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William Bonac Gets In Fight With Luimarco Over Cheating Boyfriend!

william bonac

William Bonac’s boyfriend Luimarco got caught cheating on him in Las Vegas!

William Bonac is a long time boyfriend of Luimarco, and claims that he has never cheated on him throughout the 7 years of their romantic relationship. Luimarco is a Youtube personality, who bounces between watching bodybuilding midget porn, and also criticizing bodybuilders on Youtube. It so happens that Luimarco made a quick trip to Las Vegas last week, and encountered a hot guy he could justnot turn down. Unfortunately, a friend of William Bonac saw the two together at a bar making out, and did not hesitate to tell William Bonac. When the two met at a fitness expo, William decided to confront Luimarco about him cheating, and it got pretty heated.

Willam Bonac discusses how he plans on healing from this heartbreak…

William is beyond heartbroken, and plans on taking a year off from competing just to heal. He has downloaded mobile apps such as Grinder to hopefully meet new people that he could just sleep with without worrying about commitment. William says that he is happy about the new chapter in his life, but he is a little concerned about the Grinder horror stories that he read recently. Boanc said “knowing how horny I get, I am a little scared I will end up at the wrong place at the wrong time, especially because I will go home with anyone.” Here are some of the most frighting stories William read that make him really nervous.

William Bonac

Stephen Port, from East London, has been charged with murdering four different guys that he met on Grindr. His murder weapon of choice was the “date rape drug” GHB.

william bonac

After meeting Sean Crescentini on Grindr, Fernando Rosales stabbed his partner for the night to death, alleging that Crescentini punched him in the face after performing oral sex on him.

Those are just some of the stories that Willam heard about recently, but it is all worth the risk for him to get his mind of off Luimarco. He has not plans to reunite with him anytime soon, and will never forgive his longtime boyfriend and most importantly butt buddy, for what he did to him in Las Vegas.



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