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Working Out But NOT LOSING Weight? MAGIC ANSWER!

If You Are Working Out But Not Losing Weight, This Is Why!

Everyone expects to go the gym, and then lose weight immediately.

In reality, many people work out all the time but are not losing weight.

working out fat person

  • People will go to the gym for a week, and stand on the scale every day, and will not see their weight drop.

What do people typically do? They start starving themselves even more.

That is the most common mistake people make when trying to lose weight.

Working Out And Not Losing Weight, The First Reason!

The first thing you have to know, when working out and not losing weight, is that your body is a weird creature.

Your body has only one goal in mind, and that is to survive. That is really the sole purpose of metabolism.

Take this as an example:

If you start starving yourself, you will start dropping weight pretty fast.

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Do you think your body will allow you to lose a lot of weight every day? It will not. Why?

Because if you drop 1 pound every day, that means in a couple months you can weigh close to nothing and die, depending on what your starting weight was.

“Your body has one goal, and that is to survive, which is exactly why it will close to shut off your metabolism pretty quickly, depending on how much food you eat.”

Your body wants to preserve all the fat and calories it possibly can, so you stay alive.

Once again, keep in mind your body has no idea that you are trying to get a 6 pack, it only knows that it’s not getting any food.

working out not losing weight

And this is exactly why you are working out but not losing weight.

Other Reasons You Are Working Out But Not Losing Weight!

It takes your body a few days to adapt to your new diet.

Your body goes through changes, and when you cut out carbs for example, it takes it a few days to react to that and switch from burning carbs for energy, to burning fat for energy.

That could be another reason you don’t see the scale moving.

  • There is nothing wrong with that, you just have to be patient and trust the process.

What Is The Process Of Dropping The Pounds?

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The process of working out and losing weight is simple.

I think you already know what to do in order to drop some pounds.

I think you already know what junk food is, and what is healthy for you.

  • If you don’t, just Google “what is junk food.” I won’t spend time on telling you chocolate cake makes you fat, you know that already.

So the actual process is, work out and eat clean.

Burn more calories than you take in. Do that over and over until you reach your desired weight.

It is that simple. Doing it, is the magic pill, and the secret you are looking for.

What Are Other Reasons I Am Not Losing Weight?

Water retention is another major reason. Your body sometimes just decides to hold on to water.

water retention

  • This can be because you are eating a lot of salt. It can also happen from dehydration.

If your body does not have a lot of water, it will hold on to everything that you drink.

This can also be caused by alcohol.

“Lowering your sodium and staying hydrated, will definitely get you looking better, and get that scale to be more accurate and show your real weight and progress.”

Nutritional Reasons For Not Losing Weight

You are not getting the vitamins and nutrients that you need.

Plain and simple. Your body needs sufficient nutrients to function properly, and that is needed in order to burn fat and grow muscle.

eating protein

Your body needs water, it needs vitamins, it needs fiber, it needs healthy nutrients, or it can just come to a halt and be the reason why you are working out but not losing weight.

  • Eat your fruits and vegetables, and you should start seeing that weight drop.
  • As long as you are burning more calories than you take in, and eating a good variety of foods.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight When I ALWAYS WORK OUT?

Sometimes, only exercising and dieting simply isn’t enough to get your body into a fat burning zone.

This happens because you are probably doing some things wrong, so I will help you understand what the most important things to pay attention to are.

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Just being on a diet and exercising is not enough, because there are many details when it comes to doing this optimally, and in a way that will yield results.

  • The first, and basically the only thing that is absolutely necessary when it comes to losing weight, is getting into a calorie deficit.

There is no way you can lose any weight, if you are consuming more calories than your body actually requires to maintain its mass.

It’s very simple.

Your body needs a certain amount of energy, if you give it more than you burn by training, your body will store that energy as fat.

The stored energy can be glycogen that is stored inside your muscles.

losing weight

Once these storages are saturated, your body will keep everything else as fat.

Eating healthy foods and exercising is not enough unless you are in a caloric deficit!

The thing is, it’s very hard to be in a caloric surplus, if all that you eat is healthy food.

  • Healthy food take a lot of space in your stomach. 100g of carbs from oats take a lot more space 100g of carbs from sugar.

But, if you still overstep that boundary of your caloric need for maintenance, you will gain weight and get fat.

Are You Losing Fat But Not Weight On The Scale?

If you are exercising and you are actually looking better and better but the scale keeps showing the same numbers, don’t be disappointed!

You are probably doing things right!

losing weight diet

There are many metrics that prove that you are starting to get in shape, it’s not all about the scale.

  • If you want to make sure that you are making progress in terms of getting rid of body fat and starting to look more fit, you should pay attention to your measurements and the look in the mirror.

Ideally, you should measure your body weight every morning on an empty stomach.

Take measurements once every week, without a pump, and take pictures of yourself every few days.

If you are looking better but the weight scale shows the same number, that probably means that you have added some muscle as well.

If you only gain muscle and not lose any fat, your scale would show even bigger numbers.

  • But if the weight stays the same, it means that you are losing fat and adding muscle mass, which is ideal.

Very often it is impossible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, but if you are a beginner it is very possible.

raw foods

Your muscles only grow when you shock them, and stress them enough to cause the response that is muscle growth.

If You Are In A Caloric Deficit, You Are Not Likely To Gain Muscle!

If this is your first year of training, you will probably gain some muscle and get leaner as well.

  • It happens all the time. The body goes in shock and responds very quickly.

It is said that it takes about 4 weeks of weight training just to get to your natural strength. Yes I know it is weird, but it’s also true!

Not Losing Weight But Losing Inches

If you are not losing weight but you actually are losing inches, this probably means that you are adding muscle tissue and trimming body fat off.

People that are overweight, but have never dieted before, will likely lose weight at a much faster rate than the average person.

This is because the body goes into total shock and responds.

It is not the same if you are a little bit chubby and you just want to get a six pack for summer.

healthy diet

A Large Percentage Of Fat Cells Is Actually Water

Once you start training and dieting, you will stop retaining so much water and you will lose a lot of inches.

The thing is, muscle cells are much thicker than fat cells.

Even if they take up the same space and have the same volume, their weight is much different.

  • You can add 5 pounds of muscle, making your arms are only half an inch bigger, but if you add 5 pounds of fat, your arm can add much more size.

Your scale tells you that you weigh the same as before, but if your measurements are different you are on the right track!

As a matter of fact, you are doing a great job, it is ideal to lose fat and add muscle tone.

Many people focus too much on the scale, and look at it like it’s the only parameter for progress.

  • Your measurements are far more important as well as how you look in the mirror.

Building Muscle But Not Losing Weight

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You need to understand that muscle is way heavier than fat.

If you are a newbie in the fitness world, you are very likely to add a lot of muscle in your first year of training.

This is always good, and if you are a woman, please don’t worry about getting too much muscle!

Female bodybuilders take an extremely large amount of male hormones, such as testosterone, and that is why they look that certain way.

  • In your first couple of months, you will grow muscle very rapidly, and after that short period it will slow down quite a bit.

In your first year of training, you gain as much muscle, as you might in the following several years.

Your body just simply has genetics and does adapt to training.

However, if your goal is simply to lose weight, lifting weights and doing strength exercises is probably not the best idea.

keto diet

“In order to lose weight you should focus on high volume, and low-intensity type of cardio.”

Endurance sports are probably ideal for you. The main thing you want to do, is increase your heart rate.

That is the only thing you should focus on aside from dieting to lose weight at the fastest possible rate.

Yes you will hit a wall, that is another topic where you have to consider carb cycling, but for now just focus on low calories and a lot of cardio.

Medical Reasons For Not Losing Weight

If you are on a serious diet and training hard, and you are not losing any weight, you probably do have some hormonal problems.

In many cases, people are not able to lose weight no matter what they do, because of a thyroid issue.

The thyroid gland, is a gland inside of your neck, which produces hormones that are essential for your body to operate properly.

summer dieting

  • The thyroid produces hormones such as t3(thyroxine and T4(triiodothyronine).

They directly affect your fat burning process.

When some people say they have slow metabolism, this is one of the reasons why they are not losing any weight.

You should go to your endocrinologist and test yourself to see if this is a problem.

  • If your thyroid is not functioning properly, you can always have replacement therapy that will be prescribed to you by your doctor.

However, if it happens that your thyroid gland is functioning just fine, you may have another problem.

Insulin is one of the most powerful hormones in your body, and it is responsible for building your muscles.

When you eat food, your food goes through your whole digestive system and eventually it gets to your small intestine.

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This is where the nutrient you consume gets digested and used by your body.

  • But how does that happen?

The pancreas is secreting insulin and insulin serves like a carrier!

It sticks to all the nutrients that you put in your body, and carries them into your muscles, then to your liver, and a very little amount to your brain.

If you keep stuffing yourself with ungodly amounts of food, your pancreas will have to separate insanely large amounts of insulin in order to digest food.

Longer you do this bigger are the chances that your pancreas will get dull and it will stop working as good as it once was.

  • Some people are unlucky and they are born with naturally dull insulin and some are even unable to produce any insulin and that is called type 1 diabetes.

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If you had diabetes you would probably know about it but it is possible that you develop it during your life with a bad diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Eating 1,200 Calories Not Losing Weight

When dieting and restricting yourself from calories, your body will realize that you are not consuming as many calories as before, and it will adjust.

That said, it usually takes about 4 days for your body to realize that you are depriving it of food.

This is why people hit a wall during dieting.

  • Your body realizes that there has been a significant drop in calories, and immediately slows down the metabolism.

This is done in order to survive, and in order to preserve energy. That is exactly what happens when you start eating 1,200 calories per day.

working out not losing weight

Your body has hit a wall, and you need to do some carb cycling in order to shock the system again.

  • A good strategy is to have a day with very high calorie intake every 4 days or so. That should fix the problem.

Is Working Out 30 Minutes A Day Enough To Lose Weight?

The most important thing when it comes to losing weight is calories in and calories out.

If you sprint for 30 min non stop, you would get shredded after 3 workout sessions. But people obviously don’t want to do that.

If you have been eating 2,000 calories a day up to now, and tomorrow you start eating 1700 calories, guess what?

  • Your body will have to make up for those 300 calories because your body is burning 2000, not 1700.

It will use them from your energy storage, and that is your fat.

You don’t literally have to stop eating those 300 calories.

You can keep eating the same amount of food, you can just add more training, which will help you to burn those few hundred calories.

Is it possible to burn 300 calories in 30 minutes?

Yes, it is. It depends on what exactly you are doing how intensely you are doing it, but it is very possible.

  • Walking slowly will burn much less than jogging and sprinting will burn much more than jogging.

The fact is, you can burn a lot more than 300 calories in 30 minutes, it just all depends on your intensity. 



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