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He eats once a day! This will blow your mind!

vegan bodybuilder
Well that is what it looks like. This guys is as shredded as they come, and as strong as they come.

A vegan that eats once a day?

Well that is what it looks like. This guys is as shredded as they come, and as strong as they come. A lot of people might think this is not possible, but this guy tells you exactly how it’s done, and also has the trophies to prove it when it comes to powerlifting!

I am not telling you to eat just one meal a day, but I want to show you how powerful intermittent fasting is, and dispel a number of myths…. like we have to eat every few hours, and we need animal products. Meet Dr. Nun. S. Amen-Ra, a world weightlifting champion who only eats one VEGAN meal a day.

How is this possible? Because he takes his diet and lifestyle seriously. And he does not eat meat or any animal products. And no sugar. This is the exact opposite of almost everyone in the modern world, who eat nothing but animal products, sugar and refined foods from the moment they get up to the moment they go to sleep. People keep nibbling on bits of food all day long, and that’s part of the problem, especially those with weight issues.

Many may find it difficult to believe he only eats 1000-1500 calories a day, especially with all that muscle. It’s very similar to the cars and airplanes today that have twice the power and only use half the fuel of those from 30 years ago. It’s all about efficiency- making full use of every drop of fuel. Cara and I don’t count calories, we just feel what we need. It’s not about HOW MUCH we eat, but WHAT we eat.

Dr. Amen-Ra is the extreme example of human discipline. He does not want or expect us all to be like him- but he does want us to learn from his example. Nothing beats real life proof. No her does not do steroids. He doesn’t have to. The body creates plenty of growth hormone naturally with intermittent fasting and high quality sleep.

Big muscles are not that important to him, they are simply the byproduct of his lifestyle. His real interest is maximum life extension and quality of life.