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Vladimir Putin Can Be Called Crazy, Can Be Called A War Criminal, BUT…

He sure as hell can probably beat the crap out of any president in the history of our planet.

Why, because he is a beast in the gym! He must be a fan of and must read our awesome articles on how to get big biceps!

And for the first time in history, we have video footage of him getting down in the gym, and we compare it to what Barack Obama does to get his biceps pumped.

Maybe Barack doesn’t care because he knows his rockets are bigger than Vladimir’s, and maybe a few other things are bigger too?

Check these guys out…

I mean the guy is a machine! Take a look at him looking like Conan the Barbarian in the the picture below, showing off his pecs!

  • The picture was too blurry for us to make out who that was on the horse with him…

Is that the guy who started Trump Steaks?…

vladamir putin trump

Next time you talk about Putin, P-Dog, or Big P, please keep in mind, he will take two scoops and beat that ass if you don’t act right.

Little did the world know, this guy is also a karate master! And once again, we have proof! This guy does not play!

vladamir putin gym

So to recap, Putin is an absolute animal that can take your life in several different ways.

He is not afraid to pull the trigger, karate kick you in the face if you talk that shit, or just over power you with him big pecs.

vladamir putin gym

That said, we do have to give it to Barack for being the coolest president that ever lived!

So please holler at your boy when you see him at the street or at the club!

obama workout

If you want to know Putin’s schedule, this is what he does!

  • He typically wakes up late in the morning and has breakfast some time around noon. One of his favorites, is eggs and orange juice!

Of course someone has to taste these dishes prior to him eating them, so no poisoning occurs!

Putin’s Workout Program!

Well to start out, Putin usually swims for about 2 hours a day. How he has time for that, I have no idea!

  • Once his swimming session is complete, he puts on his $4,000 workout outfit on and goes to the gym. How he has energy for that after swimming, I have no idea!

In the world of politics, he is considered a very masculine guy. Taking into consideration that politicians are usually physically unfit pansies, it’s not hard to achieve.

If you put Putin in a regular gym, he would be laughed at, especially with the weird ass form he has and pussy weight that he lifts.


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