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Victor Martinez SNICKERS BAR Bulking DIET And WORKOUT!

victor martinez eating

Victor Martinez bulking with Snickers bars and Whoppers!

Victor Martinez bulking secrets and diet are not a secret anymore! He builds muscle with an interesting approach.

  • The only secret is his net worth, because all over the internet it says that he is worth $18M, which is more than Phil Heath is worth! I seriously doubt he even has $200K.

Anyways, back to what this guy eats!

victor martinez diet

“Victor discovered that eating Snicker bars in prison, was the answer to all of his questions. Victor ate nothing but Snicker bars for 6 months straight in prison, and came out looking better than ever.”

He looked so good, that they didn’t even let him compete in the Olympia.

He would just dominate and win a no contest. In reality, he lost a million pounds because he didn’t have his favorite toy in jail, the needle. So little Victor got a little smaller.

victor martinez bulking

As soon as he got out of jail, he realized that whoppers were the way to go!

Victor put on a solid muscle immediately, and also got shredded by eating whoppers and fries.

  • This is no bullshit. Victor Martinez bulking secrets, are nothing but…eating Snickers bars in jail, and then whoppers and fries as soon as you get out.

This will take you to the Olympia stage in months, you don’t even need steroids.

victor martinez bulking

Victor is a Dominican superstar that is known for the master diet plan called “Victor Martinez Bulking Diet.”

Once again, it has been scientifically proven, per Victor, that this is the most effective diet for bodybuilding.

All you have to do…are you listening? Is to eat whoppers and fries 3-5 times a day and you will look like Victor.

victor martinez bulking

He does have a mean workout program, but nothing is meaner than his diet!

  • Victor has been going crazy on burgers and has now become the spokes person for Burger King and receives $5,000 from them each month as a sponsorship.

Which Victor takes and spends back with Burger King. Follow the Victor Martinez bulking diet and you will be on your way to winning the Olympia.

Why Did Victor Martinez Go To Jail

Well, from my understanding, it’s because of child support. This goes back to what I said in the beginning of this article, that I seriously doubt his net worth is $18M.

victor martinez kids

If you have seen Generation Iron before, he personally admits to having his bank accounts frozen and also a suspended license.

I guess it’s just the lonely road of a broke bodybuilder.

The Future For Victor

I have no idea what the future holds for this guy. I personally like him as a bodybuilder. HIs choices on what he does with his life is another story.

victor martinez bodybuilder

If he is selling steroids, risking his freedom, and not paying child support, it’s not the best way to go when you have kids.

“Also, if you are not winning shows at your age, you should seriously starting thinking about doing something else to support your family.”

That is not for me to say, but a bodybuilder that gets locked up frequently, and sells drugs to other bodybuilders, is not a good role model.




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