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What Do Bodybuilders Eat? STEROIDS AND FARTS!

bodybuilder eating
Jay Cutler's mean farts lead to assistants quitting.

What Do Bodybuilders Eat? 

What do bodybuilders eat, what are foods to bulk up? Professional bodybuilders typically all eat the same stuff.

  • They eat a ton of steroids, chicken, beef, fish, rice, and vegetables. That is as simple as it gets. I’ll get into more detail around what are foods to bulk up, and and fully answer the question of what do bodybuilders eat.

foods to bulk

What Do Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast?

A typical bodybuilder will wake up, and straight shoot a needle of steroids in their ass immediately. Following that, they will walk over to the kitchen like a big dumb meathead to make some food.

what do bodybuilders eat

  • A typical bodybuilder will eat the following foods in huge quantities for breakfast.
  • Whole eggs and egg whites (usually 12)
  • A ton of oatmeal 
  • Grits
  • Turkey bacon
  • And a little sprinkle of steroids of course

The following meals that bodybuilders eat for lunch, dinner and snacks are all pretty similar as well!

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  • Steak
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Chicken breasts

Those are staples that bodybuilders eat to bulk up, and they alternate those meals as well. Nothing really changes too much when it comes to their meals, and nothing really changes with their steroid usage either!

The foods to bulk up that bodybuilders eat for breakfast, have a lot of protein and fiber!

Foods that have a lot of protein and fiber, make you fart. That is something you should be expecting if you plan on eating like a bodybuilder, and any other foods to bulk up!

Jay Cutler's gas released on assistant.

What Are Foods To Bulk Up?

What to eat to gain muscle is very simple. You can gain muscle very easily if you stuff your face with a ton of calories. There is nothing more you really need. If you are looking to get lean, and have a lot of muscle mass that is a different story.

Eating foods to gain muscle is easy, because all you have to do is eat carbs and protein. That will get you big if you lift heavy. Will you look like a pro bodybuilder?

bodybuilder diet

Hell no. There is no chance in hell that you will ever look like Ronnie Coleman without injecting massive amounts of steroids in your ass.

So be very careful when asking the question what do bodybuilders eat. If you ate like a true bodybuilder, you would get really freaking fat! There is no reason for you to eat like a bodybuilder unless you plan to be one!

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Preparing To Eat Like A Bodybuilder!

In preparing to eat like a bodybuilder, also prepare for harsh realities. You have to come to terms that a bodybuilder that is on steroids, and a bodybuilder that is not, can not eat the same.

Bodybuilding drugs help burn fat at rates that a normal natural body does not. That is why you will simply get fat if you try eating 10 meals a day.

bodybuilder on steroids

Bodybuilding is extreme. Bodybuilding meal plans and diets are extreme, their foods to bulk up are extreme, and so is everything else. 

Foods To Bulk Up Will Get You Fat!

You really do not need foods to bulk up. You should just eat more if you are a skinny guy that is looking to get some size. If you are over 30, your metabolism is slower, and it won’t be hard for you to bulk up.

bodybuilding diet

The real way to bulk up and stay lean is over time. It takes time to gain true muscle. It takes years. Consistency throughout your life of hitting the gym and eating as healthy as you can, should do the trick for you.




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