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Weighted Blankets Have Some Surprising Facts About Stress And Anxiety That Will Make You Think Twice!

Weighted blankets are pretty much self explanatory. They are heavy blankets that are supposed to reduce stress and anxiety.

anxiety blanket

They are typically around 15 pounds heavy and made up of material that is filled with plastic pellets. Many people are using these weighted blankets because they have issues with their thoughts racing at night.

  • They move around too much, and really just need to have something to keep them still and relaxed.

weighted blanket

Weighted Blankets Make A Lot Of False Claims

Weighted blankets are making claims that are just absolute lies.

  • And it’s only a matter of time before they get busted and sued.

Here is a great quote from a weighted blanket company that says their crappy product will cure and assist with anything regarding stress, PTSD, anxiety..etc.

weighted blanket

“Nightmares and flashbacks tend to aggravate insomnia. Whether your PTSD was caused by military combat, natural disaster, disease diagnosis, or a violent assault, it is often a long-lasting battle to reduce symptoms.”

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These guys are telling me that their weighted blanked would help a soldier who just came back from war?

What bigger crock of shit could there possibly be?

How would this blanket possibly help you any more than a comfortable pillow would? Or a warm shower, or a cup of tea, or a jog in the park?

It’s an absolute lie, and whoever gets this blanked is getting ripped of. These stupid blankets are expensive and a pure waste of money.

Here Is A Video Review Of This Product

The video below is from a chick that probably got paid by the company to make it, but regardless of that, it’s still a review. Take a look…

The main point here is not to say this blanket doesn’t feel good.

The main point is that this blanket has nothing to do with PTSD, stress, anxiety, insomnia, or anything else that might be a medial condition.

The claims are all false, there is absolutely zero research that proves any of these claims by these blanket companies.

  • They just came out not too long ago, so it is certain that there is no data to back up these claims.

There is nothing wrong with making a blanket that might feel good, or be a lot more comfortable than the usual. Making false medical claims in advertising is just wrong.


You are going to take $250 from a veteran who already might have financial issues going on, and claim a certain good night sleep?

People these days will do anything for a dollar and this is a great example of that.

weighted blanket

Build Your Own Weighted Blanket

In case you don’t want to get robbed, here are the instructions on how to make your own weighted blanket and find out for yourself that it’s nothing but a heavy piece of cloth that does absolutely nothing for you.

Weighted blanket materials:

  • 1 pound of white or clear smooth Quality Plastic Pellets per 10 pounds of weight for the user, plus one extra pound
  • Fabric of your choice
  • 2.5 yds. of fabric for the top of the blanket
  • 2.5 yds. of fabric for the bottom of the blanket
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Ruler
  • A small scale
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine

If you are looking to assemble this blanket, you can find full instructions here.


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