One Of The Rare Girls With Personality And Stunning Looks?

Ok, Let’s Start By Giving Props When Props Are Due…The Girl Is Stunning!

With many different talents, she very well might be one of Hollywoods new stars!

She is that girl that will make you start hitting biceps on leg day! 

And gets your heart racing to the point…ok, getting distracted here, lets move on.

  • Victoria Simone is a girl we decided to do a article on for several reasons.

First, we are very selective on who we write about.

You can’t just be any geek off the street if you know what I mean.

We usually write articles about people we find interesting.

And also very different from the other randoms out there on social media.

“Examples include chicks who will be bankrupt the second someone pokes their fake ass with a needle and that silicone explodes.”

  • You know who I’m talking about! The girl that has 300 Instagram videos, and they are all of her squatting in yoga pants with her fake ass.

Yeah, still not sure who the hell in the world thinks fake plastic asses are hot.

I guess people like Kanye West do (clears throat).

Anyways, back to Victoria Simone (follow her on Instagram @ItsLadyKitana and holler at her when you see her at the club sipping on that Henny. (ok maybe a Margarita)).

Victoria Simone

Victoria Simone is a breath of fresh air to all single men out there, and those who are not (former members of Ashley Madison don’t get excited).

In todays world, so many pretty girls are scared to show their true personality.

This is because they think people won’t like them for who they really are, and they also think their physical appearance is all they have to offer.

We as people all have one thing in common, we all want to be happy.

  • Victoria serves as a great example of a pretty girl that let’s her personality shine.

She does not hide behind her looks scared that someone won’t like her if she shows too much of her personality.

Really cute personality, smart and ambitious. How does the average guy approach someone like this girl?

  • If you need to ask, you have no shot so just don’t even try it.

If you haven’t figured out that you should just be yourself…you are too young brah.

And why in the world would be intimidated by a real life Mortal Kombat character that is a perfect TEN with a bright future and that can get any guy on earth?

Come on, don’t be a wimp!

If you’re scared like a little girl, we’ll hook you up with a good workout program. Then you can make some gains and get confident :/

That said, we want to acknowledge this girl for setting a good example for women.

She did this by letting them know that you can be beautiful, smart, and confident in yourself and your personality.

  • Victoria Simone is an actress, a model, a funny personality, and we here at wish her the best in her quest to achieve all of her dreams and goals in the future.

Holler at us when you see us at the club sipping on the Henny and let your family know whats good. 


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