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Vlad Yudin Finds Out Bodybuilders Are On Steroids!

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Vlad Yudin, the producer of Generation Iron almost died after a heart attack last week…

Vlad Yudin has shot and produced Generation Iron, and Generation Iron 2 in the last few years. We definitely love the moves Vlad Yudin has created and are big fans of it.

Even though we did a review on Generation Iron 2 that was not so hot.

That said, it was brought to our attention that Vlad Yudin had no clue professional bodybuilders are on steroids, and when he found out, he had a heart attack and damn near died.

Vlad said “in my previous interview with Phil Heath, he said hard work gets it done, I had no fucking clue this motherfucker was on roids!”

Vlad Yudin told Muscle Roast that he still doesn’t believe it…

Vlad Yudin told us that he thought if you work hard, and eat your 10 meals a day, you can look like Kai Greene or Phil Heath. He never asked any of the bodybuilders if they are on steroids, because he simply did not believe that they were. We also interviewed some of Vlad Yudin’s high school friends, and every single one of them said that Vlad was dumb as fuck from a very early age.

Vlad Yudin was very close to passing away after his heart attack.

The doctors said that he experienced such shock, that his ass gave out and shitted himself before passing out and the neighbors calling the ambulance.

Vlad Yudin said he never would have made Generation Iron if he thought the guys were on steroids.

  • Vlad thought that all of the pro’s just drank protein powder and worked out really hard like they say in the movie.

But then he was very much surprised about what the real truth is, the day he walked in a GNC to buy some protein powder.

vlad yudin generation iron

  • He saw Mickey Rourke shooting Kai Greene in the cock with steroids.

He had a 12 inch needle, sticking it right in the hole of his cock loaded with 10 CC’s of growth hormone. Vlad Yudin immediately asked Mickey Rourke for a selfie, and then proceeded to pass out from shock.

His worst nightmare has come true. He has finally found out, that all of his idols shoot roids up their cock.




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