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William Bonac The NETHERLANDS NASTY! OMG Jacked!

William Bonac

Where is William Bonac From?

William Bonac is originally from Ghana. He was born there but Ghana is not where he currently resides.

William Bonac stage

His life in Ghana was hard and his family didn’t have a lot money, like most people who live there.

In order to have better life, more opportunities and brighter future, his mother took him and his sister to Netherlands.

  • That is where he grew up, and so you can officially say that he is Dutch!

His mother didn’t make a mistake by moving there.

William became on of the best  professional bodybuilders in the world, placing 3rd in 2017 Mr Olympia.

How Tall Is William Bonac?

william bonac height

William Bonac is 5 foot 7 inches tall and stacked with pure hardcore muscle!

A bit shorter than most open division bodybuilders, but that makes him look a lot more muscular, full and round.

He started as a 212 pound competitor, but after a while he realized that he can easily put on a lot more muscle on his frame.

  • Not to mention, that open category is the bread and butter of competitive bodybuilding.

After shifting to the open class, he gained a few pounds and now he weights around 235 lbs.

Soon after taking 2nd place at Arnold Classic in 2018, he won an award for the most muscular bodybuilder on that stage.

William Bonac bio

He does not weigh the most, but he sure is packing a lot of dry muscle tissue on that smaller frame.

What Is William Bonac’s Workout?

This guy is a veteran. He is not a noob who has just started bodybuilding.

He has probably more muscle on his small frame that you and all of your best friends will ever have, combined!

  • Since he has a small frame, he also has short limbs which makes it easy for him to build that thickness and roundness on his physique.

This also means that his arms are very full and big.

When Bonac starts his workouts, he doesn’t want to risk an injury by doing heavy compound movements first.

Yes, it may grant him the biggest amount of muscle, but is it worth it if he gets injured? Absolutely not.

william bonac kai greene

  • William Bonac is making a really good living from placing high in these competitions.

William is currently 37 years old, so that mature look is really starting to kick in, that old man muscle!

  • At that age, when you get injured, your body doesn’t recover as fast it does when you are in your 20’s.

He always starts his workouts with isolation work.

For example, if we talk about a chest workout, he would start with dumbbell fly’s.

  • Not the safest exercise ever, but not very risky either for injury.

The exercises that follow, would usually be something like dumbbell press, or hammer machine press.

He would finish this workout with something like cable fly’s.

William Bonac Muscle Growth Tips

The range of motion is simply shorter because the length of his limbs, and most of the focus is on time under tension.

william bonac shawn rhoden

He maintains a certain tempo, and pumps as much blood into the muscle as possible.

William typically, the weight that makes his muscle get close to failure on 10 to 12 reps.

  • He does not go to failure on every set.

His workouts are not huge on volume, they are pretty intense but it is not heavy duty type of training.

He would do 3 to 4 working sets per exercise, and get pretty close to failure on each one of them.

  • The frequency of his workouts is on the low end.

William Works Out Every Body Party Once A Week

He usually has 3 off days every week, because he is a big believer in recovery as one of the most important factors for building muscle.

William Bonac arms

  • His weakest body part were his legs for a long time, but that is not the case anymore.

Right now, he has some of the best wheels on the Mr. Olympia stage.

Nevertheless, he does not stop trying to improve them constantly.

His favorite leg exercises are front squats.

  • He says that it makes him use less of the lower back and helps him focus more on quads.

Williams Strong And Weak Body Parts!

The biggest weakness today is the lack of shoulder wideness.That is something you can not change with training, it’s simply genetics.

I guess you could say that he makes up for the shoulders with his arm development, since his biceps are some of the best in the world right now.

  • He does not have a separate arm day, because his short arms get big easily, simply by training back and chest.

william bonac arms

He usually finishes these workouts with bicep and tricep workouts, and trains with a lot of volume and less intensity.

All arm exercises are isolation exercises. A little volume arm workout is just icing on the cake.

His back is actually one of his strongest points, especially during his back double bicep shot.

  • His back is not the widest, but the amount of thick and full muscle he has is just jaw dropping.

So, he does not have to go all out on deadlifts and similar exercises.

His back workouts are performed mainly on the high pull down machine, hammer row machines, and finished off with dumbbells.

He may not be able to get better bone structure, which is ironic considering his last name, but he most certainly can bring insane muscle density!

William Bonac Olympia

William Bonac Diet And Meal Plan

This is the craziest part! You won’t believe it but it is true!

I am sure you heard of bodybuilders eating 1000g of carbs per day, like Kai Greene for example.

You heard of bodybuilders eating up to 12 meals a day, such as Rich Piana, and Dave Palumbo.

  • What if I told you that 3rd place Olympian eats only 4 meals a day!

Crazy, right? You must be thinking: “Well, he must be eating 200g of protein per meal…”

If you do, you are wrong!

William is only eating about 40-50g of protein per meal!

  • Yes, you read that right!

william bonac flexing

Well, how is it possible for him to maintain that kind of muscle mass then?

Is he getting the calories from fats and carbs?

As the matter of fact, he is only eating about 50g of carbs per meal and around 50g of fats as well.

So yes, his fats are pretty high, percent wise, but the calories for such a massive guy are strangely low. 

His main fat sources are almonds, as well as eggs.

  • As far as protein, he eats a lot of lean fish and chicken.

Of course eggs are also very rich in protein.

“Sometimes he adds some egg whites for additional protein to random meals.”

Carb choices are usually complex carbs like oatmeal, and also healthy carbs from potatoes and basmati rice.

You can calculate the calories by yourself but you can see that they are extremely low.

Is this they way he built all that muscle?

Probably not.

It is much easier to maintain muscle mass than it is to pack it on.

He was probably eating a whole lot of protein before.

  • If he did  not, he is an anomaly.

William likes to buy food for a cheaper price, and in bulk.

He prefers to keep everything in small containers  so he can always have the meals on him where ever he goes.

  • He eats only 4 meals a day, so meal timing is a very important factor for him.

William Bonac Competitive Carrier

William has been competing for a long time.

He has been to so many competitions, and won so many of them.

william bonac arnold classic

His pro debut was at IFBB EVLs Prague Pro in 2012, where he actually placed 4th.

  • His first Pro victory was 3 years later, in  2015, when he won the Nordic Pro.

2015 was very successful year for him, as he went on and won Dayana Cadeau Pro as well, and was a runner up at San Marino Pro.

The first time he ever stepped foot on the Mr Olympia stage was in 2014, taking 14th place.

The second time in 2015 where he moved up to 8th place.

  • In 2016 he placed 5th, impressing everyone and setting himself on the radar of the judges.

He also scared all the other top bodybuilders, and showed them that he is aiming for the top.

  • The very next year, he was 3rd place. Every time he competed, he placed higher and higher.

In 2017 he became an Arnold Classic Champion!

2018 was not his best year and he went down by one spot, placing 4th.

And later in 2019, he lost his Arnold Classic tittle to very strong version of Brandon Curry.



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