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Training Legs BUILDS Upper Body, IS A FALSE CLAIM!

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Does Training Legs Improve Upper Body?

Training legs is good for you. It does NOT build upper body muscle!

  • Why the hell in the world would you think that training legs would give you a bigger upper body?

Only the body parts you power train on, will get results!

leg workout

  • That’s like saying, you are practicing basketball, and expect to be good at soccer?

Oh that’s right, you read a bunch of stupid articles.

You heard a bunch of trainers who all talk out of their ass and have no clue.

You Legs Will Get Bigger From Doing Squats, But Your Upper Body Won’t!

Ever see a guy in a wheelchair with really big arms?

  • Point proven, there is nothing else that needs to be discussed. The proof is in the pudding.

leg training

You do not have to touch your legs, not a single time in your life, in order to have a muscular upper body.

How that would look, is another story and another post.

This post is simply to answer your question, and to tell you that no matter what you hear…

  • You do NOT need to do legs, nor will doing them increase your upper body muscles!

That is a fact, sorry. Whoever thinks otherwise, can…

You might think this is not correct for several reasons.

  1. Most of your testosterone is located in your ass muscle, so doing squats, lunges, and other leg exercises, releases testosterone which you need for your upper body. 
  2. Having big legs, leaves your body no choice but to grow the upper body as well.
  3. Squats are a compound movement, and so are deadlifts, which work the entire body and stimulate growth. 

These do have truth to them, but they simply are NOT 100% correct.

squatting builds leg size

Doing Legs Releases Testosterone From Your Body

But guess what? Your body releases enough testosterone on its own, and this little extra tiny amount does absolutely nothing for you.

  • The main point here is, that if you think you can train legs to build upper body muscle, you are in for a surprise.

There are plenty of guys in the gym, that love legs and do them more than upper body.

We all know what these guys look like, they have a small upper body, and thick quads. Hmmm. The real reasons you should train legs are the following.

Skipping Leg Day Is Never A Good Idea!

You do not want to look like these guys.

training legs

Skinny Legs On A Guy Are Not Attractive!

You don’t want to look like this guy.

If you think that people in the gym don’t notice that you have toothpicks under your shorts, you are wrong!

I know it’s not easy to build up massive legs, but trust me, it shows when you neglect them.

  • Your legs are the core of your body, along with your stomach.

It’s not different thank having a great set of arms, and a fat stomach!

The best thing to do is to have a balanced and symmetrical physique.

“You want to look good, and having a big upper body and tiny legs does not look good to anyone!”

training legs

Working Out Your Legs To Burn Calories Is A Great IDEA!

Doing legs burns a TON of calories. You will feel good, and you will not feel like you are walking on noodles.

There are plenty of good reasons not to skip leg day.

We all know that doing legs is tough, and that is the number one reason we don’t do them.

  • The number two reason, is that we feel like its a waste of time, that we could be spending on chest!

Since higher frequency training gets much better results, the best way to go about doing legs, is to do a little every day!

squatting fail

This is considering you hate doing them, or simply never do.

  • One thing you could start with, is to do 5 sets of just leg extensions at the end of each workout.

Then you can take 30 min in the beginning of one workout during the week and blast them.

You Don’t Need To Lift Super Heavy To Have Great Legs!

You just have to train them and stimulate them, and they will look good.

  • You will also feel better when your legs are strong.

But does training legs build upper body muscle, absolutely not.

Lets take a deeper look into what exactly goes on when you work your legs out, and some of the information out there.

Does Working Out Legs Build Testosterone?

Many people believe that after a few sets of heavy squats, your natural testosterone levels will be increased.

arnold steroids

But is this true?

If you are one of the people who train their legs with a lot of intensity, than you know how you feel after a workout.

  • That feeling of exhaustion and tiredness doesn’t seem much like a testosterone elevation. More like a decrease, correct?

However, after some time passes by, you start feeling normal again and the exhaustion goes away.

The recovery process has begun, and you are finally able to relax and think straight!

This is when you actually realize that you feel great.

  • A leg workout can be one of the most traumatizing experiences that you can get in the gym.

On the other hand, that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes afterward is quite addicting!

bodybuilder squatting

Leg Muscles Will Grow If You Are Consistent!

After a few months, you’re walking around with bigger legs, and a lot more self-confidence!

Is this newly added confidence the result of the mass you gained?

Or are your testosterone levels truly elevated because of the exercises you did?

  • There have been multiple studies on this matter, and the results have always turned out to be very interesting.

The question is, does activation of the leg muscles, the biggest muscle group in the human body directly affects testosterone levels?

Does it have an effect on muscle building in general, through protein synthesis and other factors?

Experiments Conducted On Legs and Testosterone

In a study, subjects were men and women in their 20s and 30s, and another group in their 40s and 50s.

testosterone hair loss

The studies have shown a significant increase in testosterone, but only for the short time period after the workout.

This increase was only experienced by men, not by women.

  • However, long term testosterone increasing effects did not happened.

That pretty much proves that this is basically a myth.

Why did someone start this myth if there is absolutely no truth to it?

  • As I have mentioned before, there is this thing called “protein synthesis”, which basically means the ability of your body to utilize more protein.

Don’t get me wrong, your body will digest any amount of protein that you give it.

It does not matter how often you do it, and how large the portions are.

drinking eggs

How Much Protein Can Your Body Absorb?

There is only a certain amount of protein that your body can actually use in order to build new muscle tissue.

  • Everything else is digested, yes, but only used as energy or stored as fat!

If our bodies were able to utilize unlimited amounts of protein, bodybuilders would be stuffing their faces with protein powder 24/7!

They don’t do that because it’s not true.

Your body will use the abundance of calories from protein, and store it energy by turning the protein to glycogen.

  • The process is called gluconeogenesis.

Does a leg workout increase your protein requirements for the rest of your body, and not only for your legs?

arnold biceps

“Yes! Studies have shown an increase in protein synthesis from leg training, and especially following training. “

As you may know, one of the main properties of testosterone is increased protein synthesis.

Training legs does increase testosterone levels for a short period after a workout, it doesn’t have any long term effects.

It does have an effect on protein synthesis, making your body more prone to growth.

What Are The Benefits Of Working Out Legs?

People who train their legs know how to wear a pair of jeans!

Fortunately, looking good in jeans is not the only benefit of smashing the legs in the gym.

Aside from making girls barely able to resist grabbing your number, growing some big legs will have other benefits.

upper body no legs

  • First of all, you will have a more balanced physique.

Sometimes it may seem that smaller legs and wider back look more aesthetic, but that is just not the case.

Big quads are going to make your waist seem smaller from the front, giving the illusion of bigger shoulders.

Big hamstrings will add to the thickness of your physique. Don’t neglect your hamstrings, you don’t want to look like a surf board!

  • From the aesthetics standpoint, big wheels will enhance the look of your physique quite a bit!

People who say that is not true are just looking for a reason to be lazy!

Having Strong Legs Is Healthy!

Big legs are very important when it comes to the overall strength and health. They are the base of your entire body!

The perfect example and proof to this is Scott Mendelson (a powerlifter).

muscle tear

He had a quad tear while performing a bench press at one of his powerlifting meets.

  • Legs will give you stability, and you will be able to lift much heavier weights on all other exercises.

This is very important for your health, because you are rising injury if your legs are not strong and healthy!

Amazing Felling After A Leg Workout!

There is no other workout that you can do in the gym, that will give you the feeling that a leg training session can provide!

All other workouts are awesome, but leg workouts are going to make you feel like a true athlete!

You will experience the ultimate exhaustion.

  • Pumping blood into your biceps, bench pressing a few plates, are not going to make you feel this way.

Leg training is going to unlock a new level of intensity!

training intensity

Pain and central nervous system destruction, that only a true athlete can appreciate and enjoy on some weird level.

What Exercises Increase Testosterone The Most?

As we have learned before, leg training does not affect testosterone in the long term.

  • It does however have an effect on a short period after a workout.

Not only that, but the protein synthesis increase is another benefit that comes along, and has a huge anabolic effect.

“The exercises that will get your testosterone levels to jump the most, are the ones that will recruit the biggest number of muscle fibers.”

  • That will cause the largest amount of stress on your CNS (central nervous system).

Those would be the big exercises, also known as the compound, complex or multi-joint movements.

deadlifting bodybuilder

As you have guessed, the big 3 movements are a part of the equation.

  • Back squat, deadlift and bench press should be staples in your workout.

Also, barbell or t-bar rows,  shoulder barbell or dumbbell presses, dips, and pull-ups, are all great!

Note that all of these exercises are with free weights. Machines and cables are ok, but free weights just work better.

All these exercises will make you develop a lot of overall strength.

  • With all that strength your body will adapt and make you very muscular.

Free Weights Vs Machines?

If you are an experienced lifter, you know that daunting feeling that you get while standing on the floor with a bar on your back.

That bar is packed with a stack of metal plates, making you shake and want to collapse. 

squat rack meme

The bar is pressing your traps, and the sound of the iron clanking scares you.

  • You also doubt that you will ever stand up if you try to squat down.

The loud yell of your partner behind you, and the clap of his hands, puts you in the situation with no escape!

At that moment, you decide to go for it and not care what happens.

If you die, you die. You squat down and feel the pressure of the whole world trying to make you stay down.

  • Still somehow, you grab the strength from within and give it all you’ve got into that one rep, and somehow you stand up.

For those few seconds, you lost yourself in that fogy mindless state. For a few moments after it’s over, you still can’t get a grip on yourself.

This feeling does not exist with machines!

gym machines

You simply can not get the full body experience and stress with cables and machines.

Free weights are far more superior than machines, when it comes to building that raw strength and muscle.

  • There is no machine that can provide that kind of feeling and those kind results.

Which Foods Increase Testosterone The Most?

If you want to increase your testosterone levels, just eat clean and train hard, right?

  • Using steroids is certainly the ultimate way to achieve and increase your testosterone levels.

But in case you want to accomplish this the natural way, there are some foods that can help you.

Don’t misunderstand me, nothing will get your testosterone levels as high as steroids will, not even close.

steroids muscle growth

Not everyone wants to go down that dark path of drugs, so eating some food instead is the next best thing!

  • Protein and carbs have nothing to do with your testosterone levels.

The only macronutrient that will get this job done, are actually fats.

“Having a well-balanced diet consists of carbs, proteins and the right choices of fats. “

Eating Fats To Boost Testosterone

The most important thing when it comes to fats, is knowing the difference between unsaturated and saturated fats.

A very important role of fats is that they create a membrane around your muscles. 

They also have a role in your natural hormone production.

low testosterone

  • The best sources of healthy fats are nuts, certain vegetable oils (such as extra virgin olive oil), and macadamia nut oil.

Others also include avocados, wild caught salmon, and one of the most complete fats…eggs.

Don’t be afraid of eggs, you can eat as many of them as you want!

The only side effect can be getting fat from all the extra calories, and farting, but who cares!

  • If you are natural and are not using any steroids that will superficially create more testosterone in your body, you should pay attention to fats.

The best sources would be beef (especially grass-fed), bacon and pork products, and basically all the other fats from animal sources.

  • It is not really okay to indulge on pork chops and bacon sandwiches.

cheat meals

That said, 15 to 30 percent of your daily fat intake actually should come from saturated or “unhealthy” fats!

Which Foods Kill Testosterone?

There aren’t any foods that will cause your body to completely shout down the production of testosterone.

On the other hand, a stressful environment will certainly decrease the production of your natural production of testosterone.

The foods that increase inflammation in your body will do this as well. The food I’m talking about is junk food!

  • Do you think eating burgers, pizzas and drinking sodas will affect anything positively in your body?

This kind of diet will only make you become very unhealthy, and therefore your body will not function at the optimal level.

cheating on diet

The first substance that causes testosterone level reduction is alcohol.

Alcohol is going to suppress your testosterone levels, but not less than cigarettes will do.

  • Cigarettes are not food, but they have to be mentioned since they do affect testosterone significantly.

All deep fried food (although delicious), is very cancerogenic and also testosterone suppressing.

Pretty much everything that you can buy in a plastic bag will do the same.

Sugar is also one of the most famous testosterone killers!

It increases the inflammation in your body, making it more prone to cortisol and estrogen production.


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