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Should I work out hungover, or even drunk?

work out hungover

Should you work out hungover, or drunk?

Sure, why the hell not? Technically, when you are hungover you are still drunk. The only difference is, you are just a different type of drunk. Keep in mind that alcohol is a poison, and nothing more. Alcohol is also the most worthless substance you can possibly put into your body. It has absolutely zero nutritional value. It is healthier to eat pure lard, than it is to drink alcohol. True story.

So now you wake up and are thinking about going to work out hungover. You have heard many people say that working out helps you get rid of the hangover right? Well it can get rid of a “hangover” but it won’t get rid of a “HANGOVER.” No sauna, steam room, cardio, pizza, bloody marry, is going to cure your nasty ass hangover, trust me on that. It will temporarily make you feel better, but you are screwed my friend, most likely for the rest of the day. Nothing will fix this hangover except time! You wanted to get shit faced, now you have to deal with it!

workout hungover

If you think about it, being hungover means that you are very dehydrated. What that does to your body was mentioned in the dehydration post, but you are basically screwed up from top to bottom. Now why the hell in the world, would you think that working out, sitting in a sauna, having another drink, which are things that all dehydrate you MORE, will make you feel better? They won’t. You can go and work out hungover all you want, nothing wrong with it. You will still look and feel like shit, but the following day will be good if you did work out hungover. You will feel better the following day, so I would recommend it for that. If you are going to go out, and party your ass off and drink like a lunatic, you have to deal with it.

work out hungover

To finally put this question to rest, you can work out hungover but you will feel like shit doing it, and you will continue to feel like shit until the following day. There is nothing you can do other than wait for all of those damn drinks to go through your body. Another thing that is important to know, in case you ever got the advice to eat so it soaks up the alcohol. The alcohol is long gone and has been processed by your liver, there is nothing to SOAK UP! Eating will make you feel better than you would feel on an empty stomach, but you will now feel full, fat and hungover. Just saying.