorts of hate for his hair online, but he will be laughing all the way to the bank!

He might be the first college basketball player in history that has a comb over as a freshman.

  • Unless Donald Trump was the first, which is truly a possibility.

Trae young bald

Trae Young’s Hair Gets Him A Contract With Rogaine…

Trae Young’s hair has landed him a massive contract with Rogaine.

  • That massive contract is a 5 year deal for $300M. Why?

Well Rogaine knows that Trae Young is going bald.

  • They also know that he will be massively famous in the next 24 months, if not sooner.

They want to capitalize on this young kid, and just turn him into a walking billboard for Rogaine.

  • Here is a picture of him and LeBron (another one that won’t come to terms with this baldness), where you can get a better view of a bald spot or two on Trae’s head.

Trae Young Bald

Trae Young Hair Contract Is A Gray Area!

Rogaine knows that Trae Young or any other player in college are not supposed to sign any contracts where they will be receiving money.

  • But now he is in the NBA, It’s all fair game!

Rogaine does not care, and neither does Trae Young.

He has a busted haircut, basically a comb over like Trump, and he sure as hell wants to capitalize on it!

  • During his contract signing with Rogaine, he was asked to take his hat off for the camera and show the world and his sponsors how busted his dome is…

Trae Young Bald

Trae Young said…

“I might not be getting any action right now from chicks, but once this contract hits I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank, and the strip club.”

  • And we believe you Trae. If you ever decide to get hair plugs, we are sure you have plenty of hair on your ass that you can transplant, and it will probably look better than it does now.

trae young hair

Regardless, good luck with everything brother!

Just always keep this in mind, you can put an end to this with just one purchase of clippers.

  • You have seen the comb overs of Darren Williams and Lebron James right?

It’s not a pretty site!

Why Do People Lose Their Hair?

Hair loss is very simple and it happens because of 2 main reasons.

  • Either you are losing hair because you have too much testosterone, or it’s because of your genetics.

In the case of Trae Young, if he is going bald because of too much testosterone, it does not mean he should look huge like a pro bodybuilder.

trae young hair

There are skinny guys who are bald and have too much testosterone. Most people hear that and think somebody should be super muscular, and that is not the case.

Why do you think bodybuilders go bald. It’s because they take testosterone and their body stops producing it!

  • If Trae Young is going bald because of genetics, that is just bad luck and nothing he can do about it (assuming he cares).

Trae Young Hair Disease Or Illness? 

Trae Young does not have a hair disease.

  • It’s crazy that people actually google search those exact words.

trae young parents

People think that losing your hair is a disease. That is not true, it’s called nothing but hair loss and it’s obviously very common.

It is more common amongst older individuals, but it does occur for many people at a young age.

  • Having hair loss is not the most pleasant thing to go through, especially if it starts happening in high school.

There is a report that Trae was battling a low energy illness in college that has something to do with his hair loss, but I doubt that is true.

There is also not sufficient evidence or reporting on this, only one tiny article that only mentioned that in exact words.

Trae Young Net Worth

There is no doubt that this kid is going to be super rich. His current net worth is only reported to be at about $5M, but I do not believe that is true.

trae young net worth

Regardless of how much money he currently has, his net worth will certainly grow as he has truly become an NBA superstar.

  • That is exactly why it doesn’t matter if he is bald or not!

Money makes you handsome even if you are not!

Trae Young Girlfriend

Well, if you are an NBA player, especially a superstar, there is a good chance you can have any girl you want.

The last recorded girlfriend of Trae Young is this girl, Shelby Miller.

  • She is a cheerleader for the Oklahoma Sooners. I have no idea what sport that is, nor will I look it up.

trae young girlfriend

You know, I am happy for this guy.

Trae’s current girlfriend is a cheerleader, but at least she is not a girl that is half naked in every one of her Instagram posts.

  • She looks like a normal girl that he likes, and I’m sure she doesn’t care about the hundred million dollars he is about to make in the next 10 years.

I am totally certain, that has absolutely nothing to do with it!

That is why I have to say it’s almost impossible dating when you are a pro athlete. 

  • Every single girl that you meet, has her eye on that cash.

Not to be rude, but some of these guys are, let’s just say, less attractive than their girlfriends.

Trae young girlfriend

Trae Young is going to be filthy rick whether he is bald or not. If he wanted to, he can buy new hair and grow an afro!

  • The kid has been blessed with some amazing genetics, and I would take a bald head and millions of dollars any day.

Chicks also dig it, so who cares. Ball out!


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