Weight Loss Motivation Stories Like This Are Rare!

Are looking to lose weight and want read about some weight loss motivation stories? You came to the right place! We have amazing stories and examples of how people lost weight and how they look today!

Let’s jump into these weight loss motivation stories and see if you get inspired!

  • This guy has a great weight loss motivation story! His 6 month weight loss transformation took the world by storm, when he decided to shed some serious pounds!

Weight Loss Motivation

This guys 6 month weight loss transformation is attributed to one thing. Youtube Zumba Music! That is right, he danced the pounds away with Youtube Zumba music. 

  • What better way to transform your body than to dance the pounds away? His body transformation has taken the world by storm and motivated many to get to the gym. It also motivated other to try Youtube Zumba music!

Look at him now!

youtube zumba music

30 Pound Weight Loss Before And After!

Our next weight loss motivation story is just as surprising. This was not a 6 month weight loss transformation and Youtube Zumba music was not used.

30 pound weight loss before and after came but just not eating carbohydrates! 

weight loss transformation

Without any Youtube Zumba music, his 30 pound weight loss before and after was a miracle!

The man in the picture above just decided not to eat carbs for 30 days, and immediately lost a ton of weight! His before picture is above obviously, and the after picture is below.

Lets take a look at what 30 days with no carbs did to this man.

weight loss motivation

He is obviously showing off his new slim body, and the hard work he put in in that slim shirt. Than he sated:

“A 30 pound weight loss before and after is something I always wanted to do, and finally did it! It was not easy going on a low carb diet, but now I can fit the shirt I always wanted to wear!”

Extreme Weight Loss Before And After

Our previous examples of weight loss transformations are nothing compared to these extreme weight loss before and after pictures! Extreme weight loss is never easy, but this person has managed to loose all of his weight!

Take a look at this picture before the extreme weight loss!

fat person gym

This extreme weight loss before and after is about to get very extreme!

The lady started working out and hitting the gym like there is no tomorrow!

I started working out 9 days a week, and did not eat a single thing for about 3 years. I only drank water, and once in a while diet shakes. I refused to eat food in order to accomplish this extreme weight loss transformation.

Let’s take a look at what this beauty looks like now!

body transformation

  • I know what you are thinking, and I agree! This is definitely an amazing body transformation. It is definitely one of the greatest weigh loss transformations we have ever seen!

One thing is a sure fact! You can have an amazing weight loss transformation buy doing a couple of things we discussed here. These weight loss motivation stories came from people who implemented a couple of strategies!

  1. Dance to Youtube Zumba Music
  2. Do not eat carbohydrates, or anything at all if you can!
  3. Work on your 60 day body transformation first!

As you have seen in this post, that is very possible, so get to work!


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