Water affects the body, in remarkable ways!

water effects body

Water affects the body, in remarkable ways!

Water affects the body, but in what ways? You have heard many different reasons wanter is good, and we all know (snoring) that we should drink a lot of water. Let me start off by telling you about a study that was done that you probably never heard about before. The study was done by Dr. Masaru Emoto back in the 1990’s. Dr. Emoto wanted to study the effect of words, emotions, music and prayer on the water molecules. This will all lead to why water is good for you. He did several experiments, but one of the most captivating ones, with results that were nothing short of remarkable, was the experiment below. Dr. Emoto typed different words, both positive and negative, on water containers, and then examined the water molecules. The words he wrote are below, and the images of the water particles are below as well.

“You make me sick, I will kill you”      

water affects the body

     “Adolph Hitler”

water affects the body

“Thank you”

water effects the body

“Love and Appreciation”

water effects the body

What does this tell us? It tells us the effect water has on our body. If our bodies are 65% percent water or higher, this means that our thoughts can truly damage our bodies, and change our entire physiology in a positive or negative way. You can check out the video here from the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know.”

So what does water do, except make you feel like you need to go to the bathroom? Why do people tell us to drink it so much. Well there are several reasons. Here are some.

  • You need to drink water or you will die. That should be the first thing you think about. You can’t live without it.
  • Water helps regulate your body and move nutrients around to where they need to go. If you don’t drink water, that is like your food going on a waterslide with no water. Not as fun, just won’t work.
  • It improves the way your skin looks. The skin, if you did not know, is the largest organ of our body. Drinking water makes it look hydrated, have good color, and not old and dried up. That is a good reason to drink it. 
  • Water flushes you out! When you are sick, everyone says to drink fluids right? This is because you will go to the bathroom very often, and get rid of the bacteria and other harmful things in your body which are making you sick. That is why you should drink as much water as possible. It’s another major way water affects the body.
  • Water is also 75% of your muscle tissue. Ever go the the gym and you just can’t get a pump? This is because you probably didn’t eat any carbs. Carbs carry water to your muscles, and if you don’t have water in your muscles, you will be flat. If you want to look your best, you need to be hydrated. You can be cut and hydrated, trust me. 

water affects the body

There are many other reasons water is good for you (like reducing cancer risk), but those are some main ones. Water affects the body in many ways, and they are all positive. Water is a natural steroid that is free. If you have the will power, drink water and almost nothing else. If you look at every other drink out there, it either has fake sweeteners or real sugar. Either way it’s not ideal. You are better off with water, and if you really crave something once in a while, that is ok. It’s not good to deprive yourself of anything, unless its something illegal of course 🙂

Here are some side effects of not drinking enough water:

Effects of Dehydration
  • Increased thirst.
  • Dry mouth and swollen tongue.
  • Weakness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Palpitations (feeling that the heart is jumping or pounding)
  • Confusion.
  • Sluggishness fainting.
  • Fainting

Please understand that drinking sports drinks will not keep you hydrated. Sports drinks usually have a lot of sugar to spike your insulin levels, and also replace electrolytes. They are full of artificial sweeteners and other crap. Other great things that you can substitute water for, or lets say supplement water intake with, are things like vegetables and coconut water. They will definitely keep you hydrated. Happy hydration!


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