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“What The Health” Movie Is Not What You Think! Surprising Facts!

what the health

“What The Health” Is Getting A Lot Of Reviews, But It’s Not What You Think!

If you have seen the movie “What The Health,” you would probably think that it’s very eye opening. Every company on earth has an agenda, and for the most part, that agenda is to make money off of people at any cost. In this case, the cost is health, from disease to obesity. If you have not the seen the movie “What The Health,” here is a quick trailer so you get an idea of what the movie is about.

Now that you have somewhat of an idea about what the movie is about, you might get a sense there is more to this than people think. There is an obvious agenda to the movie, especially because it seems like a vegan made it and promoted it as well to get people to stop eating meat. That is unfortunately not the point. The point is that this movie has a lot of bullshit facts that are simply not true.

What The Health Review (bullshit facts)

There are many bullshit facts in this movie, and it seems to me, there is a further agenda here by the larger companies.

what the health

I have no idea why the filmmakers decided to turn it into a fat vs. sugar argument and argue that sugar does not cause diabetes and carbohydrates do not make you fat. Anyone who has taken a basic carbohydrates or lipid metabolism class could debate their “experts” on these claims. My jaw dropped when one of the physicians was explaining how you get diabetes from eating dietary fat. A low fat diet is not the magic answer, just like a low carb diet is not the magic answer, regardless of what the question is. Another expert talked about how terrible eggs are for you because of their cholesterol content. We’ve known for decades now that dietary cholesterol has no effect on cholesterol markers in the blood. This is outdated science that these guys are just regurgitating and using to conveniently back their claims. When someone says “I found one study that says that…” that’s a huge red flag. That said, here is a video that sums up a good amount of these false facts.

Review Of The Wrong Facts

With so many lies, you would think Donald Trump made this video.

what the health

Watch the movie and decide for yourself, but proceed with caution before you start making major diet changes based on this movie. Moderation is key to everything. Eating only one type of food can’t possibly be good no matter what that food is. There are people on Youtube that have eaten only fruit for 2 months straight, and ended up actually gaining a lot of weight. There are some that got sick, and there are some that feel great. Figure out what works for you.


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