Should I Work Out On An Empty Stomach?

Sure, why the hell not? There is not one good reason to prove otherwise.

work out on empty stomach

You will hear all these crazy opinions from the “master advice givers” online, from “fitness gurus” and also bodybuilders.

The fact is, it doesn’t freaking matter, unless you are trying to get fat by bulking!

You already know, that if you work out on an empty stomach, you will burn more fat right?

Then everybody gets worried about losing muscle! Like you can lose so much damn muscle during one workout that your entire physique will be altered. Yeah right!

empty stomach workout

Is It OK To Work Out On An Empty Stomach?

There are many different factors that play in providing the right answer here, especially because there is no right answer!

All I can do is give you the following information.

  • If you are looking to lose weight, and can work out low on energy in morning, then come home and eat a salad, then GO FOR IT!

eating salad

Don’t Eat Anything And Go Pump The Weights!

“If you can keep eating clean for the rest of the day, more power to you. Usually, that hunger will make people overeat.”

But if you can control it, you will definitely lose more fat, than working out on a full stomach.

empty stomach workout

Obviously this is because your body has no food to use for energy. It uses your fat, and then taps into muscle after about an hour of working out.

  • You don’t need any crazy research studies for that, it’s what happens to your body, period.

empty stomach workout

What happens if you exercise without eating?

If you had a big dinner with a lot of carbohydrates, you will have good energy in the morning because your body will still have stored glycogen.

You will feel like you ate breakfast, and you can have a great workout on an empty stomach.

  • This is to only tell you how you will feel, not what crazy thing will happen to your body.

fat belly

Because nothing crazy will happen to your body. You won’t have HUGE benefits one way or the other. This is why…

If you had a really light dinner, and work out on an empty stomach, you will have really low energy in the morning.

So how the hell can you have a really good high intensity workout on really low energy?

“You might burn more fat, but what if you can only do 30 min before you want to pass out instead of an hour?”

So eating and working out for an hour, might add up to the same thing right?

This is exactly my point when I say it doesn’t freaking matter. There is no shortcut to losing fat or getting shredded.

empty stomach

One thing you should be ready for, is to forget about getting a good pump in the gym on an empty stomach.

  • This is considering you didn’t eat 20 slices of pizza for dinner and midnight.

So if you plan on doing cardio, that is one thing, but if you want to lift weights, don’t expect a pump.

muscle pump

This is because carbohydrates / sugar carry water to your muscle, and also deliver nutrients period, and when there is no carbs there is no pump.

  • You will be flat working out on an empty stomach, so don’t be frustrated.

Unless you want to be a skinny twig, have shitty workouts with no pump, that are also short, I do not recommend rolling in the gym hungry.

The final answer is this:

If you burn 2,000 calories a day just by being alive, and then 500 calories during a hour long workout, that is now 2,500 calories you will burn that day.

When you eat 2,000 calories, you are in a 500 calorie deficit.

  • If you burn 600 calories on an empty stomach, but then eat 3,000 calories, or 2,500, you will still be at a surplus no matter how starving your ass was during your workout, it doesn’t matter.

700 calories a day

Our advice is, it’s better to eat something, you will feel better, and in the long run, have a better workout and burn more calories and build more muscle.

If you want to work out on an empty stomach once in a while, no harm in that.

The key is to eat healthy, workout properly, and continue working out.

“All this other stuff are minor details that you shouldn’t worry about unless you are a pro athlete in the fitness industry. In that case, this is the wrong post for you homey.”



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