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Training Legs BUILDS Upper Body, IS A FALSE CLAIM!

training legs

Does Training Legs Improve Upper Body?

Training legs is good for you. It does NOT build upper body muscle! Why the hell in the world would you think that training legs would give you a bigger upper body? Only the body parts you power train on, will get results!

leg workout

  • That’s like saying, you are practicing basketball, and expect to be good at soccer? Oh that’s right, you read a bunch of stupid articles. You heard a bunch of trainers who all talk out of their ass and have no clue.

You Legs Will Get Bigger From Doing Squats, But Your Upper Body Won’t!

Ever see a guy in a wheelchair with really big arms? Point proven, there is nothing else that needs to be discussed. The proof is in the pudding.

leg training

You do not have to touch your legs, not a single time in your life, in order to have a muscular upper body. How that would look, is another story and another post.

This post is simply to answer your question, and to tell you that no matter what you hear…

You do NOT need to do legs, nor will doing them increase your upper body muscles!

That is a fact, sorry. Whoever thinks otherwise, can…

You might think this is not correct for several reasons.

  1. Most of your testosterone is located in your ass muscle, so doing squats, lunges, and other leg exercises, releases testosterone which you need for your upper body. 
  2. Having big legs, leaves your body no choice but to grow the upper body as well.
  3. Squats are a compound movement, and so are deadlifts, which work the entire body and stimulate growth. 

These do have truth to them, but they simply are NOT 100% correct.

squatting builds leg size

Doing legs releases testosterone from your body

But guess what? Your body releases enough testosterone on its own, and this little extra tiny amount does absolutely nothing for you.

  • The main point here is, that if you think you can train legs to build upper body muscle, you are in for a surprise.

There are plenty of guys in the gym, that love legs and do them more than upper body.

We all know what these guys look like, they have a small upper body, and thick quads. Hmmm. The real reasons you should train legs are the following.

Skipping Leg Day Is Never A Good Idea!

You do not want to look like these guys.

training legs

Skinny Legs On A Guy Are Not Attractive!

You don’t want to look like this guy.

training legs

Working Out Your Legs To Burn Calories Is A Great IDEA!

Doing legs burns a TON of calories. You will feel good, and you will not feel like you are walking on noodles.

There are plenty of good reasons not to skip leg day.

We all know that doing legs is tough, and that is the number one reason we don’t do them. The number two reason, is that we feel like its a waste of time, that we could be spending on chest!

Since higher frequency training gets much better results, the best way to go about doing legs, is to do a little every day!

squatting fail

This is considering you hate doing them, or simply never do. One thing you could start with, is to do 5 sets of just leg extensions at the end of each workout.

Then you can take 30 min in the beginning of one workout during the week and blast them.

You don’t need any crazy, heavy ass weight leg day to have good legs.

You just have to train them and stimulate them, and they will look good. You will also feel better when your legs are strong. But does training legs build upper body muscle, absolutely not.


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